Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making Right Decisions In Life (Smoking Not Our Future)

If you smoke, I want you to read this. Think of this as a wake up call to stop smoking. If you don’t believe me, our classroom (rm 21) have learnt all our information from the life education caravan. Our tutor who told us about making good decisions, is the life education teacher Lynn. Below are reasons why you should always make good choices.

Making good choices in life is very important because, everyone in this world decides their future, not others. To help you make the right decisions, you should always have supportive friends. If you don’t choose your friends carefully, you could be put under peer pressure, which could lead to you to doing things that you really don’t want to d e.g smoking. If you think smoking is still a very good thing to do, below are some consequences of smoking.

When you smoke, you breathe in the chemicals and they get attached to your lungs. If your lungs get smothered in the black stuff (tar) then you are putting your life on the line. It’s a risky attempt to keep on smoking because then, you can have problems with breathing and after a while you could lose your lungs.

Other reasons why people should stop smoking, is that it can damage your outside appearance. You can look very old even though you are young. It is also possible that if you smoke you are inhaling over 500 chemicals in that one smoke. Some of those chemicals are tar, tobacco and some other ones. If you love your legs and feet, you should stop smoking because you could lose them too! How are you going to walk if you don’t have legs? Think about it.

Please if you are reading this and you smoke, make a decision whether you are going to stop smoking or not. It’s mainly up to you because you have to make your own decisions. Think about the things that affects your body. It isn’t worth to keep on going because you won’t live much longer. We only live once in this lifetime and if we damage our bodies, we can’t just walk to the 2 dollar shop to repair ourselves! So please please it is very urgent for those of you who smoke to stop and think about the things that could affect your body. Make the right choice!


  1. Hey Joshua,

    Well done about writing about people to not smoke. AWESOME WORK. I think people have read this and have made the right choices. It amazed me when I first came on your blog. Can't wait to see more blog posts from you.


  2. Wow Joshua,
    I really agree with you because I wouldn't want to end up like that. I really like the way how you showed not told.
    Any way keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to your next blog post.

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