Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebration Movie

What type of celebration have you been to?
Well I have a movie to show of one celebration I have been to!!
I look forward to reading your comments.
By Joshua.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Fun picnic.

We lined up to get ready for our Yr5 picnic. Not long later we were already walking to the reserve,I saw lot's of gear on the field and I knew that it was for our round of games we were going to play."Hands up if you would like to play touch"Miss King said in a loud voice.I was thinking in my mind"Hmmm"I thought,I couldn't decide if I was going to play Touch. Then Erene said "Are you playing touch"I replied yes.Then miss King said "Hands up if you want to play soccer". Erene was begging me to play soccer but I was getting confused because I wanted to play touch at the same time of playing soccer""Well okay"I muttered.He was happier than ever.It was like his brain was getting psycho just because I was playing soccer with him."Wow" I said in amazement. Soccer wasn't a very popular game".It was mostly girls playing soccer and only 5 boys playing!!! Well on the other side people were playing midnight,touch and softball or t-ball. Our soccer game started and I kicked the ball softly like Vinnie who hardly could kick the ball.Ray got the ball and power kicked the ball ahead and it went under the girls legs which made it harder for them to get the ball. Later on in the game I had already scored 3 goals and Ala scored one try Erene had the ball and did tricks around people's legs with the ball and then when he saw a gap he power kicked the ball."Will Erene make it or not"The ball was going straight and everyone was watching the ball going ahead of them. The big question of the game was "Will the ball go in the goal".Erene was on his knees praying for the goal to go in and the all of a sudden it went in."Yeah!!!!!"Erene shouted with excitement.He pulled the tip of his t-shirt and put it over his head. Then with excitement he was going crazy and was running round.It was like a miracle from God that happened out of nowhere. Erene was so amazed of how he got the goal.

2nd Game.
After 10 minutes we had already finished our 1st round of games. Again Miss King said "Hands up if you want to play soccer"This time lot's of people went to play soccer and I was thinking maybe they didn't want to play soccer in the first round because they wanted to save the cool game for last. Soccer was a very popular game this time!. Again Miss King said" hands up if you want to play touch"This time I begged Erene if we could play touch.Erene said"well okay. We had to get ready to play. First of all our captain Hillary picked her team which had to be ten people in each team. Sh chose Me,Erene,Toreka,Michael (Pain),Cruz,Hillary,Naomi,Cecelia,.We tapped the ball because the other team was offside."Boom'We already getting a run away.There were too much people on the field that they were blocking the way of me passing the ball.All of a sudden I heard something shouting.I knew a bug couldn't shout that loud so I thought again.So if it wasn't a bug it was a person.There on the side of the field I saw Michael was calling to pass the ball.He was so far that I couldn't pass it to him.My heart was beating faster and faster I didn't have enough time so I passed it.The ball went zooming past people.Dada,dada,my heart was beating more faster because I thought Michael was going to miss the catch.But he didn't,he caught the ball and he was off and he was like Sitiveni Sivivatu stepping all the players and then using his speed to make a lot of metres.We were on the fifth touch and I had to kick it.There was a big gap so I kicked it there.But out of nowhere Dominique intercepted the ball and he was off.With a burst of speed he was able to accomplish his mission which was to get a try. His team was so happy.We tapped and Lot's of people weren't sharing the ball around. Teams were getting greedy with the ball and there was too much people were on the field.So we had to only have five people on each team!!.This time it was more easier to get a try because five people were one off each team like subs for the team."Ring ring"Our game is already finished!!"I said. It was like our game was only two minutes.
"Well rules are rules and I can't stop that" I said.We quickly lined up so that we could get ready to have our "SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL LUNCH"!!.

Eating time.
Wow!!I said in amazement. That is a lot of food at one time. There were Afghans,Cookies,Pop corn,Jephte's Homemade Sandwiches, Aidan's muffin brownies,Casey's Homemade cookies and muffins and finally pizza bread with an extra drink."Slurp"I was licking my mouth.I was so hungry I could eat up the whole food. First I looked at the cookies and grabbed it quickly before anyone could.I took just a bite."Hallelujah"It was so scrumptious. "Oh Oh"temptation was coming up in my head and I tried not to take another cookie. The smell of the cookie was so tempting nice and the cookie told me to eat him,Well okay "Munch"Oh that is so beautiful.No one had noticed because they all outside.I pretended that I didn't eat it.It was time to eat.I was half way full but I was just getting tempted all the time I looked at something.I looked at Jephte's scrumptious sandwiches.I was still not satisfied so I took another cookie.Well may be I'll take another and another or maybe I will eat the whole packet,just joking"But I did eat 15 cookies. I looked at the pizza bread and I took a big bite and it was just good.It was like Me in heaven having a feast with my God and Saviour,Jesus Christ.It was sure a "SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL LUNCH OR SHOULD I SAY PICNIC".!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Matt Giteau

Matt Giteau is a good kicker.
He was able to make lot's of goals in
his season so far.
It was a big disappointment when the All Blacks
beat Australia 5 tims in a row.
Matt Giteau almost missed the closest kick
but luckily the ball hit the post and it went in.
he is a good runner
because he is fast and he is a star at playing rugby
and he has what it takes to play.
By Joshua.

Sonny Bill.

One of my favourite players is Sonny Bill williams.
Everyone is disappointed of him for
leaving the bull dogs .
I like him and he is the same culture as me,Samoan.
His big hit on people is called "The Sonny Bill".
He is known from around the world.
He moved on to rugby league to boxing.
He won his first boxing match by a big
punch called a "hammer".
He played for the Bull Dogs and the Kiwis then he moved on to boxing.
By Joshua

Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson is a extreme
He is the one of the best kickers aswell!!!
He is a well known player and everyone likes him.
He plays for England.
He has got all his goals over the post but he just
missed once kick.
Jonny Wilkinson is a very talented player too and he
is a very good kicker.
In fact he is better than some other kickers in other teams.
By Joshua.

Bryan Habana.

I like Bryan habana because he is talented
and is a "Speed Machine"Like Jeff Wilson.
He is a very well known player and people respects him.
Bryan Habana is a Christian like me and that's why I like
His style is amazing and
he has intercepted lot's of passes and he can step lot's
of people.
He always acknoledged God when he scored
a try because God helped to score a try and God gave him the ability to score a try.
By Joshua.

Jeff Wilson.

Jefff Wilson is a "Speed Machine".
He was a good winger and he admired himself and
soon later he was a Legend.
He played for the All Blacks In 1993 because he was selected first to be in the All Blacks team.
He was good player and was also a key player to the All Blacks
because no one was faster than him in the All Blacks Team.
He caught and talked lot's of people.
He is my one of my favourite legend players and he was
skillful at playing.
By Joshua.

Hosea Gear.

Hosea Gear is one of my favourite players
in Rugby.The reason why I like Hosea Gear is that
he is a talented and young player.
His brother is Rico Gear who is a very known player.
He showed that he was worthy to play rugby
and he is a well known young player.
He has had a good season this year and has played very well too!!
He has played for the Wellington Lions,the Wellington Hurricanes and the All Blacks.
Well that's it for another story.
By Joshua.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joe Rokocoko.

I like Joe Rokocoko because I like how he plays
and he is good at stepping people.
He has played for Auckland,the Blues and also the All Blacks.
He has scored lot's of tries this season and he was able to make run aways .
The key of him is his speed because without speed you couldn't be a winger.
The second key of him is practice.
He practices alot which encourages him to strive.
So yeah.
By joshua.

Daniel Carter.

Daniel Carter is one of my favourite players.
He is known as the magic player because when they
challenged the Babarians Daniel Carter was outstanding.
He is also a good kicker,may be one day I want
to be as good as Daniel carter.
He has the skills to play for the All Blacks and he is a succecful All Black.
He is a well known player aswell.
Tino pai Daniel Carter!!
Well i am a Samoan not a Moari.
So yeah.
Good luck Daniel Carter on your next game too!!.
I wish you all the best and all the All Blacks players and
I will be praying for you too!!!.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Just before 10:30, New Zealands Fight Of the century which was sponsered by Wood stock, was on. This was the moment of truth out of the Amazing Tuaminator or the Asian Pacific champion and The world Heavy Weight champion Shane Cameron
and also known as the mountain Warrior.
David Tua had to win or else "BOOM"!!!!! his boxing career would end.
But I never gave up hope that he would win.
As remembrance of his Auntie in Samoa who was killed in the tsunami
he was sad but he overcame it.

Presenting the fighters-

Presenting the Tuaminator who had won 49 matches -
3 lost to Lennox Lewis,Joe Fraiser and the christian man Chris Byrd.
And in the 49 matches David Tua made a outstanding effort which was that in 45 matches David Tua K.O people and was able to make 29 matches of timing that was under the
number of 20. He weighs 118 Kilos and lost 20 kilos before this fight which is amazing!!!!!
Shane Cameron made a effort of 23 wins and 1 lost.
But also Asian Pacific and 2 times world heavy weight champion with a weight of
107 kilos.


The fight began.
David Tua was just warming up with little punches.
But Shane Cameron was doing Cheap Shots which was playing dirty.
The purpose of cheap shots was to get points and you can sometimes win by points.
Shane Cameron was trying to hit the tuaminator but Tua was just too fast for
Shane Cameron to even reach his face.
Now on with the match.
David Tua captured the things that Shane Cameron did
to him on the internet.
Not really nice ha?
David Tua was blocking all the cheapshots Shane cameron was trying to do.
But then 'Boom" came out of Tua's hand it was
a massive knock out which should of knocked out the skull of Shane Cameron.
And they were only on the first round.
But the referee called the first round over.

(Round 2-The match continues)
The round started and
again the Tua man knocked Shane Cameron by
scoring a total of 13 punches.
I felt proud and it was a good match.
And that was the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Straight after the second bell
rang we had to come to extension.Since Mrs Tele'a was away, Mrs Burt was our
reliever for extension.

Mrs Burt taught us how
to use Wordle and what
it does.

As you can see on the top of my post
there are words that are wacky and
confusing to read.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goku's Super Saiyin's.

Goku has alot of super saiyin

He is the strongest super saiyin.

Although he can sometimes be defeated
he never gives up which reminds me of a Korero

which is "Champions never give up".
His super Siayin powers is Super saiyin
1,2,3,4,14 and all the other ones.
I like him the best because
he is on good the good side.
His worst enemies is the androids

which reminds me of a story.
The Endless Wave
which has alot of androids.
He helps lot's of people.
He saves the world which is why
people like him.
Spirit Bombs are dangerous which
people like Goku uses in defence
and to defeat strong people such as
Broly,Devil Vegeta,Android 16,18 and17.
But he still believes that he can win.
He was killed but luckilyhis honest and good friends had
been collecting dragon Ballsever since he was on adventures.

The purpose of dragon balls is that if you collect
them and you get all of them you
can call the dragon and wish for what ever you want.

Goku's friends wished
for Goku back
and then there appeared Gokuwho was clean and had no scars

Goku is lucky that he has reliable friends
But it has come to an
end to another amazing story.
Good bye.

By Joshua.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Verses I love in the Bible.

-My favourite verse in the Bible is EPHESIANS 6:10.
It talks about the armour of God.
I get use to God because i am a christian.
Recieving Jesus into my life wasn't so easy.
Because I had to choose from doing God's way or Mine.

I was so confused so I asked my Dad and Mum What will happen if I recieve Christ into my heart.They said that he will cleanse me and wash with his precious blood.I learned the armour of God along time ago.And if you haven't so learned I will tell you.The Armour of God is the sandel of the gospel peace,the breastPlate of Righteousness ,The Shield of Faith,The helmet of Salvation
And the sword of the Spirit.

I love God.
And there is a verse in the Bible which is
Matthew 22:37.
Which says:Then Jesus said to his disciples"Love the Lord with all
your heart,with all your soul and with all your mind.
I love that verse to.

I Love reading the bible
and I am Glad that I excepted Jesus
as Lord And Saviour.
And if you have not excepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour then pray to God.
By Joshua.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hamish Campbell

Straight after the 2ND bell rang we
had to get ready for the Video Conference
with a famous geology person called Hamish Campbell.

HAMISH told us some amazing things.
and these were one of them
In japan there was an earthquake in a place called tangshan andthe earthquake got there in 15 seconds and lasted there for over 10 seconds.The sad part was,is that 242,000 people died.that is so sad.
And this another amazing thing.
Did you know that an earthquake is faster than a jet plane.
it's speed is 20,000 kilometers per hour.

Man i felt sad and amazed of what I heard what bad news hamish told us.
Imagine if it struck auckland .
i don't want to talk about that now because
i'm afraid that i might die.

now let's forget about that
and get on with it.
another interesting thing was that
the Australian plates
are on top of our pacific plates and reversed to the other side.

And that's why We do not have earthquakes because we are in a land
where there is no plates under auckland. .

I'm glad we don't have earthquakes here in Auckland.
you can also vist Te Papa's blog.

Just click on this:
I hope that the exstension people meet again with the famous geologist,Hamish campbell.

By Joshua


On Tuesday afternoon we had to do something

And it was to make a Seismometer!!.
Well we quickly got in to 6 groups of three.

First of all we had to hook up
the website to look for the instructions.
Although my group were arguing about what to do
and what you need to do I just got the things ready.

Then we were good to go.
The problem was, is that we needed a pair of

So Mrs tele'a quietly asked Erene to ask
his mum if we could use 6 pairs of scissors.

After that discussion we got straight in to it.
All the other groups were rushing to be the first
to finish.

We were still working on our project and we noticed that we were just on the third minute and we had just got
to finish the seismometer and ready to be tested.

Finally we were down to 10 seconds and
we were rushing and teling to each other"Hurry up hurry up'
There were too much pressure and Mrs Tele'a said"STOP"!!!.

One of the grous said"Awwwwww!!!!!.
because they had not finished but I was glad
that our group finished.

I can still remember that day but it
is time to move on to the next project.

By Joshua.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Art in Story Telling.

The topic
Exciting stories which

Really fascinating
To me.

In fairy Tales they have
Nosy people like people who over hear whisperings in

To have an evil deed
Over the good people.
Resting and relying on slaves to do jobs.
Yes and the fun part is ,that they have good endings.

Excites people which leads them to victory.
Ice-cream might be in
Need of having a
Good lunch break.

That's it from Joshua.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A story about my God called Jesus Christ who Died on the cross in order to forgive our sins.

Hi my name is Joshua.
I was a Christian ever since I was born.
When my father taught me about Jesus,Holy Spirit and the
mighty living God in heaven siting on his throne who is called Jehovah.
God has lot's of names such as The Prince of Peace, Our Saviour,King Of Kings,
Lord of Lord,Jehovah Jireh,
Yeshua(My hebrew name) Alpha and Omega.
God has alot of names.
My God which is Jesus is the true living God.
I love God so much and God loves me and he did say he loved us and there is proof because in a
scripture in the Bible called John 3:16
says: For God so loved the world that he gave hi only beggotten son
that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Jesus was wounded Whipped,Nailed,And taking our
punishment on Calvary for our sins
and we should thank him for his Mercy and compassion
that he showed to forgive our sins.

And another scripture says:But God
demonstrates his love for us in this,While we were still
sinners ,christ died for us Romans 5:8.

At dawn just before sunday
A believer called Joseph(Not Jesus's Dad)asked Pilot
if he could bury Jesus.
And Pilot said Yes.

So off Joseph went.
After Jesus's Burial on Sunday
Jesus is risen or in other words Jesus's Ressurection.

Jesus has once again defeated
Satan which is the devil.
Jesus's mother Mary saw him first and said to tell his disciples
to come to the lake of Gaililee.
And they did and told them he was going to his father's throne in heaven.

And that's the end. Here is the website I found this picture. or click on the picture and it will take you there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A funky dino about"Gigantosaurus".

The reality of dinosaurs are actually real.

I will show you definition.

After many studies scientists realized that dinosaurs existed.

They studied real hard until when they found out clues

that Gigantosaurus that it seemed like their was

a situation about Gigantosaurus had a relation with the most vicious dinosaur


But after many studies learned that they didn't.

GIGANTOSAURUS was the largest meat eating dinosaur and it wasn't heavier or larger than the t-rex.

But i support that a gigantosaurus mighten of eaten or smashed up a T-rex

for his Dinner or lunch.

Who knows?.

Well At least I know some things about Gigantosaurus.

It ate meat and was also the largest meat eating dinosaurs of all time.

His name means"Giant Southern Lizard".

Scientists learned that they can

tell how dinosaurs are aged by

looking at thier fossils if

it is ancient or in other words old

or if it was modern which means new.

It lived in or near bushes Trees and forests.

Because after many stuidies

they learned that it was their ambush place where to

hunt down slower plant-eater dinosaurs

such as Ankylosaurus,Diplodocus,Apatosaurus

Stegosaurus,and also meat eating dinosaurs.

Well scientists belief is that a meteiorite from

space hit earth and made lot's of dust.

So that tells me if there is lot's of dust it would block the sun and if there is

no sun the plants wont get light

and the plant eaters have big apetites

and the meat eaters will

starve to death.

A special thanks to Joe Tuccanio for the picture.
Here is a website that I found a Gigantosaurus photo.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Manu Vatuvei.

Manu Vatuvei.

A good and neat rugby league player.

Never giving up hope.

Unusual to other sports.

Very good at getting run away tries
And is also known as the "BEAST"
Triumph and a succesful player and is always
Unknown to his fans.
Variety is very clean and has a lovely family.
Eels team is good but the Warriors fans will cheer for Manu Vatuvei and support
In his tough times and matches.

Written by the poet called Joshua Vaela'a.


A Duck-billed plant-eater.
No teeth so Anatotitan can scoop up lot's of mouthfuls of plants.
Alert from predators so Anatotitan uses it senses.
Tumbling slowly with it's heavy legs.
Over the past few years he was extinct because some scientists
Thinks that the Meteorite hit the earth and
In the place called "THE GULL OF MEXICO".
The dinosaurs could hardly breath but the mamoths survived because they could shut their bodies for
A long time.
No more dinosaurs are alive now but only their fossils are left behind.

Monday, June 22, 2009


yranosaurus-rex's name meant :Tryant King Lizard".
Yes a terrible monster indeed.
Roaring out loud.
A Meat-eating diosaur and is
always ready to snap a victim to eat.
Nose that helps him
sniff Meat.
Over the world
he was out hunting for meat.
Snapping mouth helped him
to snap a victim easily.
A Terrible Lizard that you should never
go near it.
Used like a machine for eating.
Running slow but
good at hunting.
Unice to people.
Slashing other dinosaurs body.
Running through tree's bushes to hide.
Exellent dinosaur
that will never stop eating.
X-tinct now and is now a fossil.

My favourite rugby league player.

My favourite rugby league player would be Manu Vatuvei, also known as the beast.
I like him because he is talented and always there to catch the ball when the Warriors kick on the fifth tackle.
Here he has the same beard as the Ruben Wiki
- should I call them brothers?
Manu plays Wing for the Warriors and the Kiwis as well.
He is married and has one child.
He likes to train and likes to muck around with his friends .
His culture is Tongan, malo aupito!
I think he loves the the way he is already.
I think that Manu Vatuvei is a good sportsman when playing rugby league when playing for the Warriors.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Rock

The Rock is a legend wrestler.He used to always be Kennedy Vince MC man.

He was a WWF champion and intercontinental champion.
He is a sensible and does not wrestle fake.
He is a Samoan and is always smiling when he wrestles.
He is talented and Hulk Hogan always comes over his way and always asks for a match at wrestle mania or Backlash or Jugdment day or SUMMER SLAM.
HE never backs down a match and is always ready to go for it.
He gives it a go if he is in a terrible match and he is like a champion who never gives up
Written By Joshua.
I can't remember how many belts he won.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Extreme wrestler Jeff Hardy.

Jeff hardy is a risk taker high fligher and he will
never give up in any matches.
He is talented and is my favourite superstar.
When he is locked up in any moves that the rivals do I always cheer for him.
He is just amazing and I've got to say he's Extreme in every match
and I think that he is going to be a legendary wrestler.
He is always ready to take on someone and he always tries to interest his fans that came to see him wrestle.
Man I have got nothing to say about him because he is just Extreme and everything he does he is always ready. He started wrestling when he was only a teenager. And once he grew up he was a total good wrestler.
He was a a brother to Matt Hardy and now he betrayed his own brother just because every one likes Jeff Hardy better than Matt Hardy.
Jeff Hardy's finisher is the swanton bomb and his signature move is called the Whisper In The Wind.
He is talented and always strong and he always builds up momentum.
I just want to ask you one more question - do you think he is?
Well have a wonderful week.
Oh is Jeff Hardy your favourite superstar? Well he is mine.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week on Friday we had a special day called "DINO-DAY".
We got put in groups.
I was in the S Alphabetical letter group.
The first activity was with Mrs Katu.
We made masks.
She asked the boys if we wanted to do our own masks.
the boys replied 'yes Mrs Katu.
We had to do that activity until it was morning tea.
We got given Paper with dinosaur drawings.
we had instructions.
1.Draw a mask.
2Trace over with felt.
3.Decide where to put holes for the string.
4Put a hole with the hole puncher.
5Measure the size of your head.
6.Put string over your mask and don't forget to tie it up.
7Put it on.
8Your Finished!!!!!!
Our 2 activity was cooking dinosaur claws with Mrs Wild.
First of all which you all know wash your hands.
I was so excited that I wanted to cook already.
We used pastry, licorice, blood(jam)and Cinnamon.
We started off with cutting the pastry in to quarters pieces).(4 pieces)
The next thing that we did was to put just one blob of blood(Jam).
Then this was the hard part
because we only had to sprinkle it on the pastry
and some on the Jam.
After that we had to cut another piece of pastry and put it over the pastry as the lid.
We had to press down hard on the side so when the claws get cooked the jam wouldn't spill over.
Now it was time to cook it.
We had to gently put it on the tray and name our claws.
Finally it was ready to be cooked.
We had to cook it for 10 minutes.
We watched as it was rising.
One of our Jam was spilling over.
Then it was time to eat it. Kalim and the other Yr6 boys were getting jealous because they wanted to eat another one.
We ate Dinosaur claws for Lunch time.
Jordan Schwenke and Ilalio Pou wanted some of mine so I shared it with him.
Then our last activity was with Mrs Slade. We made dinosaur mobiles.
It was cool because finally I could finally colour in .
We didn't have that much time to do it because we left at 1:40.
I was the only Yr 5 that finished, but even I didn't quite finish.
The only thing I had left to do was to put it on the cardboard.
Finally I finished.

I really enjoyed Dino-day because we didn't do any school work.
By Joshua.

my top WWE superstars.

My Top WWE super stars
would be:
1John Cena(WWE Champ)His signature move was the
Five knuckle shuffle and the
2Rey Mysterio(underdog higher fligher)
This best prank er Rey Mysterio's Finisher
Is the 619 and the Highfligher.
3shawn Michaels.His finisher is called
the sweet'n'music.
4Triple His signature move is the Pedigree and the
spine buster and also known as the KING OF KINGS.
5D-X D-x is Shawn Michaels and Triple H and in 2008 they were the new year's Revolution.
6Hardy Boys.The hardy boys are
Jeff hardy with his betrayed brother
Matt hardy.
7Ric Flair.He was an amazing wrestler
back in the 50's and he
still is and he used his Career or wrestling time
properly and the whole world will remeber him forever.he is a 16-world heavy weight champion and a 8 time intercontinental champion and his last match was against Shawn Michaels at WRESTLE MANIA vix.
8Jeff Hardy.He was a risk taker high fligher and
he is also known as the Rainbowed hair boy.
9Matt Hardy.Matt hardy betrayed his brother Jeff hardy.
10Batista.This is the Animal and he
can destroy a lot of people i tell you.
11Bobby lashley.Sadly he is missing out alot of wrestlig because
MR Kennedy broke his arm.
12Undertaker-Every one calls him the phenon and
R.I.P(Rest In Peace)is his saying.
His finishers are the Choke slam,the Last Ride and the tombstone pile driver.
13Kane.Kane has never beaten Triple H in his Whole wrestling Career.
And his signature move is the Chokeslam and the tomb stone piledriver only
when he is with his brother the Undertaaker.
14The rock's signaature move is the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow.
15MR Kennedy.
He is so sneeky in MONEY IN THE BANK MATCHES.
He use to be bad but now he turned good.