Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crusaders VS Brumbies (First Half)

BRRRRRRRRRRR" went the whistle and away the game went. The first tackle was made by the Crusaders. Then another and another until a beautiful turn over. Crusaders were showing their strength. the ball went to Ellis, then to Carter until it got to Zac Guilford. He was off like a charging bull.Can any body catch? It doesn't look like. The first person made the tackle but Zac kept going. 1..2..3...4..5 tackles Zac broke but then he got tackled.Andre Ellis passed on the ball until the crusaders scored. I was going wild when the crusaders scored. Daniel Carter converted the try beautifully.

The score was now 7-o.It was a exciting game. The game was going well and the score was 14-o.The crusaders had the ball. They passed and passed it until "BANG" the brumbies had intercepted the pass and scored for the brumbies. Matt Giteau converted the kick.
It was a good match.

The match was still going on until the crusaders scored again. The score was now 21-7.It was a tough game because each side was showing great courage.
Who will win?

BRRRRRRRR" The first half was finished and what a way to start the game off for the Crusaders and Brumbies game.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Devastating eruption in Iceland

As the ash of blindness continues to spread through Europe, airlines have been canceled because of the eruption which happened 6 days ago. It is a pain for the St.Mary students who are stranded in the Airport. It may take until 2 days for them to take off to their homes. If it doesn't it may be for about a week or more until they can return back.

Fisheries have a problem as they were meant to sell their fish in Italy but there is too much ash for the plane to actually survive this terrifying event which is causing a lot of trouble. It has been said in the news that this ash of cloud which continues to spread could even last up to a year.

The ash caused trouble in the United States because Barack Obama was supposed to be at a funeral but was late because of the ugly ash cloud which was disturbing airlines.

People have been praying to Jesus Christ for help because the ash gets worse and worse every day. I am a christian and I believe that this a sign that Jesus Christ the saviour of the world and everyone who believes in him and makes Jesus Christ as their lord and Saviour will be saved.In the Bible in the New Testament it says in John 3:16 :" For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."Where will you spend your life eternal.Heaven or Hell? It's your choice. I choose Heaven. When you comment please tell me where you want to spend your life and I could pray for you so that the spirit of the Lord will help you in your times of need.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active earth

As we were coming from our vacation which was our school holiday, we were shocked by hearing that Pt England school was about to learn about volcanoes which is just for starters. So far on the first day of term 2, I have learnt amazing things!!!! First about volcanoes, there has been lot's of damaging explosions around the world lately. It had struck in Iceland. It has caused trouble because it has been said that passengers have to wait until 6:00am this morning. When the magma shoots out of the crater magma is now called "LAVA". Lava is hot and maybe if your camping near a volcano, you could cook some eggs for breakfast. As the lava spreads, it strongly pushes through rocks. Not long after an explosion , the lava soon cools down and turns in to hard rock. As the puff of ash continue to spread it causes big trouble for airlines. It has been said that not even one plane can survive this damaging blinding puff of ash.It is too bad for passengers I guess. Well moving on

Also we are learning about Tsunami's,Earthquakes and things that move such as big crashing waves and also big movements of the devastating earth quakes. Some of these amazing acts have killed over 100 people!!!! Well that is just the start of my adventure. I am looking forward to this term's theme, ACTIVE EARTH!!!!

I would like to thank this website for letting borrow their picture

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BFF"S (best Friends Forever)

These are my best friends because they have helped me during times when I feel down.The one with the hat is my best friend out of all of them.His name is Erene. Although you can't see his face,he really likes Michael Jackson. ( The one next to Erene) is Aidan..Erene is also a stunning dancer because he has practiced a lot.

I am lucky to have friends who I can trust and to rely on when am not in the right mood.
Thank-you friends for always believing in me and for always supporting me.Thanks for all your help because with out your help and support, I wouldn't have succeeded.
Well thank-you once again for your hospitality.

By Joshua.