Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reflection for 2010

My reflection for 2010, this year, is that it was AWESOME!!!. It was one of those BIG ones. These were some of the highlights:

For example I breezed past my elearning task about Mighty Mariners and got
30/30! I couldn’t believe it. Usually in my previous animations I would
get 20 marks and under. It was like a miracle from Heaven!

Another subject I enjoyed was Maths. Some worksheets were quite challenging to
test my skills, but thankfully I used some strategies that Miss Garden
taught me. When our maths test came, I was up for this AWESOME
challenge. I was looking at acing this exam.

In writing , I have made lot’s of impact but I still need to limit the repetition in my writing.
That is one of the things that let’s me down sometimes. This year has been
“THE WRITING CLASS, for me so that’s what makes me good at it.

Like I said before, this year has been AWESOME and quite CHALLENGING in some
areas. I wonder what is going to bring us next year in Pt England year
7? Remember that STUDYING and WORKING hard is the key to success.

Monday, December 13, 2010

MTV Finale!

Here is a movie that we made starring, Joshua, Matthew Ryan, Kobe and Erene!
We hope you enjoy it!(:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Superlicious Pizza Recipe

This Recipe was found on this Pizza site. Click on Pizza

Dead Cockroach

Pizza Ingredients:
  • Pizza Base (Mrs Tele’a)
  • 1x200 g Pepperoni Stick or pre cut in a sealed container(
  • 1x200 g Diced Bacon(Gabe)
  • 1x200 g Salami or pre cut in sealed container - Mild - Hot
  • 100 g of Lean Mince Beef(Cruz)
  • 1 tin of Pizza Paste / Tomato Paste(Cruz)
  • 1 Bag of grated cheese(Josh)

  1. if you are using doe then puff up and roll out and flatten with raised edges (The Crust) or if using base put onto a pizza pan.
  2. Cover the pizza base in the tomato paste use about 3 quarters of the tin.
  3. Put a small layer of cheese on the base.
  4. Then cut and spreed the pepperoni and salami use about 3 quarters of the sticks/ packets.
  5. place the diced bacon around the pizza base as well.
  6. Then put another light layer of cheese over the ingredients.
  7. Use the last quarter of the Pepperoni / salami with the lean Mince Beef spreed out on the base.
  8. Cover once again in Cheese.
Thanks to this URL click for letting me use their picture. Click on this URL word.(:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huge Challenge.

As I stood face to face with the huge monster (the abseiling wall), I fainted in fear. As I nervously rose from my seat, I said “ I have to be as big as king kong to climb this thing. Unexpectedly, I was taking on this huge giant second which made me super scared!!!

I was next but my teeth were chattering and my hands and feet well they were as stiff as dog hair! This was a big challenge for me, because I had done a much smaller one at Totara Springs!

As I slowly paced myself up the steel bars, a confidence feeling came over me. After reaching the top, I was congratulated. With a confident boost,I slowly gripped my feet to the wall and walked down. In a flash of light, I made it to the bottom and conquered my fear!

I punched the air and felt proud of my self and said “Maybe I’ll do it again?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favourtie leauge player-Benjy Marshall

Benjy Marshall is a magnificent player. He still tried to pick up something for the kiwis even at the death door of losing!He is my favourite league player. No one can flick pass like Benjy Marshall. He has great power of speed and most of all his skills just can't be explained. I mean he never gives in and his abilities and skills are just amazing!

Benjy has played 26 test matches for the kiwis and recently played for the Wests Tigers this year. In his season, he has been a star player and I reckon there will never be someone like Benjy Marshall!!!

So there you have it, my favourite league player in the world!!!! I hope that you will see my blog and comment on it Benjy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

James O Connor

James O connor is one of the youngest players playing rugby. He helped the Aussies breeze past Wales and triumph over them 25-16. He also scored the winning try (and converted his own try!)for Australia to have victory over the All blacks 26-24. His pace and speed is great and his talent is amazing.
Now he journeys through tough matches but he still doesn't give in.

He has an ability of setting up tries, and is a star at using the ball in his hands. He is sometimes unstoppable! I think that he will be a great player for the Aussies in the future.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Unlucky Kiwi's.

As many know, kiwi's were the overall champions after thrashing the Kangaroos in 2008. Their season was going well after being victorious over Toa Samoa(Where I come from) 50-6.

Things got even better when the kiwis were on a winning streak beating yet again their Rivals, England 24-12 and Papua New Guinea, 76-12!

Now I am going to talk about the Kangaroos side. The Aussies started their season a little bit shaky. But after having triumph over England, they started to pick up their game and they eventually accelerated through to a warm up match against the almighty kiwis.

Many have been talking about these 2 teams for a long time. They have shown many of their talents and have impressed some coaches.

As the warm up match was on, it was most probably to see who was going to win the final (which was one week away!).
The kiwis were unlucky when the Aussies scored first. Then another and another. One of the Australians tries were scored by a former Kiwi, Brent Tate.
The kiwis were lucky enough to score a try just after half time. The Aussies led 18-10 at half time.

As the kiwis started the second half by receiving, they ran hard at the Australians. But their skills weren't good enough to overcome the Australian defence. Australia doubled 18 to 34 and the kiwis were in big trouble.

Luckily Benjy Marshall used some of his magic tricks to put Jason Nightingale in line for a try to take the kiwis up to 14. But still boy from whakatane(Benjy Marshall) didn't give in. He set up a try for Shaun Kenny Dowall which took the kiwis up to 20.

Minutes were left in to the game and the Aussies were leading 34-20. Sadly the game was over and the Kiwis were disappointed. I think that the kiwi's are going to win the finals anyway!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Earwig quiz.

How do you think Earwigs got their name?
Well this is what my movie is about. Eww!!!Do you think it is grouse?
If you like, you could leave a comment.
By Joshua.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preparing for White Sunday.(Colourful Sunday)

Preparing for White Sunday wasn't what I had in mind for the holidays.

As I reflected back on to the previous White Sunday (which we call colourful Sunday)not good. I mean 2 hours of practice on a daily basis, not the thing you would want to experience. If you are wondering why then you should read more of my story.

After an exhausting practice for 2 hours a feeling weakness began to spread through my body. My legs were straining like I just crossed the finish line of the Cross Country and my arms were dangling down the chair I was sitting on.

I had, had enough of this torturing practice. Every day I get up and I feel reluctant to get ready. I had to stop this nonsense or I'll be a flat pancake because I had been practicing for 8 days now!

After practicing on the 8th of October I learned that moaning wouldn't do any good or schedule practice on another day. I was told that by our church senior pastor.

Okay so I learnt not to moan the hard way.I should of told my tutor how I felt about having practices daily.I actually felt selfish at that moment thinking of everything bad I had done. Next time I should think before I say".

Monday, September 20, 2010

NRL Quarter finals pays off for the Sydney Roosters !( First Half)

As we look back to the previous matches (or highlights) of the roosters, many mistakes were made. A big change and difference was made when the Sydney Roosters took on the Penrith Panthers. This match was crutial to win because it was sudden death match. The Panthers struggled to gain possesion as many errors were made on the their half.

This gave the Roosters more action with the ball. When the opportunity opened up for the Roosters, the used it to score the opening try. This was like against the cats or as we know them as The "WESTS TIGERS". Todd Carney( a great example of a play maker and player of the year) stood out in the match after a miraculously pass which was used to lead the score board.

The Tigers couldn't match the Roosters pace ans speed losing 19-15. Any way back to the game. Many players were approved at breaking line . Well in this match, that's what happened. Vigour was on the Roosters side as they stumbled over the Panthers. After another try to the Roosters. The panthers left furious and frustrated after the Roosters left 12-0.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kiwi's are cool, or are they?

Some birds can soar through the sky- Kiwi's can't.
Lot's of birds have Lot's of beautiful colours and a tail- kiwi's don't.
There is even one bird that can swim in the freezing ice caps of Antarctica!- A kiwi certainly wouldn't do that.

It's not that they're small, the average size is about the same width of a rugby ball. The smallest of these species is much smaller than a foot ball. It is called the little spotted one and it lives on island where it is protected, Kapiti Island. Some kiwis are quite big in size. The largest of them stands at 45 cm tall. It is called the great spotted one.

I suppose you wouldn't call Kiwi's beautiful after all they are just dull brown. Their plumage is stiff like dog hair, but the most ridiculous thing of all, is their bill. I mean it is longer than 15cm. Imagine being up close yo that cheeky bird. "Ouch" I think then you would of tasted how much strength a kiwi has in it's bill.

Many people think these boring kiwis don't have wings. To tell you the truth, they do have wings. If you put your hand through their dense feathers, you will see a small wing. It is the size of your pinky. The reason why they are flightless birds is because they are to heavy.

People may think that kiwis are useless. But in fact they are really good runners. Rumor has it that kiwis can out run a human being! How cool is that Kiwis use their bulky strong legs to dig up burrows for their eggs. I wonder how Kiwis have muscular legs.

My Animation, Polynesian come to NZ

Hi this is a short movie of how Polynesian people came to NZ.
I think it was spectacular how they traveled through rough storms.

Please leave a comment. I'll be glad.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrilling Win! (First Half)

As the All Blacks jogged out of the tunnel, the crowd went wild. As usual, the All Blacks would sing their national anthem and perform their fierce haka. They had tried to steal the attention by performing the haka, but the noise of the fans was thunderous.

Well as the referee blew his whistle, the game was on live. The spring boks were really getting in this game when they had almost got away with a try. The All Blacks had to fight back so that the Competitors wouldn't ground more meters. The All blacks had a crack with the ball, but the Spring bok defence was stopping the All Blacks from grounding meters.

Well a penalty was given to the All blacks. They were satisfied with this because they could get some points on the board.A well conversion was struck by a very good kicker, Daniel Carter. That wasn't the end of the game so they had to keep fighting.

Sadly a penalty was given to the Boks. Another kick from a legend fly half was struck and had flew in the middle of the posts. The score was tied up at 3 all. As the game went on, the possession on the Boks side was starting to get lower every time the All Blacks had a well play made. Errors were being made during the 18th minute.

All blacks had another shot at goal and got it in. But again the All Blacks had made an error during the ruck. The kick was converted and the score was once again tied up at 6 all. But the boks fought back with Schalk Burger charging through the All blacks defence. Morne steyn had once again converted the goal which led them up to 13-6.

There was only 2 minutes left in the first half. The all blacks had the advantage of the ball. when the ball was given to Ma'a Nonu he passed until it got to Tony Woodcock on the wing! That was funny because he was on the wing side and scored the opening try for the All Blacks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton is one of my favourite Christian Singers. He encourages people to love God and his special way of spreading the word of God is through his music that I listen to Daily. I really respect hi songs because many song writers have taken a very long time to write a song! His songs has a strong touch because of the Holy Spirit that guides him in every concert. He is a very good singer and his songs has made people change their ways. He is a great man of God. One of the songs that he sings is "Just Wanna Say and Friend of God. I hope he writes more songs so that more people will come to Jesus.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cross Country 2010

X Country

The day before Cross country, I had a real nightmare. I mean I had almost got eaten by Jake burglar. Okay, I only stretched the truth just a little bit. But honestly I am not going to sleep until morning so then I can sleep in . Yeah!, no one will stop me now.

I pretended like I was sleeping. My great plan is working “ Oh no, I cried, I must of shouted so loud, my mother must of heard every single word I said. I’m toast. I quickly tucked my self in bed and acted as if I was sick. Jake” Wake up, you’re going to be late for your school cross country. “I’m sick! Jake don’t try and lie to me. I heard your evil deed. Oh oh. I reluctantly got of bed, dressed up and walked to school. As I wondered off I heard Mr Burt saying” Cross Country was on”.

As I stared at my fellow competitors my heart pounded fast. I knew that I was going to come last . Looking at some of my rivals, The all stars which were Drew, Drake dagger, and Kane, made me want to give up as the feeling of fear shot through me because no one could match their speed. As I shivered in the cold weather, I started having butterflies. Apprehension had entered me in a very unpleasant way.

I tried playing dead as we stepped up to the start line. I knew I was going to suffer in this disastrous race. I really wanted to give up because I knew everything would turn out bad. ( Well for me only). Bang! went the clappers. I whizzed in front but it wasn’t enough because I still had a long way to go.

A tense feeling had got over me. It had distracted me until “BANG”. I had hit a rock. The all stars had caught up to me and I started to lag behind.

My legs couldn’t stop for I knew I needed to keep on going. Hope was the only thing I needed at this rate. I dished out all of the pain, and got rid of my fear.Every step I took meant I really wanted to win. Even though my legs were going to strain to death,and even though the pain got worse every time, I never gave up until I won. I had learned my lesson of not being negative. So I put my head up and paced my self faster. My legs were pumped and I sprinted past 6 people, like a cheetah.

A feeling of relief came over me because I knew I was going to make it in the top 3 because I persevered hard. An opportunity had awaited me for 2 long years to be in the top 3. And this was the time to take it. When the finish line was sighted from a distance, Vince Dagger( One of my friends that are competing in my age group) had only just took the advantage of winning by a little.

This meant I needed to get over being sluggish and push my legs even faster. As I took a final breath, I had sped past him. My rivals drew nearer and nearer every time I slowed down. Drake had just got behind me of me until I leaped over the finish line feeling glad. I had survived and accomplished another race and came 2nd.

Conclusion- Theme.

As people congratulated me, I had felt proud of my self.( But really in the inside I was about to fall asleep like snow white!) My legs hurt but I acted as if I was alright. I felt lethargic and I almost fainted! Well at least a hopless situation had turned out pretty well. I didn’t need to have fear, but I needed to persevere .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vaka Voyages.

Hi my name is Joshua.
This movie is about how the first polynesian came to New Zealand. It was hard work to come to NZ. Some were able to survive the stormy seas but some were washed away. Any way, I hope you enjoy my movie. Please leave me a comment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly.

As we came from our holiday I was surprised to see the staff dressed up funky! I reckoned that Mr Barks(Rm 18 teacher) dressed up the best. My guess is that he was "Eric The Red" viking. Each team in the school had worked very hard doing movies and items.

This terms theme is called "MIGHTY MARINERS" which means "people who trvel on boats such as "Christopher Colombus and Captain Cook". Their travels were sometimes dangerous and risky but one thing know, is that they were both brave and heroes.

Well I hope I am going to learn alot this term because it is packed with lot's of fun things.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesians come to New Zealand.

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

By Joshua and Joe.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ROW (rock our world) reflection.

Hi my name is Joshua and I am in year 6 at Pt England school.
This year in rock our world round 12, we have drawn shoes to represent the theme :Walk our World and we have also have made mihi's in flickr. At some stages I was good but some parts I also had some things that didn't make my group work faster.
2.How could I have improved on what I did?
I could of improved at making our commercials by working on a better way to work as a team because 2 hands is better than 1..Drawing shoes.My Mihi because I needed to add more information.To talk about my school and where I come from.
3.Brick Wall
.What held you back from doing better?
1.didn't Focus because I had talked to my friends which held me back from doing my work.
2.I hadn't ignored my friends when I should of had. I should of put my head down and worked but I didn't.
I had to work as a team, and that was one of the things I did well. But I still need to be a good leader and give advice to my group.
1.To share what we are learning by showing other countries what we are doing.
2.To share the love!! by commenting on peoples blogs.
3.To explore different topics so we can learn new things.
4.connections with famous people by talking with them on a Video Conference.bring people closer to each other every year.
5.opens doors to a new world and opportunities to meet people who we didn't know and some of them were actually famous such as Carol Anne and D'Wayne Edwards!!

I really enjoyed rock our world this year and my goals is to work more harder, to not talk to my friends, to ignore them if I am being distracted. I am hoping to do better next time. I have to discipline myself properly.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Up coming event 2011.Rugby world cup

Rugby World Cup

There are three very good contestants that have star players to give their team more possession . They are the All Blacks, Quantas Australia(also known as the kangaroos) and the South African Springboks. They have dominated the rugby history with their triumphs in world cups.

Former All Black "Jeff Wilson "played in the world cup a couple of times in 1998 when New Zealand lost to Australia 21-23. He was known as an unstoppable player. He was a try scoring machine that made players fail to catch him!!!He also was stunning when the crowd went wild after his 38m chase(he tackled the spring bok wing) to save the All Blacks from losing. Jeff Wilson's talent is a natural thing to most people but I think it is super.

Today the All Blacks have a pretty good line up after thrashing Ireland 66-28. Fullback Israel Dagg was sensational in the match - the youngster's media ardour was played very well during his test match against Ireland. In his previous welsh encounter he was tested under the high balls, + he was a bit shaky on defence. Surely Israel Dagg maybe replaced by Waikato Skipper Mils Muliaina after his struggles from having a concussion.

3 para.
Australia is a well known team for their key players. The reinstatement of Adam Ashley-Cooper and Luke Burgess, in the places of the injured Digby Ioane and Will Genia. Their first eights are a great combination like brothers. They are the ultimate Quade Cooper and the Spectacular Matt Giteau. They have broken some of the tackle breaks which gives them more possession to their team. Their Captain is Rocky Elsom which is a former Brumbie player in the super 14. His talent is very good.

4Para:The Springboks are a really good team. Although the Springboks had the satisfaction of winning the series by having taken the first two tests, Saturday’s comprehensive defeat will serve to highlight just how close it was. John Smit has recovered from his hamstring injury and will lead the Springboks on Saturday in the second test against Italy, at the Buffalo City Stadium in East London.

These teams are a big stand out for fans who like sport. They have each one more than 2 world cups in rugby.I mostly support the All Blacks because they have been my favourite team ever since I was 5 years old!!!!

Message:I reckon that this game of rugby is a spectacular game but remember to also humble your self to the team that loses because the other team has a lot of hurts in them selves because losing is hard to control even the All Blacks had to try and control them selves after losing to Australia by a penalty goal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tarawera Reflection.

Term 1 ha past and we were in to term 2. In the 4th to last week of term 2, the extension had to create a movie explaining how Mt Tarawera erupted. Each group got given a part to do because we could finish the movie quicker. As our projects came to an end, hardly any one was finished. Well this is how I think I went.

Positive: I worked as a team member by working on animations, and helping people when they needed it especially my group(Matthew T,MatthewR and Erene). Though I struggled in some areas I never gave up. I think I should of done better because I am a year 6. I reckon

Minus: I was some times distracted by my closest friends but that doesn't make any excuse because I should of ignored them rather than listening to them and not focusing. I was slack at editing the movie because I left Seini-Mino to edit the movie.

Interesting:The interesting thing for me was that when I opened my stack, it had already been started by my team mate Erene. He had almost finished it so I started to help by continuing it but I deleted all of it and started again. It was a bit of a waste and was maybe why our group was behind.

Goals I am making for term 3:
I think I am going to improve by not talking to my friends. My goals to work hard - to help out people that are in need. Being faithful and honest so I can be successful in my life and I can have a better future so I can have a good job which means I can take care of my family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

East Timor-Blue Patrol.

Hi my name is Joshua,and I have a movie to share with you.
It is about Blue Patrol.
Well,if you are wondering what a blue patrol is, well it my movie will
tell you.!!!!If you like it,please leave me a comment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Most Delicious Delicate Hokey Pokey.

Have you ever thought that hokey pokey was like lava?Well your question will be answered.

Mr Hunia added two ingredients.Trying to dissolve the sugar with golden syrup ,he stirred it constantly as though it were a race against time.Finally after dissolving the sugar and mixing constantly, there was a change of colour to darker gold and it turned to liquid.This reminded me of molten rock(magma). It expands due to the pressure. The hokey pokey increased in size when we put 6 teaspoons of Baking soda which caused a chemical reaction, creating air bubbles/pockets.

When Hokey Pokey is scolding hot,It is goey and free flowing.It becomes cold,it turns into a brittle substance and it is very fragile.(Broken Easily).It looked like broken up pieces of rock.

After waiting for a few moments,the hokey pokey started to cool down and turn brittle.This reminded me of lava being cooled down and hardenening.Mr hunia quickly scraped out the hokey pokey from the pot and transferring it to a baking tray covered with butter.I saw shattered bits resembling.

Speaking of hokey pokey,thinking of it makes me dream of scoria rock being thrown in the sky and out of the volcano's vent.

By Joshua and Matthew T.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samoa- Irb Sevens.

Samoa had a good start to the sevens but in the final they had just lost by 1 try. Lolo Lui wasn't permitted to play for 2 weeks. Samoa had a very good possession in the Sevens but it wasn't good enough to beat Fiji. Disappointingly, Samoa was in a space of shame and sadness. Despite their loss, they still thanked the lord for letting them in the finals.

Now that's what you call good sportsmanship. It was a very good game but the referee disallowed 2 tried which could of made Samoa Win!!! Well even the loss to Samoa, they still had a good heart.I reckon the star player of Samoa was "MIKAELE PESAMINO", and the star player of Figi is WILLIAM RHYDER

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Over the Limit.

Over the limit is a week away and some of my most spectacular wrestlers are in it. As everybody knows, John Cena is challenging Batista for the WWE champion.Wrestlers have showed great courage in their matches but some lose but some win and that is life and you have to live like that.

Anyway, as I was saying, Over the limit is a week away and I am excited about it. Some matches are being challenged for belts and some are for pride. By now I would have chosen my favourite match which is John Cena Vs Batista and Rey Mysterio Vs CM punk. It will be a good match because these wrestlers have been trained and are very good professionals a wrestling especially John Cena,Batista and Rey Mysterio. Well good luck to the wrestlers.

Justin Bieber.

As the world knows, Justin Beiber is famous now.I like his albums and I also like how he creates his songs. I especially like his song,"BABY". As he arrived in Auckland, Everyone was going crazy and the girls were screaming because they liked him. Some of them almost fainted.I was amazed of how a big star Justin Beiber is. I am his #1 fan. The first song that I heard that Justin Beiber wrote would have to be "One Time".

I really admire him for his singing but I also admire him for his attitude but I think that he could do better.I really like him as a singer. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

" My Sister's a Burp" - a podcast

My Sister's a Burp" by Gretel Killeen is a podcast I did for KPEwith Matthew who is also fromRoom 17.

Active Earth.

I have finished doing a animation that shows how volcanoes form.
If you like it, could you please give me a comment.
Thanks, By Joshua.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hurrricanes VS Reds.( First Half)

"BRRRRRRR" went the whistle and the super 14 match was on live!!! The Hurricanes and the Reds looked confident. This was a tough match because both teams were shockingly good with their team work especially the ultimate "HOSEA GEAR" and "QUADE COOPER"!!!(They are one of my favourite players). The kick was off and the game was on.

Both teams possessions were pretty good on the first half. The canes struck the reds and the red struck back!!! How would both teams get a try!!! Well in a flash the canes were off and sprinting for the try line and they had finally made.The crowd went wild and me too!!!!
"BANG"!!!! The kick was off from Quade cooper (star rugby player).

The hurricanes were on the loose but then they knocked it on . This was a good opportunity to for the Reds to get some points on the board. The ball was passed on until to the centre which was Guinea, he stepped 1 hurricane player until he stepped another and he was off like a fast car racing for the finish line.He was caught by Ma'a Nonu but then passed it to his mate and he was off and finally scored for the reds. Quade Cooper converted the try and the score was now 8-7. The Hurricanes were in the lead by one point.

In a flash the reds were running up with Quade Cooper holding the ball.He passed and the other player passed until it got to Rob Davies and he sprinted off.He really knows how to run" I thought. His legs were like wheels of a car. Again Quade Cooper converted the try. The points were now 14-8.
The kick was off and Quade Cooper did a beautiful take(catch) which he almost knocked on the ball.Quade Cooper ran and put a trip for Wil Chambers. Now the race was on against Wil chambers,Ma'a Nonu and Zac Cruden. Wil chambers won the race and dived for the try.

Quade Cooper converted the try. the score was now 21-8.It was almost half time with the reds with the ball."BRRRRRR" went the whistle. The crowd went wild. The Hurricanes were now getting the opportunity to get a try. The ball went to Andrew Hore then to Cory Jane then to Hosea Gear and he stepped one Reds player and then passed kit to Cory Jane and Jane is off with a good quality of metres and the reds players fell for the trick that Cory Jane did and He passed to Hosea gear and he scored for the Hurricanes!!! What a try!!!! Piri Weepu missed the conversion and it was half time with the reds leading by 6 points.

Thanks to these websites http://images.smh.com.au/2010/04/20/1341274/quade_cooper-420x0.jpg http://static.stuff.co.nz/1236038659/282/1993282.jpg for letting me use their picture.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crusaders VS Brumbies (First Half)

BRRRRRRRRRRR" went the whistle and away the game went. The first tackle was made by the Crusaders. Then another and another until a beautiful turn over. Crusaders were showing their strength. the ball went to Ellis, then to Carter until it got to Zac Guilford. He was off like a charging bull.Can any body catch? It doesn't look like. The first person made the tackle but Zac kept going. 1..2..3...4..5 tackles Zac broke but then he got tackled.Andre Ellis passed on the ball until the crusaders scored. I was going wild when the crusaders scored. Daniel Carter converted the try beautifully.

The score was now 7-o.It was a exciting game. The game was going well and the score was 14-o.The crusaders had the ball. They passed and passed it until "BANG" the brumbies had intercepted the pass and scored for the brumbies. Matt Giteau converted the kick.
It was a good match.

The match was still going on until the crusaders scored again. The score was now 21-7.It was a tough game because each side was showing great courage.
Who will win?

BRRRRRRRR" The first half was finished and what a way to start the game off for the Crusaders and Brumbies game.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Devastating eruption in Iceland

As the ash of blindness continues to spread through Europe, airlines have been canceled because of the eruption which happened 6 days ago. It is a pain for the St.Mary students who are stranded in the Airport. It may take until 2 days for them to take off to their homes. If it doesn't it may be for about a week or more until they can return back.

Fisheries have a problem as they were meant to sell their fish in Italy but there is too much ash for the plane to actually survive this terrifying event which is causing a lot of trouble. It has been said in the news that this ash of cloud which continues to spread could even last up to a year.

The ash caused trouble in the United States because Barack Obama was supposed to be at a funeral but was late because of the ugly ash cloud which was disturbing airlines.

People have been praying to Jesus Christ for help because the ash gets worse and worse every day. I am a christian and I believe that this a sign that Jesus Christ the saviour of the world and everyone who believes in him and makes Jesus Christ as their lord and Saviour will be saved.In the Bible in the New Testament it says in John 3:16 :" For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."Where will you spend your life eternal.Heaven or Hell? It's your choice. I choose Heaven. When you comment please tell me where you want to spend your life and I could pray for you so that the spirit of the Lord will help you in your times of need.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Active earth

As we were coming from our vacation which was our school holiday, we were shocked by hearing that Pt England school was about to learn about volcanoes which is just for starters. So far on the first day of term 2, I have learnt amazing things!!!! First about volcanoes, there has been lot's of damaging explosions around the world lately. It had struck in Iceland. It has caused trouble because it has been said that passengers have to wait until 6:00am this morning. When the magma shoots out of the crater magma is now called "LAVA". Lava is hot and maybe if your camping near a volcano, you could cook some eggs for breakfast. As the lava spreads, it strongly pushes through rocks. Not long after an explosion , the lava soon cools down and turns in to hard rock. As the puff of ash continue to spread it causes big trouble for airlines. It has been said that not even one plane can survive this damaging blinding puff of ash.It is too bad for passengers I guess. Well moving on

Also we are learning about Tsunami's,Earthquakes and things that move such as big crashing waves and also big movements of the devastating earth quakes. Some of these amazing acts have killed over 100 people!!!! Well that is just the start of my adventure. I am looking forward to this term's theme, ACTIVE EARTH!!!!

I would like to thank this website http://www.teachersparadise.com/ency/en/media/b/bd/volcano.jpg for letting borrow their picture

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BFF"S (best Friends Forever)

These are my best friends because they have helped me during times when I feel down.The one with the hat is my best friend out of all of them.His name is Erene. Although you can't see his face,he really likes Michael Jackson. ( The one next to Erene) is Aidan..Erene is also a stunning dancer because he has practiced a lot.

I am lucky to have friends who I can trust and to rely on when am not in the right mood.
Thank-you friends for always believing in me and for always supporting me.Thanks for all your help because with out your help and support, I wouldn't have succeeded.
Well thank-you once again for your hospitality.

By Joshua.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre Treaty Lawlessness.

Hi my name is Joshua.
This movie is about the men and women roles which was to hunt.
If you like my movie please,please comment on my blog.
I hope to read your comments soon!!!
by Joshua.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ravishing Extension For Term 1

Sadly it is almost the end of term 1. My memories rush back. My 3 best highlights this term... The first is the amazing sweet smell of "CAMP KINDNESS"!! Usually I haven't experienced going to camp, but since last year, I have loved going to camp. Thanks to Mr Burt and the staff (including all teachers) for making camp possible. My favourite highlight was going to the energetic hard working "Ten Pin Bowling, The ultimate "Skateland (My favourite) and the leg and arm pressure, Rock Climbing.

Term one was packed with a lot of fun things which made it hard for me to choose my second highlight. Well I guess it will have to be the guy who taught me about conquering my goals,D'Wayne Edwards. His story was sad but gave me a lot to think about. During his story I was full of passion to people who wanted to succeed but never believed in them selves. Nevertheless, we carried on and found out that we were going to have a competition that whoever draws the best shoe(NIKE), D'Wayne would actually design it. That is awesome!!!!!
Meeting D'Wayne, and listening to his story of success, encouraged me to believe in my self and to find a mentor and to always study and work hard. Sadly our time with him ended and we were so surprised of what D'Wayne went through when he was a teenager. Comparing my life to his was a big difference.

As we were in the middle of extension we were excited by hearing we were going to do a visual mihi. I was shocked by hearing this amazing news. To people who visit my blog, a mihi is some of the most important things in your life such as me ,My 4 things are Jesus Christ, my parents,New Zealand and my Mountain as well as my river (Maungarei and Tamaki). So far I have done 2 visual mihi's. You can see mine on flickr.

A big hand for Mrs Tele'a for teaching the extension group. She has taught us some things such as making visual mihi's and e-learning things and also a big hand for Carol Anne for giving us an opportunity to talk to the head designer of Nike D'Wayne Edwards. Well that is almost the end of term 1. My goals for next term is to be a good role model and to work hard.
I can't wait for what our theme for next term.............

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindess


Shockingly,I have just come back from surviving a physical pain as well as a bruised leg from thumping on the ground heavily.It all brewed during our amazing "Camp Kindness".!!! for Year 5/6/ and 7.

Ten Pin Bowling:
One of my best highlights was going to Ten Pin Bowling.I was so surprised as I saw my opponents lined up,ready to bowl.My name was first on the list.I was so nervous and at the same time excited.

As I got my bowling ball, ( It looked like a coconut because it was round and had three holes in it ) took one look at the bowling pins and aimed for the arrows on the lane.I bowled my ball and shouted"YAY"!!! When I saw only one pin left.I had patience for my ball to come back.I looked at the last bowling pin again,and rolled my ball.I crossed my heart good luck and prayed to God. The ball hit the corners for times. The pressure was on and the big question was"Will I knock down the last pin"!!!.'BANG" I hit the last pin and punched the air like a champion(I was a champion)because I was really proud because if I get a only a little bit of points, my points will double with the score I had .(Pretty neat don't you think)

Skateland :Up ahead of the hills,We were in a surprise.Skateland was our next activity!!!.
As we arrived to skateland,I feared that I wasn't going to be as good as others.I ignored that thought and I had just a little bit of faith that I could do it.

"Size 7 please" I said as I was going to get my skates. After minutes of waiting,We had an inspection to just see if we put our skates on the right way. "Yes,yes,yes hault" the officer said to me. I realized then I hadn't put my skates on.I was a little bit embarrassed because the year 5 people could do it and I could it. Well anyway, the officer put my skates on properly and then he released me.

As I could finally hear the loud music and could see people having fun,I thought this was going to be great. With a little bit of faith ,I skated as well as the others.It was a miracle!!! "Wow"!! I said as I saw Lewis, Oshania and Tui zooming past me.I wish I could be like them I said. Despite all my Jealousness, I soon got the hang os skating with just a little bit of patience and practice.

About 30 minutes later, It was time for the Ultimate 2010 "Girls race. All the girls including women ,lined up.On your marks, Set, Bang!!! The race was going and all the girls speeded ahead of each other like cars. They were all bunched up but as the second lap was coming,Oshania was in the lead with just Serena and Mary at the back of her tail. They were almost finished with only some girls skating because some slipped and some crashed in to each other.Finish"The race was over.Oshania won the race by beating Serena by 2 or 3 seconds.When the race was over,Some girls were badly hurt.

After about skating for about 1 and a half hours it was sadly time to pack up.I had a splendid time and thank the officer for his kindness as I returned my skates,and that was the end of our skating time.

As Camp Kindness was about to end I said farewell to every body.The best thing about to camp was going to skateland but the thing I hated was going back home.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pr-treaty lawlessness.

Hi my name is Joshua and I am in year six at pt England school.
This is a short movie about back when the Europeans first came to
New Zealand(Aotearoa-in Maori languague) and decided to move
into New Zealand which they thought was not owned by anyone and had
a lot of free places for whalers,sealers,traders and merchants.What will happen next.......I hope to be hearing your comments. By Joshua

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pukeko grazing diets

The pukekoes Diet
The pukeko grazes at grass. You wouldn't believe how much they could eat!!! As omnivores, Pukekos can munch up to 240gs a day at frogs,worms,insects,and eggs. These iridescent blue birds tear at roots and pluck out young plants to eat. They are very unique creatures.Watching pukekoes eat could probably make you hungry especially me(Just Joking)!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

D'Wayne Edward conference.

On a rainy dull day on Friday,we had a video conference with one of the world's famous Nike shoe maker"D'Wayne Edwards!!"It was like a privilege to actually meet a famous guy who makes shoes.I was really nervous because every time I meet people who I don't know,I feel like I'm going to have butter flies and I get on the nerves.As the Webinar was set,the conference was on.D'Wayne told us his life and how he got to be a shoe designer.D'Wayne entered a competition and the prize was that someone would be able to get a scholarship and to help to design shoes.His initial passion was the pencil.His 20 cent pencil helped him draw properly and he even said it was his best pencil!!!!D'Wayne won the competition but as his fame spread out, the people who made up the competition was so surprised as they heard that D'Wayne by the age of 17,was to young to be able to design shoes.He was so happy he won........until he heard he was too young.He was so sad as well as I was sad too.I mean ,D'Wayne won fair in square but rules are rules"!!! The competition winner,thought he was unattainable but his mother or mentor,encouraged him a lot. 7 years before his mother died,she wrote him a card which touched his heart.Even today,he still struggles to read because he still has emotions in his heart. Well as his mother continued to encourage him,his dream finally came true!!!He had persevered and ignored people who said he wouldn't be able to be a shoe designer. There was more than one way to just be a shoe designer.First he had to study,sketch and to beleive.He finally had his dream and made his only school called Pensole which is for teaching people how to design a shoe.He is a really cool guy.Even his garage is full of all the shoes he designs!!That is one lucky man.He encouraged us that everyone has a dream and a gift they can strive to actually make it come true.

D'Wayne is famous for his shoes.He designed the 2ND air Jordan's!!!!! I wish I were like him.He makes High heel shoes too.Man ,this guy is creative.I really like him.D'Wayne has taught me a lot how I can compare his life to my life.1st- Believe in yourself- and then find a mentor and finally work hard..He has designed many shoes for Michael Jordan and he made al a lot of shoes for athletes.He has made shoes that made some sport people win such as the Hyper Dunk Jordan.He has made a horse shoe that he hasn't worn before.To me it is a waste a time for him but the good thing about the shoe is that horse races could get an opportunity to wear it. Pretty lucky don't you think(Just Joking)!! In some stage of the conference,I was getting just a little bit bored just watching him talk.It reminded me of watching television but watching Sponge Bob Square Pants,Bakugan Brawlers,Spectacular Spider man and Phineas and Ferb(One of my favourite movies to watch).After Minutes of waiting,it was finally time to pack up.It was 4:30 and we said good afternoon to Mrs Tele'a and suddenly the E-learning room was left empty.Well that's all from me.Remember to believe in your self,Find a mentor and Work hard!!!!!!!!. By Joshua

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pukeko,By Joshua


The pukeko have enemies that are vicious.A stoat that has sharp pointy teeth,could kill a pukekoe in seconds with just one bite.Stoats are one of their harshest enemies.They have razor sharp teeth sort of what a school of piranhas have.
These native birds are endangered, and mostly hunted by people in seasons such as Winter and Autumn.They are not captured during their own season,summer.If frightened,they will use their strong stringy legs and power ahead to the other side of the pond. Luckily, they are good at listening,so if they are near danger they lift up their greenish glossy tail and soar through the air clumsily. They sometimes dive in the water and swim to the bottom of the river to get away from danger.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treaty Historical Event 2


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hurricaines is my #1 super 14 team.

Hurricanes is my best super 14 team because they have a well talented team.I was sad when I heard that Jason Eaton was not going to play because he had and injured knee.The doctors said that he wouldn't be playing for almost a year,and David Smith has a sore thumb.I hope that they will be back on track and play like they did before.So far the hurricanes have won all their games but still second on the ladder with the blues.The hurricanes are doing so well this year!!!.I hope they will win the super 14 cup this year.So far the bulls team are on top of the ladder.I am sure that the hurricanes can win all their games.Sadly,they have lost to the cheetahs and the Bulls. Hurricanes desperately needs to start winning their games.They need their fans to cheer for them alot!!!!Anyway they have managed to win some of their games."YOU CAN DO IT"!!!

I will support them in every game.They are very strong and courageous.I reckoned that they could win if they have faith.Well anyway they are a very good team and they have a gift from God.Thanks. By Joshua.