Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who Am I?

So far in extension in term 1, we have been playing some exciting games. One of them happened today. This game was to guess what kind of career you had and stick it on your forehead and ask people questions to guess what career you had. me for example, had a rough time guessing ine because I was a teacher but not just any ordinary teacher. If you look on the left, you will see me with a sticker that says ENGLISH TEACHER!

I found out some interesting facts about how to become an english teacher. First of all you need to look online to see if you can find employment as an english teacher. Secondly you need a degree in english to become an english teacher. After that, you need to look for school to enrol as an english teacher. Finally, when you pass, you need to earn a master's degree in english to become a college english teacher. Hmmmm after all of this, I think I might become an english teacher. What you have been reading is what we have been doing in extension, term 1!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Symbolises Me!

In extension so far, our lovely teacher Mrs Tele'a has given us a task which is to draw 4 symbols that represent me.

As you can see on the left, I have drawn 4 symbols that represent me. The first is NRL. I love watching NRL and when I grow up I want to play for the Vodafine Warriors. Secondly, I am a Samoan. I come from Apia and Savaii. Thirdly I love music. It helps me to relax. I like gospel, R&B, Hip hop and soul music. Finally, I am a christian. It is the most important part of my life. When I was 5, I excepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

If you want to visit my mihimihi on Flickr, here is the link:

So know you know what represent me!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Every Thursday afternoons, we have netball sessions. Liz is our mentor. Last week, we learnt how to intercept a ball. The key way to do this is to land on two feet with your arms straight, and to make contact with the ball with your outside hand. This is a very easy and handy part of netball because if you don’ have the ball, you don’t score any points. We each had turns passing and intercepting the ball.

Another thing we learnt was defending. When the opposing team is moving the ball at pace, you can put your hands up to slow the movement of the ball and give time for your team to regather and defend. It is the most important part of netball. Liz taught us skills to use when we defend. We have to copy the opposition player with the ball. What this means is to copy the exact same movements as the opponent. You also need to take small steps so that you won’t take big steps and stumble.

Last but not least, we put all of our skills to the test by playing a game. The object of this game was to intercept the ball and tag people out by passing the ball around. Our team was into the game and tagged 4 people. Our legs were pumping hard and were moving fast. The last 2 people to be tagged were still running and finally stopped in their tracks as we exhaustively got them out.

What a way to wrap up the netball sessions with a game. It was really enjoyable for me because the skills in netball are really useful in other sports as well. My highlight was obviously playing the game. I had so much fun, that I can’t wait to go this week!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treaty Of Waitangi

Before the treaty was signed the European and Maori people were enemies amongst each other. In order to stop the chaos, Queen Victoria decided to create a civil government. But in order to do that, a treaty was needed to be signed. So William Hobson and James Busby gathered the European and Maori chiefs together to sign the treaty.

On the 6th of February,1840, the signing of the treaty was at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands. Approximately 40 chiefs signed the treaty. Over the months, the Missionaries, traders and officials took the treaty all over New Zealand and had other chiefs sign it. By the end of the year 500 other chiefs signed the treaty including 13 women.
The way they signed the treaty was to put their thumb print on the treaty. Hone Heke, was the first Maori to sign the treaty. Henry Williams was the man who translated the English treaty to the Maori version. After the signing of the treaty, peace at last was restored.

There were 3 P’s that were involved in the signing of the treaty. Those 3 P’s are still important to our school. They are Participation, Partnership and Protection. The first P, Participation, means to Participate and join in. In our school we are generous and let others participate in our games and groups. The 2nd P, Partnership means to Co-operate and Join in. At our school we have a korero which is “Champions Listen To The Coach”. What that means is to listen to our teachers and mentors so we can work together and inspire each other to share and Co-Operate. Finally the 3rd P, which is protection. We need to protect our younger kids and be role models to our new entrance students so they know what to do.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Tapu Tree

So far I have been reading the TAPU TREE. The characters in this story are Koro, Aunt Mel and the main character Michael. It is mainly set at Michaels house. On one hot sunny day, Michael and his cousin was playing passes. The ball flew over next to the Tapu Tree. Michael wondered’Why is the tree tapu”. His cousin teased and said there is ghosts there that is why. Michael didn’t believe him. After supper Michael he asked again, “Why is that tree tapa”, But still his cousin teased and said watch out because the ghosts might come because we are in the same room.

Well the next day, Michael and his cousin helped his koro plant the flax in the holes. Again he asked his koro and his koro said”The reason why that it is Tapu is because it’s the tree that connects you to her through the tree. That’s why you never climb it, scratch it or touch it. Michael finally knew and swore never to tell anyone because if they want to know they should ask koro.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


In room 21 in maths this year our AWESOME teacher Mrs Lagitupu, has taught us different types of graphs. One of them that I have chosen to create was a pie graph. Before that we made recorded data for which colour is the most popular in our class. As you can see, purple is the most popular. You may think the colour with the same percentage is the same but it is made up of different coulours. e.g. Pink,White,Grey and Black.

The least popular colour is obviously yellow. It only covers 6.9 of the pie chart. I really enjoyed making this and I hope to do this again.

5th Win On Home Soil

Brrrrrrrrrr went the whistle! The moment of truth was about to decide whether NZ will retain the cup or will Fiji try to some how make a major upset. With Fiji leading the sets 4-3 (the sets is how many times Fiji has challenged NZ and won against NZ), NZ were sure to avenge themselves after losing to Fiji in the Semi-finals in 2007.

Confidence ran through the NZ team as they managed to uphold the Fijian attack. After awarding a penalty to NZ, they were quick to strike as Tomasi Cama, set up DJ Forbes after a lovely crossfield kick. NZ were already on the board leading by 5-0.

Again NZ were on attack. Frank Halai went bursting down the field with power as he fended off one, and then another, and in just a blink of an eye he found himself over the try line. That put NZ from 5 points to 10. After Tomasi Cama missed the opening try conversion, he put immense pressure on himself by helping NZ lead by a 12-0 advantage.

Try after try, Fiji were weak and soon found themselves trailing by 24-0. The last minute came and finally Fiji made up for their mistake by eventually scoring under the post. Even though they scored, it wasn’t enough losing to NZ 24-7.

As NZ were given their medals, DJ Forbes held the cup up. A definite highlight of the game was Frank Halai grabbing a double for NZ. It was a great night for the NZ team and to show how happy they were, the team performed a traditional haka. What a great 7’s weekend in the capital, Wellington. This week the competetion will be held in Las Vegas, in the USA. Let’s see if NZ can do it again. After all they are the CHAMPS!

Friday, February 3, 2012

An Awesome Day At Bucklands Beach

In the holidays you might have guessed that I went to the beach, and you’re right. I leapt out of the car leaving my family behind and dashed down into the sand. As my feet begun to sink slowly into the surface, I let out a big ”OUCH!”. The refreshing feel of the sea cooled my feet down after the hot sand caused my feet to burn. Anyway as the tide started to wash into shore, everyone dived into the water for a swim in this hot weather.

As I watched the waves grew higher and higher, a sudden bump caused my surfing board to halt in it’s position. I went to see what it was, and I was surprised to see that I was heading into a rock of oysters. I moved away and I was surfing faster than the waves trying to catch me in their tubes of water.

As the time ticked along, the sea became calm and still. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day at Bucklands Beach. My highlight was definitely surfing. Hmmmm, maybe sometime I will come back another day.