Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Special Place - Art Alive

(I painted this by the way)
My special place is my house. The reason why it is special is because well let’s just say I have everything I need there. I have a bedroom, a PS3, my own dvd player, food and other things.  My brothers and I wrestle in our house when we are bored. My fridge is filled with drinks and cold food that I can heat up in the microwave. I have food stored in my cupboard and a living room with an LED 3D TV. My house is full of excitement and my home is full of love shown by my parents.

Daniella Hulme is the artist whose style I am going to use in my painting. She likes to use bright bold colours. In her artwork you can see that she paints her artwork from light to dark. She also uses tropical patterns in her artwork. Blue, red  and purple are the colours that are mostly used in her paintings. Her influence in doing tropical patterns comes from her husband who is a Samoan.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Charles Frederick Goldie

The painting that you are looking at is the artwork created by a man who I have been influenced in art , Charles Frederick Goldie. it is called the ‘A Noble Northern Chief Atama Paparangi. This painting was painted back in 1912. Only using oil, he used this material to create a magnificent painting on a blank canvas. A small caption in this piece of art that grabs my attention, is the way he uses he manages to make his artwork go from light to dark. The reason why I chose this painting is because of the detail in the painting which challenges me to try and fit these details into mine.  I think Goldie was trying to fit in maori patterns because the theme of his artwork is based on a maori chief. To me , it also shows respect to the maori culture.

So far this term in extension, our teacher Mrs Tele'a has given us a task. The task is to pick a picture that has been painted by oil by Charles F. Goldie, and to reproduce the painting using hyperstudio. This was for our art exhibition being held this week at our school this week. The times will be from 9am-7pm from Tuesday til Friday.  I knew that this task was going to be challenging because this drawing had to look 3D and had to have to look spectacular. If you don't know who Charles Frederick Goldie is, here a couple of facts about him:
i.Full name: Charles Frederick Goldie
ii.DOB:20 October 1870
iii.Birthplace: Auckland, NZ
iv.Family - siblings? 8 Parents ? David Goldie, Maria Partington Home? Auckland Spouse?Olive Ethelwyn Cooper
v.4 interesting facts about the artist
1. He met a chief called ‘Ngati Mahuta’ in 1901 and painted him
2. Charles Goldie met Olive in Australia
3.He is the second oldest in his family.

We had to really analyse the picture very carefully so that we could copy the painting properly. It was hard at times for me, because the way that Goldie managed to blend the forehead with the face is so effective. I just kept going and going, and after a few weeks, I finally finished the painting using hyperstudio. To be honest, I think I will give myself a 9/10 because of the amount of effort I put in this drawing. If you look closely at the hair and the feathers, I think I did a pretty good job. The reason why I think I did, is because the colours on the hair and the green shading on the feathers look amazing. After I have seen the patterns in his artwork, it has really inspired me to go and find out why maori patterns are real special to put into a painting and why are moko's are really important to be added into a painting.

Term 2 Reflection

This term has flew by so fast. It is already half way of the year! Anyway, this term has been a great term for me. I have new goals that I want to master next term, and my number one goal, is to work hard and to get into the top 3 academic spots. In this term, I am in a rugby team. We have had 5 games and have won 4 of them and lost 1.

Our theme for this term, was Art Alive. Art Alive is all about children learning about different artists and their style. One artist that I have learned a lot about is the one and only Henri Matisse. Did you know that he is one of the world's greatest painters? Another true fact is that he didn't like painting when he was a young lad. Before he became an artist, he was a assistant lawyer.

I am also in the extension taught  by our ICT teacher, Mrs Tele'a. In my class we are taught by the lovely, Mrs Lagitupu. She helps us learn new strategies in maths, helps us improve our writing and really pushes us to do our best. Finally all I have to say is that I hope that this year, I get into the top 3 academic spots. I know I can do it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Narrative That Will Spook You........

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cruz and a boy named Dakota. They were young. Dakota was 10 years old with short, shaggy, auburn brown coloured hair. Cruz was 7 years old and had long hair with a blondish colour. They lived in a house that was built by their father before he died. After he was gone, the family were left with only a sparse amount of money to live on.

Unfortunately, because they only had a mother to take care of them, they were living below the poverty line. On good days their mother could get odd jobs to buy them food, but on bad days they starved.  Their mother couldn’t take it anymore because she was starving. As sly as a fox, an evil witch approached from the shadows and decided to cast an evil spell on her. The evil witch brainwashed the mother to think that her children could be food.

One day Dakota and Cruz quietly creeped into their mother‘s room and overheard her yelling out her terrible ideas. “Lets run away so she can’t kill us” Cruz whispered. “Ok lets escape fast”  Dakota replied. But their mother overheard them and threatened them. “Quickly, run! yelled Dakota. Dakota and Cruz escaped through the front door and ran through an enchanted forest. Once they looked back they saw a glimpse of their mothers wicked smile. They dashed down the footpath, and reached a gate where they would hide.Their hearts were pumping and they were flashing things in their mind of what their mother might do to them.

The mother (a.k.a. the witch), was just about to cast a spell on them, but luckily Dakota found a rock and regretfully threw it at her forehead. Their mother was knocked out cold. She laid unconscious until she finally awoke. Her memory was erased but she could only remember her children. It was a sad ending but at least their mother wouldn’t plan to eat them ever again. Or would she....................................?

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Static Image

Do you know what a static image is? For any of you who don't know what it is, it is an image that lacks movement. What I am saying is that the photo or object doesn't move. It is as still as a statue. A static image can be on anything. Like the photo above, a rugby ball, on a rugby field. and on an inflatable object like a basketball ball. The photo above is a static image because it is still. This sign indicates that people have to use the crossing and the cars have to give way to the people who are crossing. In our school one of our korero's are to 'Use The Crossing'. The effect on this photo is that it uses simple shapes and simple colours. The camera shot looks to be like a close up shot. If people don't they could end up dead. Many of you reading this post have now learnt what a static image is! Now you can fell free to tell someone else what a static image is.