Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The History Of Planes

The first plane to be invented was in the year1898 by the wright brothers,The idea behind it was to see if someone could be the first one to fly.They looked exact birds in flying mode and studied it. Did you know that the first aeroplane was the ornithopters. It had 2 wings to lift itself up in the air and a thrust.

The inspiration of the wright brothers made them famous because they made the very first plane. People wonder what lifts up a plane, even I do. If you wandering what it is, it is Lift,Gravity,Thrust and Drag is the 4 sources that makes the plane fly. These four things are important because it plays their part during the flight.

One of the main parts of the plane is thrust.Thrust is used to make the plane move forward. Planes have developed over the years and have been advanced and modified. Some planes are used to Travel, Some are used for war and some are used to transport.

I have learnt a lot about planes and we are surely lucky that the Wright Brothers invented planes because How would we be transported over the world faster than a plane? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this piece of information about the Planes invented by The “WHRIGHT BROTHERS”!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Problem Solved!

In our maths class today, our maths teacher gave us a book with many tricky questions. This was one of the equations or questions we had to answer. "Titus has 13 coins in his hands. The coins are a mixture of $5 cent and $20 cent pieces. In total, they are worth 1.55.
What are the coins?" If you are wondering how I figured it out, this it what I did.

- First of all I thought what can make thirteen, because in the question, it says that there are thirteen coins. So I went 6+7=13. 6x $20 cents=$1.20 and 7x $5 cents equals 35 cents. I added the $1.20 and 35 cents together and it was a total of $1.55! It was tricky to figure it out at first, but when I used this strategy, it became more easier!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look After Our PLanet!!

This week, we have been drawing and designing signs. The sign has to indicate what problem we have at our school and try to find a solution for it. These questions were used to help us. Is it a good sign? Will it persuade people to stop doing it? Will they use it to remind them too?

Well the picture on the left, is my sign that I drew in my topic book. I think that did a good job of it. I hope that it will convince people to stop littering and CHUCK IT IN THE BIN!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative, My Kind Of Thing!

As part of our topic this year, Bigger,Better,stronger and Faster, our senior side of the school had a immersion assembly. The 5 groups that we were going to learn about was innovation,Creativity,Practicality,Imagination and Discovery! Our funky and Creative Ms Tito, gave us a simple task that was to use anything to make your name look creative. A prize was also to be won by the person with the funkiest and creative name!

Unlike most people, I chose to do old English!! The purpose why I chose it was because it's unique effects and how it wasn't like other block writing and bubble writing, so it was a unique choice!!!! As our time drew near the end, we raced and some people were anxious to win, so they rushed there work and the pressure that was building in them was soon to end in a blink of an eye because they were seconds away of finishing!!!!! In the end, it was a big sigh for everyone because they managed to finish!!! I think that this was the best topic in the school yet!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Roadshow

The most intriguing display that caught my attention, was the hydrogen experiment reaction. Did you know that the particles that build heat, are always on the loose and moving and moving until the the maximum of heat starts to grow? The coldest ever day recorded hit the central of otago, as for the hottest day occurred in Marlborough, Ranigora near the boundaries of Christchurch at the temperature of 42.6 Celsius!!!

The hydrogen experiment reaction was another big up for me because a metal piece covered and protected by a zinc covering, was pulverised by the blow torch and the highest temperature that was able to demolish through was 1540 Celsius!!!! The rust began to spread and was turned in to green and then to white when the zinc piece was cooled down!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurricanes Win over Western Force!!

BRRRRRRR!!!!!! Went the whistle and the Hurricanes had dominated first in the first half with a comfortable lead at 7-0. This game was at a fast pace with the hurricanes deliberately attacking first with an advantage at their back pocket. Agility and speed rumbled through the hurricanes attacking line and managed to overpower through the defence line from the force to score again.

An error occurred and the Force were up for grabs to put up their first points on the score board. Unexpectedly, they were going to punt the ball down field where they will find an easier path to score. A few minutes later, the force were in space for another try!!!!! It was 18-10 and the hurricanes were trailing by 8.

When the hurricanes walked out of their locker rooms the crowd went wild and roared!!!!! This time the hurricanes were seeking revenge in their second half. This game could of ended any way!!! Anyway, the hurricanes had the ball and were in advantage. The fords were on to a good start and when the back line had the ball, they boosted down and scored!!!! Aaron Cruden converted the try and it was a 1 point difference!!! Apparently the force scored and got a penalty and it was 28-17. Despite everyone’s thought that the hurricanes were going to lose, Aaron Cruden did some magic and made the hurricanes score with another penalty coming their way. It was now 28-27!!!

It was the 78th minute and the hurricanes had to score!!!! And that’s what they did, Aaron Cruden again at a crutial time offloaded and the hurricanes scored!!!! Aron Cruden converted the try and the hurricanes won 34-28!!!!!

Thomas Edison-Discovery


Intro: Rayden - Thomas Alva Edison born in the year 1847 and his death in the year 1931. Thomas was an American Scientist that developed many of devices that influenced the world because of his inventions. One of his most common and famous invention sources is the
“LIGHT BULB’’ He was the first one to invent that source in the year 1879. His electric invention was first used in his Menlo Park Laboratory.

Para Joshua-Edison’s gadget, only lasted a little while until the power of the light bulb died. Then a plan hit him like a lightning bolt and decided to use some of his skills that he used in his la Edison tested thousands and thousands of materials and environments to help support the filament.

Many people belief that THOMAS Edison did not make the first electric light Bulb. He was the first one to make the commercially incandescent light. many people believe that HOW HE CREATED this was through a previous creation the kite in a storm.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This movie is about what my goals are this year. One of them is to be good at my writing by reading books so I can learn much bigger and smarter vocab. Anyway I hope you enjoy!!!!