Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Own Yr7/8 Mini Olympics

As the wild weather outside continued, our first Mini Olympic activity was just around the corner. "Put your shoes neatly in a line" said Mrs Flavell. The Yr 7/8 house captains hosted a Mini Olympics for Teams 4 and 5 so that our teachers could go to the Junior classes to analyse and see what they do for literacy. We assembled in the hall so that we could see who our leaders were and which activities we would be doing first. 

In our first activity, we were split up into two groups. One group had to either decorate a shell and the other had to put icing sugar onto 2 biscuits. Our group drew the Olympic rings on one of the shells and on the other shell, we wrote London 2012. I looked over my shoulder, only to see that the other group was more creative than us. Well to be fair, our group didn't want to do anything fancy."Time" said Mrs Flavell. We had finished our first activity and moved on to the second one. 

Our second rotation was with Mr Burt (our principal). We were doing relays. Our first challenge was to hold a tennis ball with our knees and jump to the finish line and drop the ball into the bucket without stopping. It was difficult because the ball kept on coming out. Nevertheless, our group finished and came 1st. We were awarded with 3 points. Our second activity was to try and score points by throwing 3 tennis balls into a bucket. Our group was doing really well. We kept getting 3 or 2 tennis balls in. Mr Burt said "Stop". We halted in our position and our group leader escorted us back to the hall so that we could watch PENN(Pt England News Network)

At the end of our session, we watched PENN (Our News Network) We counted all of our points in total and to my surprise, our group won! It was an awesome morning block. My definite highlight was when we were doing the relays. I hope we can do this again!

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  1. Hey Joshua,
    My favourite part of the mini Olympics was with Mrs Tele'a. We watched old Manaiakalani movies. I hope we have another one. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work!!!



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