Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ROW (rock our world) reflection.

Hi my name is Joshua and I am in year 6 at Pt England school.
This year in rock our world round 12, we have drawn shoes to represent the theme :Walk our World and we have also have made mihi's in flickr. At some stages I was good but some parts I also had some things that didn't make my group work faster.
2.How could I have improved on what I did?
I could of improved at making our commercials by working on a better way to work as a team because 2 hands is better than 1..Drawing shoes.My Mihi because I needed to add more information.To talk about my school and where I come from.
3.Brick Wall
.What held you back from doing better?
1.didn't Focus because I had talked to my friends which held me back from doing my work.
2.I hadn't ignored my friends when I should of had. I should of put my head down and worked but I didn't.
I had to work as a team, and that was one of the things I did well. But I still need to be a good leader and give advice to my group.
1.To share what we are learning by showing other countries what we are doing.
2.To share the love!! by commenting on peoples blogs.
3.To explore different topics so we can learn new things.
4.connections with famous people by talking with them on a Video Conference.bring people closer to each other every year.
5.opens doors to a new world and opportunities to meet people who we didn't know and some of them were actually famous such as Carol Anne and D'Wayne Edwards!!

I really enjoyed rock our world this year and my goals is to work more harder, to not talk to my friends, to ignore them if I am being distracted. I am hoping to do better next time. I have to discipline myself properly.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Up coming event 2011.Rugby world cup

Rugby World Cup

There are three very good contestants that have star players to give their team more possession . They are the All Blacks, Quantas Australia(also known as the kangaroos) and the South African Springboks. They have dominated the rugby history with their triumphs in world cups.

Former All Black "Jeff Wilson "played in the world cup a couple of times in 1998 when New Zealand lost to Australia 21-23. He was known as an unstoppable player. He was a try scoring machine that made players fail to catch him!!!He also was stunning when the crowd went wild after his 38m chase(he tackled the spring bok wing) to save the All Blacks from losing. Jeff Wilson's talent is a natural thing to most people but I think it is super.

Today the All Blacks have a pretty good line up after thrashing Ireland 66-28. Fullback Israel Dagg was sensational in the match - the youngster's media ardour was played very well during his test match against Ireland. In his previous welsh encounter he was tested under the high balls, + he was a bit shaky on defence. Surely Israel Dagg maybe replaced by Waikato Skipper Mils Muliaina after his struggles from having a concussion.

3 para.
Australia is a well known team for their key players. The reinstatement of Adam Ashley-Cooper and Luke Burgess, in the places of the injured Digby Ioane and Will Genia. Their first eights are a great combination like brothers. They are the ultimate Quade Cooper and the Spectacular Matt Giteau. They have broken some of the tackle breaks which gives them more possession to their team. Their Captain is Rocky Elsom which is a former Brumbie player in the super 14. His talent is very good.

4Para:The Springboks are a really good team. Although the Springboks had the satisfaction of winning the series by having taken the first two tests, Saturday’s comprehensive defeat will serve to highlight just how close it was. John Smit has recovered from his hamstring injury and will lead the Springboks on Saturday in the second test against Italy, at the Buffalo City Stadium in East London.

These teams are a big stand out for fans who like sport. They have each one more than 2 world cups in rugby.I mostly support the All Blacks because they have been my favourite team ever since I was 5 years old!!!!

Message:I reckon that this game of rugby is a spectacular game but remember to also humble your self to the team that loses because the other team has a lot of hurts in them selves because losing is hard to control even the All Blacks had to try and control them selves after losing to Australia by a penalty goal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tarawera Reflection.

Term 1 ha past and we were in to term 2. In the 4th to last week of term 2, the extension had to create a movie explaining how Mt Tarawera erupted. Each group got given a part to do because we could finish the movie quicker. As our projects came to an end, hardly any one was finished. Well this is how I think I went.

Positive: I worked as a team member by working on animations, and helping people when they needed it especially my group(Matthew T,MatthewR and Erene). Though I struggled in some areas I never gave up. I think I should of done better because I am a year 6. I reckon

Minus: I was some times distracted by my closest friends but that doesn't make any excuse because I should of ignored them rather than listening to them and not focusing. I was slack at editing the movie because I left Seini-Mino to edit the movie.

Interesting:The interesting thing for me was that when I opened my stack, it had already been started by my team mate Erene. He had almost finished it so I started to help by continuing it but I deleted all of it and started again. It was a bit of a waste and was maybe why our group was behind.

Goals I am making for term 3:
I think I am going to improve by not talking to my friends. My goals to work hard - to help out people that are in need. Being faithful and honest so I can be successful in my life and I can have a better future so I can have a good job which means I can take care of my family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

East Timor-Blue Patrol.

Hi my name is Joshua,and I have a movie to share with you.
It is about Blue Patrol.
Well,if you are wondering what a blue patrol is, well it my movie will
tell you.!!!!If you like it,please leave me a comment.