Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Awesome Picnic Day!!

After waiting for a few minutes in our school hall, we departed from the Building. As we approached closer to our destination,we were given instructions to line up in our classroom lines near the edge of the reserve.

Mr Burt finished explaining the rules, and we were free to play. Jephte and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. As I jumped down on to the beach, my feet sank in the sand dunes . I cautiously walked down the beach making sure that glass was not to be near my feet. Unaware of a rock full of oysters, I heavily thumped my foot on it. Thank God it didn’t slice through my skin, or it could of gotten ugly.

Anyway as I gazed at the sky, I noticed that the weather was changing. The sun vanished behind the clouds and the powerful force of the wind came. The waves rushed into shore and “SPLASH: I was in a wet condition.

Time flew by very quickly. it was 12:30!!!!!!!!! My stomach rumbled ,so I went to eat something. As I stared at the view, I thought to myself,”God sure did a magnificent job of creating the earth.

I tried to find a fun activity to play and then “Bingo! A competitive sport was Underway, T-Ball! I joined the batting side. Our team was determined to win. When I was up next to bat, I smacked the ball far enough for me to make a home run. As I dashed to t the third base, I collided with Miracle. The pressure was on. It wasn’t long before I picked my self up and raced quickly to home base. I made it!! We triumphed over TJ’s Team by a long shot! I was stunned because good players were on their side but we had mostly had non experienced people!

It wasn’t long before we had to go back to school. “Today was packed full of activities” I said. It was a day to Remember” I thought to my self. A definite highlight for me was obviously playing T-Ball. Hmmmmmm” I said, “I wonder what’s waiting for us next year at our annual picnic, I said. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see” THE END!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Responsibility !!!!!!!!!

In this wacky term, our AWESOME teacher Mrs Nua, gave us a task to do. She said that we had to make a small snippet of one our Pt England School Values!!!!!!!!! Me and Kayde(My Buddy) decided to do this year's theme throughout this, RESPONSIBILITY!!! In this movie, it shows and reminds people of how, Responsibility is a very important value!!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it(:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Very Own Talented School "GLEE"

As you all know, Glee is a popular programme to watch!!!! In our school, Miss Muliaumasealii, has decided to have a dance group called" GLEE"!! How cool is that!!! Anyway, In this small snippet, it shows not only how talented our school "GLEE" students are, but it shows me saying my favourite part.

The reason why I chose that part was because it was very entertaining, because the rapping was cool. DANCE MOVES were AMAZING. I mean the moves were sharp and it was in time with the beat!!!! I reckon that our school GLEE is very TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it, we certainly did!!!!!!!!!!!(:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear helpers,

Thanks- you for taking the time to organise activities and the “WONDERFUL” food especially my favourite the “HANGI”!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock. Thank-you that your hearts were humble patient with us!

With out your help “CAMP TC” wouldn’t of been possible. Once again, thank-you for your hospitality throughout our year 7 “CAMP TC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. May the LORD bless you for the many good deeds that will not be forgotten by the students of our school!!!!!!!!!!!
“GOD BLESS YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Joshua.