Monday, August 20, 2012

Animators Apprentice

On Thursday last week, our Yr 7/8 had the privilege to go and experience how people use to make animations back in the 1900s. Many people think that is was made on computer. Its hard to believe but animations were made from something they call, a zeotrope. The artists from the workshop are Ali, Maka and Nils. I knew our time with them was going to be awesome!

The first activity we got into, was learning how to split the lines in a drawing. To do this, you must find the middle of 2 lines, and split it by drawing a line in the middle the exact same way the other two lines are. Ali and Maka's artistic advice played along very well for us, because they gave us soe really helpful tips for us to do this activity well. 

We had a final activity in the animators workshop. Our group had to split the lines on the jelly fish, and then number the lines. We then took the paper and Ali and Maka gave us strips of paper numbered from one to six. After we did this, we could put features in our jelly fish, to make them look cool. We were then instructed to go to Maka so that we could put our work on the zoetrope and see out work looking like an animation. It was very cool for me, because I never knew that you could actually make an animation by hand. I am really looking forward to what we will be doing next week!


  1. Hey Joshua
    great to see you had so much fun! It was the same for us.
    We have already packed up everything we need for the workshop tomorrow and can't wait to jump in the car :)

  2. Hi Joshua,
    it was great having you learn in Animators Apprentice all the secrets behind what is still relevant in 3D animation today.
    I enjoy this art form very much and I'm glad you did too.

    Keep Animating:-)


  3. Wow Joshua,

    Oh so they don't do it on a computer.
    Zeotrope, wow that is a really hard word to say.
    What was your favourite part about your experience?

    KEEP IT UP!!!


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