Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainbows End

(I am the one in  the front, my church friend is in the middle and my brother Abraham is at the back)

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. My ears could hear echoing noises of people screaming when the fear fall went down in a blink of an eye. My body shivered in anticipation as I was waiting in the long queue full of people, ready to go on to the thriller ride, the fear fall. I gulped as the person who was in charge of the fear fall, sent me to a seat with my friend. If you don’t know already, My Aunty, some of my church friends and Brothers came along to NZ’s Premier Theme Park, Rainbows End. The lady instructed us to put on our seatbelts. She did a last inspection to see if our belts were tight enough. My body felt the machine going up. I opened my eyes and surely we were about more than 100 ft off the ground. “ZOOOOOOOOOOM”. The fear fall went straight down. I had no oxygen when we came down. My heart was beating faster and faster, until the fear fall stopped just metres of the ground. I let out a sigh of relief as we were finally of this daunting ride.

I walked off the fear fall dizzy. My attention was caught as I saw the scorpion karts racing. “WOW” I said. I stood in the que of people. After a minute or two I was finally on one of the karts.  The person in charge said “GO”. My car went zooming down the track. I was just behind this man who was leading the pack. My car was about to overtake him until he blocked my way. I adjusted my speed to the max , so that I could beat him. We went around the curve and up the track.The  final lap was coming to an end, and I won by an inch. We parked our cars in the driveway where the karts were meant to be parked. It was a good challenge for me because it really pushed me to GO FOR GOLD!

I ran past the log flume, and the invader and set foot onto the roller coaster with my big brother. Just like the fear fall, the inspector made a last check to check whether our seatbelts were on tight. The roller coaster went slowly as we approached to the track when it curves around. “YEAH” I said in amazement. The ride went faster than I expected. My mind was thinking that we were going to fall off as we were coming closer to the loop. “Here we go! The ride looped upside down then went to the curve then again went upside down 3 times. Yet again, my head was dizzy.

I walked around Rainbows End, and I was surprised to see the Journey to the centre of the earth. Rumor has it that this ride wasn’t like any other ride. You watch a movie and then you sit down and the chair moves. The movie started and then ended at the bit where the family went through an old mine. A lady came and gave us 3D glasses and told us to walk to the chairs. Again the movie started but was viewed on a bigger screen just like the Hoyts cinemas screen at sylvia park. She told us to hold the bars. The movie played and the chairs started to rattle backwards and forwards. It was like I was in the movie. The chair kept rocking backwards unexpectedly and then moved to the sides. I couldn’t stop laughing. As my chaired kept moving, it finally halted when the movie stopped. To be honest I thought that the journey to the centre of the earth ride was going to be boring. I was wrong. 

It was 5pm in the afternoon and the premier park was closing. All of the rides I went on during my time at Rainbows End was the Roller-coaster, Invader, Log Flume, Scorpion and Family Karts, Fear Fall, Master Motion(Journey to the centre of the earth) Bumper Boats and Cars, Goldrush and the Pirate Ship. My favourite rides would have to be the fear fall and the rollercoaster. I had a great time, and hopefully if I am lucky, I can go there again!


  1. This is a fabulous post Joshua. You had me hooked right from the beginning. It is a few years since I last went to Rainbows End and you brought back lots of fun memories.

    I presume you went on Saturday and posted this on Sunday?
    Well done

    Mrs Burt

  2. Wow Joshua that is a wonderful post you have completely impressed me. It has also been a while since I have gone out to Rainbows End this has brought back some off my old and fun memories with Rainbows End.

    Keep up the awesome work Joshua.



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