Friday, December 16, 2011

To The Manaiakalani Trust-Thank You!

This year the Manaiakalani trust has helped us with things such as affording new multimedia machines for us, and also supporting us in getting our new learning device, Netbooks. With out their help this very exciting event wouldn't of happened. So to the Manaiakalani Trust, I would like to give you a ver big THANK-YOU for your support and for you hospitality to Pt England School. Thank-you because it means a lot.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Big Bang

This term, we have been learning about our universe and how it was formed. The paragraph below is what we did today for reading.

Many scientists believed that the Earth it's self was formed by a Big Bang. The theory that has been going on was that the explosion caused everything to go away from where the eplosion occurred. The Earth was hot and 4500 million years after, the Earth cooled and the water surrounding the atmosphere turned into rain and formed Lakes,rivers and the oceans which scientists called the "HYDROSPHERE". The Earth was soon forming into it's form.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Vision Of Becoming A Yr 8

My plan is to become a good prefect, even when things are tough. To become a prefect my focus will have to be set on being a good role model, sticking and upholding the rules of the school. My vision of me being a technician is very high. But yet again, I will have to concentrate on being responsible, being reliable and making sure I finish a job off properly.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Year Of The Netbooks

This year I have really loved having a Netbook to work on because it is more practical to work on netbooks than to use pen and paper.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked about netbooks. Sometimes there can be a long amount of time to wait for my netbook to be repaired. Another thing that I dislike about netbooks is because the internet sometimes loads slow and takes a long time to connect.

The advantages about having a netbook are that we can search things online and can work faster with our netbooks because we can go on our Wireless WI-FI (Wairehe and TLN) and work on our google docs. We never have to wait for any multi-media machines to be available because we have our netbooks.

The hardest thing to do on my netbook is actually nothing.
The greatest challenge for me is to keep my netbook safe for atleast 3 years.
From time to time I always try to finish my Term Tasks and being focused.
Most of the time I try finish my work so I dont have to stay in at lunch time.

If the netbook scheme failed and we had to go back on pen and paper, our work would be difficult because we have to write but with our netbooks, we don’t have to put our hands in pain because we can type.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wondering Question

This term our school theme is OUTTA THIS WORLD. So far our amazing teacher Mrs Nua gave us a task which was to make an animation about space. The movie that you are about to watch is my wondering question. Can you guess what it is? Hope you enjoy:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do You Know What A Magnetic Field Is?

November 3, 2011
Do you know what a magnetic field is? Well if you don't, a magnetic field is a force that holds the planets up in space. With out the magnetic field, the planets would all drop because the force that holds up that planet is sort of like a strong magnet. After you read this, maybe you now know what a magnetic field is. Hope you enjoyed reading this created by Kayde(friend) and I.

MI Quiz

Today, the students of room 20 filled out a form to see what kind of Multiple Intelligences they have. As you can see on the left, I filled out the form and these are the results after the test. My highest Multiple Intelligences is Lunguistic smart and Logical smart. Lunguistic smart is being good with numbers and math. Lunguistic smart is when you are able read and write good.

I really enjoyed taking this test and maybe, I will retake the test to see if there is any different things that I am going to be good at.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All Blacks Lift The Cup

As the game was just 5 minutes away, Mel Gibson (Former Rugby Player) and some other legends in the RWC predicted how that game would go. With just everyone saying that the french side were going to get hammered, the world were soon going to find out whether the All Blacks will lift the cup for the second time, or will France upset them in this highly matched game.

The referee blew the whistle and the game was underway with Morgan Parra(France Fly-half) starting the game off. With just seconds into the match, everyone could feel the tense as the two finalists collided. The All Blacks got off to a good start. They marched there way up and booted the ball in France Territory. How will the French side attack was the question now as the Full Back came running at pace into the defence line of the All Blacks.

As the game carried on, The All Blacks had a line out. In the 22 area in France territory, Tony Woodcock ran and caught the Frenchmen offguard and scored the opening try. It was 5-0 with Piri Weepu missing the kick. With the boot of Piri Weepu not going so sweetly, it cost the All Blacks crucial points. Aaron Cruden was injured and the French crossed over and was leading 7-5.Their lead lasted for a little bit of time when Stephen Donald banged over the winning penalty kick.All the All Blacks had to do now was to hold their defence line and try not to give penalties in certain areas near the post.

In the final 4 minutes, the All Blacks had possesion and with the ford pack doing all the work, the All Blacks was sure to win the game. Brrrrrrr....the whistle blew and the crowd held their breathe and then breathed a huge sigh of relief after the penalty was awarded to the All Blacks. With just seconds away from victory, Brad Thorn took a risky jump from the line out and now the All Blacks was making a maul. 10.....9....8....7....6...5...4...3...2...1.. BRRRRRRR the siren went and when Andy Ellis went to kick the ball out, the French player tackled him without the ball and the ref awarded another penalty to the All Blacks and kicked the ball out.

For the 2 time now, the All Blacks have lifted the cup .Now the All blacks can rest in peace and forget all about the 24 year drought!!!! We already know who are going to be the 2015 champs in England......THE ALL BLACKS!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Day!

It was another night for preparing(which I wasn’t very good at) for our fun year 7 fun day. Rumor had it that it was going to be water activities. With thoughts in my mind just trying to figure out what activities, my eyes slowly closed and found myself drifting like a nice breeze at night to sleep. “BEEP BEEP”, as the irritating noise of our car horn sounded, I suddenly rushed into the car and we roamed down the road to our destination.

The playtime bell went, and our year 7/8 side of the school, approached closer to the bottom field where our Fun day was going to take place. It was Tuesday, and was a beautiful day too! Our 4 teachers set up some fun games. There were only 3 dry activities and 1 wet activity. This was quite out of the blue, because these activities weren’t played every week.

“SPLASH” the sound of the water being squeezed into a bucket were as if the sight of rushing waves falling down a waterfall. Our first round of activity was with Mrs Nua. We were playing a co-operation water game. In this game you had to get a sponge and get as much water in it as possible and pass it down the line. COME ON YOU SLUGGISH PEOPLE” cried my group as we were slowly getting the sopping sponge down to the last person. As the sponge was being passed, I felt the water heavily running down my hands and slowly my shirt was SOAKING WET! Ronald(the last person of the line and a student in my class) dashed down and roughly squished the water in the bucket. 10..9...8...7...6......4..3..2..1 and STOP. As I heard the voices of people cheering and screaming, our group won!!!! YAY!!!! I punched the air as if I won Gold in the Olympics.

Tag Your Out” Shouted Mrs Lagitupu(one of our year 7/8 teachers) . High apprehension were sensed as this competitive game called “BALL TIGGY” was underway. The aim of this game was to pass the ball and tag people with out running with the ball. Many teams were successful with tagging people, but some weren’t really into the game. My skills with the ball were a bit shaky but I soon improved on it. Our team qualified in the finals as we tagged the last person that was quick like a cheetah and swayed it’s body like a flower slowly falling from side to side. The other team had vigour,speed, and ball skills so we had to put a sharp eagle eye on them. The game started and slowly our team watched them tag our team with ease. It was like they read the whole game and where we moved. We were determined to win but they were just impossible to stop. At the end the results were low for us but high for them.

Our next activity was one of my favourites. We had to sling a ball from a sling shot, in to one of the hoops to earn 50 points. Mrs Tito(Our most creative teacher in our Year 7/8 block) set this game up. As I slung the ball it was going and going until it stopped just in front of the hoop. It was slightly unexpected because I had no experience in this game. Person after person, luck was obviously not on our side because we came close but yet too far. How could anyone possibly pass this game. Ms Tito gave us a hint. “Aim High, pull back softly”. What this meant was we had to aim the pall high, but carefully and cautiously pull back so that our aim was pin perfect.. As people began to act participant, our skills were improving and improving. Sadly our time was up. I was a bit disappointed in my self because I should of done better.

Anyway our last activity was with Mr Harris. This game out of all activities was the most trickiest. This game wasn’t about who is the fastest or who is the slowest, it was about balance and strategy. We had to strap around 2 people’s legs with a white string and try and balance the ball on a spoon. Me an Tuipulotu(My friend and my Partner) carefully moved towards the cone. We had a rhythm to keep to make it easier for us to walk. “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT,RIGHT. We managed to get past the cone and came back with no doubt that we were going to drop the ball. “Come on you can do it” cried a classmate. “Just a few more steps......” I sad as we approached to the finish line” YAY!!!!!! In the end Ieremus,Marven and Damien(classmates) won.

As our fun came to an end, many were exhausted and sluggishly got up. A definite highlight for me was the ball tiggy game. There were some amazing stunts in that game. I wanted the round of activities to be an annual day for the year 7/8 because I had “AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED”!!!!!

About My Brother!

My older brother Abraham has straight hair and tan skin. He has hazel eyes and is very tall. His birth place was in Auckland but he is mainly a Samoan. He is 14 years old.

My brother is always helping and is always sharing. He is generous and is considered as a loving brother. His favourite sport is rugby. Many describe him as the “STEPPING MACHINE” because his skills at at stepping in rugby is just unbelievable.

Because my brother is so tall, his special ability is playing basketball. His skills are good and is useful when he is playing. Rugby league is what he likes to watch and supports THE VODAFONE WARRIORS. He likes to watch grueling action movies like “THE PUNISHER” which is a movie about a boy who’s family died and he is taking vengeance upon the agents who killed his family.

Although he may be a nuisance, we enjoy doing things together like playing touch(1 on 1), goal kicking and the most we are good at, playing computer games and reading the bible. That is why I think that my brother is AWESOME!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Warriors Into The Grand-Final!

As the tensions of the semi-finals arose, the Warriors entered Melbourne Storm's home ground with an unexpected number of fans supporting them.
BRRRRRRR! went the whistle and the team to face the Manly Sea-Eagles was going to be decided in aproximately 80 minutes. As the ball went flying down town, the fearless warriors muscled up in defence but made an early error which cost them a try and which lead Sika Manu running through a hole created by Gareth Widdop . With the conversion made by Hooker Cameron Smith and gave the Storm the lead...........FOR NOW!

The crowd went to their feet as Shaun Johnson's well placed kicked was pounced on professionally by Krisnan Inu(the king at jumping for the ball) and knocked it back for Bill Tupou who grabbed the ball and scored and the visitors who were trailing by 6 were soon going to be leveled up in points.

As the game was going on, the tides turn as the Melbourne Storm were making too many mistakes which was a sign of fear. The storm were punished and again the Warriors were 10 meters in Storm Territory. The Storm defended but wasn't enough to hold up James Maloney presented with a beautiful short ball from Michael Luck cross over to take the lead for the Warriors. And for the first time in this match, the warriors were leading 12-6.

Beau Champion(Storm centre) found a gap made by Billy Slater and cleverly ran off to score for the storm. Cameron Smith converted the try and the points were leveled once again.
The game carried on and the Warriors James Maloney converted a penalty kick just on half time to put the into the lead 14-12. The warriors dominated first in the 2nd half as Kevin Locke almost crossed over.

35 mintues past and the chances of getting a try were slim for the Storm. Well finally in the 79th minute, the Warriors lewis Brown crossed over for a historic try to take the warriors into the grand-final. With the best kick of the season from James Maloney, the warriors were definitely in the finals as the Warriors were taken up to a 20-12 victory over a good performance from the Storm but it wasn't enough to win.

And now my team, the WARRIORS will be taking on a Manly Sea Eagles saying that GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Te Reo Maori-Mihi

In our class, we had a task to record a mihi or write a mihi in our Ter 3 tasks. There is a short recorded mihi below that you can listen too. Hope you enjoy! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Presentation For RWC!!

Here is a movie that was made by Matthew R,Kayde,Cruz and I(friends). First we were given a task to do. Our task was to make a presentation for when the RWC teams come, they can visit a lot of cool things!! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

South African Flag

The South African Flag means the New Democoracy. In the flag, there is a bit of yellow and it stands for generosity. The blue bit means Villigance,truth and loyalty. The green colour was used because it stands for hope,joy and love. Another intersting thing about the flag is that the black means Determination and the black population. Red means-Hardiness,Bravery,strength and valour for bloodshed. As for the white bit in the flag it means peace and honesty and the European Origin.alour and for bloodshed

Maths Whizz!!

The picture on the left, shows you where I am at Maths Whizz. So far I attempted 17 exercises and a exercise mark of 90%! I think that maths whizz has DEFINITELY helped me improve my maths in a way that is easy to teach!
The first time I started on maths whizz, it was quite boring, but as I gained more and more in maths, my brain was eager to jump on maths whizz every day!

Here is link to maths whizz:

Update On The RWC So Far.

So last night 3 games came to an absolute disappointment after Samoa Thrashed Namibia 49-12 and Canada's SHOCKING win over Tonga 25-20 who were looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing performance on the opening game of the RWC against the All Blacks. On the other hand, Scotland overpowered the Georgians winning 15-6.

My prediction for the world cup will be NZ up against Samoa(my culture) in the Grand-Finals. I think this because both teams have shown power not only in defence but in attack especially Ma'a Nonu(All Blacks), Israel Dagg(All Blacks), Alesana Tuilagi(Samoa) and Paul Williams(Samoa).

Well this wraps up an update on the RWC games that were played last night!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samoa Down The Namibia Side!!!

After watching a magnificent game of Samoa vs Namibia, I would like to tell you some of the highlights of the game.

"BOOM" as the defence of the Namibian side split, a gap for Khan Fotualii opened for him to dive over the try line to join Alesana Tuilagi with 1 try each. Just in a blink of an eye, Tuilagi flew over the try line to secure Samoa's 3rd try!!!! As expected, the Samoa defence was as strong as a brick wall. Paul Williams(Samoan Fullback) was sadly sin binned for a high tackle shot. So the Samoan's left the field leading 25-0.

The referee blew his whistle and in just a click, Paul Williams added 3 points to Samoa's 25-0 lead into a 28-0 lead!! After miutes of attacking, Tuilagi dodged and stepped 2 defenders to go over for a hatrick(3 tries) for Samoa. The scoreboard extended to a 35-0 lead in favour of Manu Samoa!!!

But letting their guard down too early, Namibia crossed over for 5 points. Namibia added another 5 points through their Fly Half Thuens Kotze and converted his own try! Not long after, Paul Williams crossed over for Samoa's 5th try for a 42-12 lead. Then another Samoan crossed over to extend their lead to 49-12 which was the final points for the game.

In the end, the mighty Samoans had triumph over Namibia and now Samoa sits on top in Pool D!!! GO SAMOA!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Favourites Poem

I love the the scenery of mountains high as I roam down the path of the luge.
I love the feel of the wind rushing in my face, Dashing down, and when my brothers and I compete in a race, down a more phrases of my favourtie things.
I love watching the Feared and fierce Warrior games.
I like daffodils as they descend helicopter landing on the ground. I love the sound of the shouting comedians of “ SMASHED EM BRO”I like the fanta taste buds dancing on my tounge like a fruity burst!
Burgers and fries is as nice as chocolate and pies The colour green is like a sweet green goodie gundrop.
I love the time of the peaceful night indoors watching “MAN VS WILD”.It is like I am Bear Grills fighting pythons down in the Congo.
I love the sunset scene, it is big and beautififul.

Below is my movie of one of my favourties which is watching the VODAFONE WARRIORS games!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Extravaganza Holiday!!

My holiday extravaganza was going as planned, Kung FU Panda 2 was underway and rolling in the cinemas.“BOOM”! the wolves plundered through the door of the city gate, and entered the Dragon Warrior territory stumbling over things. The vicious and grueling acts that were under taken by the wolves ,were feared by the people of China.

There I was there sitting lazily with no movement made as I stared at the biggest screen in Australasia. I quickly slurped my drink in my mouth and boy did it taste good. During the movie I saw a sad part where Po’s mother surrendered her self to the wolves to save the life of her child. So far the movies was great, my drink was great so what couldn’t go wrong.

The most funny and coolest bit in the movie was when Po finally mastered the INNER PEACE movement. In the movie, with this, nothing could stop you. You will be invincible. All of the fire blazing balls aimed at Po and shot out like bullets being launched out of a gun, Po used the inner peace to defeat the evil forces and the fire balls. It was great and Fantastic!!!!

As the movie ended, we quickly evacuated out of the movie cinemas. My definite highlight of the movie was when Po defeated the evil forces and conquered his fears. Well this adds as a “PERFECT HOLIDAY”!!!

Thanks to this website for letting me use this picture:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warriors up against Broncos(Quarter-Final)

As many know, the warriors made an effort of beating the cowboys at home last week, and the reward was that they were up against Darren Lockyer's Broncos and not challenging the Manly Sea Eagles team in a SUDDEN DEATH MATCH!!!

Anyway, my prediction will be the Warriors winning because first of all Josh Hoffman is out for the rest of season and Sam Thaiday is suspended. Unlike the warriors, the Broncos have only Justin Hodges to take Hofffman's Place.

Shaun Johnson and Maloney take on Darren Lockyer and Peter Wallace. When these 4 collide, the outcome will be Johnson and Maloney carving up the Broncos because the 2 have worked together for a while now.

So in Suncorp, the warriors have to win so that they can survive in the semis and hopefully win the NRL premiership saying that..... GO THE WARRIORS.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Statistics- Finding out the the probabilities!!

This term, our 2 AWESOME teachers Mrs Nua and Ms Szymanik have helped us to figure out probability. In our maths class we are learning to show the possibles outcomes if we put things in a bag or basket. The picture on the left is an example of a way to figure out the outcomes.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This is a photo of what we have been learning. We have been up to figuring out the possibilities of the outcomes, if we put things in a bucket. If you read this photo, you can see what the outcomes I figured out!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beep Test

As every one knows, there is a beep test in sport to reveal how fit they are. The All Black's have to get between 14 and 15. Many have fallen short of scores, and some are sometimes not pushing themselves to their limit. As the beep test came in just a click, there were many people like Kayde, Matthew t and R and Cruz had already who legs were feeling sluggish, because we just finished an awesome game of bull rush tag.

When the beep test came to an end, every one fell to the ground like they were running in the marathon. My scored was 3.4. I think that if I were 100 percent, I would of burned more energy, but that is just how life goes! Next time we have a beep test, I will be ready. "BRING IT ON"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dan Carter Vs Quade Cooper-RWC 2011!

As many know, the top 2 goal kickers will be going head to head in the Investec Tri-nations and the Rugby World Cup!!!! Unlike other kickers, these experience players are the dominate forces that makes games irresistible to watch. Dan carter to start off, is good with the boot and is the right play maker for the AB's and the Crusaders. This year he was dearly missed after pulling his hamstring which left him stranded away from his game, Rugby. But after 4-6 weeks he recovered and boosted his way back up and is still in front of quade cooper in his kicking percentages.

Quade cooper on the other hand, has been phenomenal this year after bamboozling many players such as stepping and shockingly fended lachie munro which gave everyone shock. He as the ability to counter attack.

I reckon when these 2 athletes collide it will be like nothing before!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of Another Term

As part of our theme and topic bigger,better,faster and faster, our rotations in our intermediate side of the school has been my highlight for this term. In our rotations we have learnt, Discovery,imagination,Creativity,Practicality and last but not least, Innovation. These 5 have definitely helped us to become bigger,better,faster and stronger!!!!!! I hope that next term will be as fun as this term's theme

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The History Of Planes

The first plane to be invented was in the year1898 by the wright brothers,The idea behind it was to see if someone could be the first one to fly.They looked exact birds in flying mode and studied it. Did you know that the first aeroplane was the ornithopters. It had 2 wings to lift itself up in the air and a thrust.

The inspiration of the wright brothers made them famous because they made the very first plane. People wonder what lifts up a plane, even I do. If you wandering what it is, it is Lift,Gravity,Thrust and Drag is the 4 sources that makes the plane fly. These four things are important because it plays their part during the flight.

One of the main parts of the plane is thrust.Thrust is used to make the plane move forward. Planes have developed over the years and have been advanced and modified. Some planes are used to Travel, Some are used for war and some are used to transport.

I have learnt a lot about planes and we are surely lucky that the Wright Brothers invented planes because How would we be transported over the world faster than a plane? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this piece of information about the Planes invented by The “WHRIGHT BROTHERS”!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Problem Solved!

In our maths class today, our maths teacher gave us a book with many tricky questions. This was one of the equations or questions we had to answer. "Titus has 13 coins in his hands. The coins are a mixture of $5 cent and $20 cent pieces. In total, they are worth 1.55.
What are the coins?" If you are wondering how I figured it out, this it what I did.

- First of all I thought what can make thirteen, because in the question, it says that there are thirteen coins. So I went 6+7=13. 6x $20 cents=$1.20 and 7x $5 cents equals 35 cents. I added the $1.20 and 35 cents together and it was a total of $1.55! It was tricky to figure it out at first, but when I used this strategy, it became more easier!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look After Our PLanet!!

This week, we have been drawing and designing signs. The sign has to indicate what problem we have at our school and try to find a solution for it. These questions were used to help us. Is it a good sign? Will it persuade people to stop doing it? Will they use it to remind them too?

Well the picture on the left, is my sign that I drew in my topic book. I think that did a good job of it. I hope that it will convince people to stop littering and CHUCK IT IN THE BIN!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative, My Kind Of Thing!

As part of our topic this year, Bigger,Better,stronger and Faster, our senior side of the school had a immersion assembly. The 5 groups that we were going to learn about was innovation,Creativity,Practicality,Imagination and Discovery! Our funky and Creative Ms Tito, gave us a simple task that was to use anything to make your name look creative. A prize was also to be won by the person with the funkiest and creative name!

Unlike most people, I chose to do old English!! The purpose why I chose it was because it's unique effects and how it wasn't like other block writing and bubble writing, so it was a unique choice!!!! As our time drew near the end, we raced and some people were anxious to win, so they rushed there work and the pressure that was building in them was soon to end in a blink of an eye because they were seconds away of finishing!!!!! In the end, it was a big sigh for everyone because they managed to finish!!! I think that this was the best topic in the school yet!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Science Roadshow

The most intriguing display that caught my attention, was the hydrogen experiment reaction. Did you know that the particles that build heat, are always on the loose and moving and moving until the the maximum of heat starts to grow? The coldest ever day recorded hit the central of otago, as for the hottest day occurred in Marlborough, Ranigora near the boundaries of Christchurch at the temperature of 42.6 Celsius!!!

The hydrogen experiment reaction was another big up for me because a metal piece covered and protected by a zinc covering, was pulverised by the blow torch and the highest temperature that was able to demolish through was 1540 Celsius!!!! The rust began to spread and was turned in to green and then to white when the zinc piece was cooled down!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurricanes Win over Western Force!!

BRRRRRRR!!!!!! Went the whistle and the Hurricanes had dominated first in the first half with a comfortable lead at 7-0. This game was at a fast pace with the hurricanes deliberately attacking first with an advantage at their back pocket. Agility and speed rumbled through the hurricanes attacking line and managed to overpower through the defence line from the force to score again.

An error occurred and the Force were up for grabs to put up their first points on the score board. Unexpectedly, they were going to punt the ball down field where they will find an easier path to score. A few minutes later, the force were in space for another try!!!!! It was 18-10 and the hurricanes were trailing by 8.

When the hurricanes walked out of their locker rooms the crowd went wild and roared!!!!! This time the hurricanes were seeking revenge in their second half. This game could of ended any way!!! Anyway, the hurricanes had the ball and were in advantage. The fords were on to a good start and when the back line had the ball, they boosted down and scored!!!! Aaron Cruden converted the try and it was a 1 point difference!!! Apparently the force scored and got a penalty and it was 28-17. Despite everyone’s thought that the hurricanes were going to lose, Aaron Cruden did some magic and made the hurricanes score with another penalty coming their way. It was now 28-27!!!

It was the 78th minute and the hurricanes had to score!!!! And that’s what they did, Aaron Cruden again at a crutial time offloaded and the hurricanes scored!!!! Aron Cruden converted the try and the hurricanes won 34-28!!!!!

Thomas Edison-Discovery


Intro: Rayden - Thomas Alva Edison born in the year 1847 and his death in the year 1931. Thomas was an American Scientist that developed many of devices that influenced the world because of his inventions. One of his most common and famous invention sources is the
“LIGHT BULB’’ He was the first one to invent that source in the year 1879. His electric invention was first used in his Menlo Park Laboratory.

Para Joshua-Edison’s gadget, only lasted a little while until the power of the light bulb died. Then a plan hit him like a lightning bolt and decided to use some of his skills that he used in his la Edison tested thousands and thousands of materials and environments to help support the filament.

Many people belief that THOMAS Edison did not make the first electric light Bulb. He was the first one to make the commercially incandescent light. many people believe that HOW HE CREATED this was through a previous creation the kite in a storm.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This movie is about what my goals are this year. One of them is to be good at my writing by reading books so I can learn much bigger and smarter vocab. Anyway I hope you enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Know What a Polygon is?

A challenging shape caught our attention as we were in our way to discovering what a Polygon is. The only thing that was in my head was "It is a 90 degree shape. To my surprise a Polygon is defined as a geometric object with many sided points called vertices. A polygon has an equal side of lengths and has the same amount of points on the ends. This Geometric object was a really interesting one because I learned that a Polygon wasn't a shape even though it sounds like a shape. The picture on the left side was an example that I tried to make with a triangle. We cut out out different parts of the triangle and tried to find out the interiors of the Triangle!!!! We learned that when we put the 3 parts that were cut out together, it added up to a 180 degree shape!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Win For The WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

The warriors were looking to up set the Knights 2 times in a row at New Castle. It wasn't a half that the warriors were expecting in the first half but in the second half, just amazing work!!! James Maloney stormed through the defence with the help of Feleti Mateo's offloading help. The score was at 18-16 and the warriors were back in front. Many warriors were experienced in maintaining their advantage and that's what they did. Feleti Mateo had a touch with the ball and once again James Maloney excelled through the defence line once again and took the warriors up to 24 with a converted try of his own. The Knights were down 24-16 and the warriors found themselves with another penalty with James Maloney converting a penalty goal. Krisnan Inu had a crack at the knights and Kevin Locke ended the game and booted the ball out!!!!! The warriors made history and made a 2nd win in a row against the knights 25-16!! The warriors are heading back home and yet conceding another hard game against Isaac Luke's team, The South Sydney Rabbitohs.GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This term in Maths, we have been learning about Translation in Geometry. Translation means to move the object with out rotating it or resizing it or re-drawing the object. Translation is all about moving things. In this example, we had to make a grid to show what Translation means. I made the object(above) move 2 down and 2 across. It took some time to figure out how to make a grid on Google docs drawing, but in the end I found out!

I hope that next time, we can do another one!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tragedy Strikes the city of Auckland!!!!

A tornado also described as “A MEAN BEAST” struck the North Shore in Albany at approximately 3pm. It’s destructive force overpowered the area at the velocity speed at 200km per hour. Announcing that a man died trying to fix his roof, many others endured serious injuries in the devastating tragedy. Many people that had seen the event described it “ As being an extraordinary devastation while others said it was like a jet engine taking off.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Awesome Picnic Day!!

After waiting for a few minutes in our school hall, we departed from the Building. As we approached closer to our destination,we were given instructions to line up in our classroom lines near the edge of the reserve.

Mr Burt finished explaining the rules, and we were free to play. Jephte and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. As I jumped down on to the beach, my feet sank in the sand dunes . I cautiously walked down the beach making sure that glass was not to be near my feet. Unaware of a rock full of oysters, I heavily thumped my foot on it. Thank God it didn’t slice through my skin, or it could of gotten ugly.

Anyway as I gazed at the sky, I noticed that the weather was changing. The sun vanished behind the clouds and the powerful force of the wind came. The waves rushed into shore and “SPLASH: I was in a wet condition.

Time flew by very quickly. it was 12:30!!!!!!!!! My stomach rumbled ,so I went to eat something. As I stared at the view, I thought to myself,”God sure did a magnificent job of creating the earth.

I tried to find a fun activity to play and then “Bingo! A competitive sport was Underway, T-Ball! I joined the batting side. Our team was determined to win. When I was up next to bat, I smacked the ball far enough for me to make a home run. As I dashed to t the third base, I collided with Miracle. The pressure was on. It wasn’t long before I picked my self up and raced quickly to home base. I made it!! We triumphed over TJ’s Team by a long shot! I was stunned because good players were on their side but we had mostly had non experienced people!

It wasn’t long before we had to go back to school. “Today was packed full of activities” I said. It was a day to Remember” I thought to my self. A definite highlight for me was obviously playing T-Ball. Hmmmmmm” I said, “I wonder what’s waiting for us next year at our annual picnic, I said. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see” THE END!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Responsibility !!!!!!!!!

In this wacky term, our AWESOME teacher Mrs Nua, gave us a task to do. She said that we had to make a small snippet of one our Pt England School Values!!!!!!!!! Me and Kayde(My Buddy) decided to do this year's theme throughout this, RESPONSIBILITY!!! In this movie, it shows and reminds people of how, Responsibility is a very important value!!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it(:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Very Own Talented School "GLEE"

As you all know, Glee is a popular programme to watch!!!! In our school, Miss Muliaumasealii, has decided to have a dance group called" GLEE"!! How cool is that!!! Anyway, In this small snippet, it shows not only how talented our school "GLEE" students are, but it shows me saying my favourite part.

The reason why I chose that part was because it was very entertaining, because the rapping was cool. DANCE MOVES were AMAZING. I mean the moves were sharp and it was in time with the beat!!!! I reckon that our school GLEE is very TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it, we certainly did!!!!!!!!!!!(:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear helpers,

Thanks- you for taking the time to organise activities and the “WONDERFUL” food especially my favourite the “HANGI”!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock. Thank-you that your hearts were humble patient with us!

With out your help “CAMP TC” wouldn’t of been possible. Once again, thank-you for your hospitality throughout our year 7 “CAMP TC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. May the LORD bless you for the many good deeds that will not be forgotten by the students of our school!!!!!!!!!!!
“GOD BLESS YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Joshua.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome To PES!!!!!

This movie represents young respectful kids listening, learning and having a great attitude towards others and themselves!!!! They do that because it's all part of the Pt England Way! This movie has some special features such as Elvis Presley's "Welcome To My World" track! more importantly, we have snapshot's of us doing the Pt England Way. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD, Pt ENGLAND!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day To Remember!

A definite highlight for me to look forward to on Day 1 was KAYAKING! I mean I have loved paddling in these vessels ever since I started camp in year 5.

First of all we were given rules, not just any rules but RULES that were going to help us kayak better. It was quite a breeze there so we had to be cautious to kayak on the left only because it's better to paddle with the wind instead of paddling into the wind.

Anyway when it was my turn with my buddy MATTHEW RYAN, we gracefully enjoyed ourselves by relaxing on the way! It was quite lucky for me as I almost tipped my self out of the Vessel! We went around the green pole and headed to home base. Mr Burt announced that we had approximately 30 minutes to enjoy ourselves in the water. Sadly our time there was over. Time sure flies by quickly when you are having a lot of fun: I said. We headed over to the patchy grass above. Mr Burt had congratulated us for walking to the reserve making no fuss! We were on our way camp on our camp grounds and I said to my self, "TODAY WAS A DAY TO REMEMBER!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Conquer pitching a tent.

By Joshua and Matthew EQUIPMENT PACKAGE :Hammer,Fly.Pegs,Base,Poles,Guy Ropes

If you haven’t quite conquered the task of putting up a tent for camping, you should read these instructions. The very important part of using pegs, is to always set the pegs on a 45 degree angle. This is really important part of building a tent.Because if the pegs are on a 90 degree angle,the peg will fly out,with the wind. Ensure that when you are not using the equipment, place them in to the tent bag.

1.Now the first job is to unpack,the package and ensure that the following is in the bag i.e. Fly the base the pegs and the poles.

2. Now ensure that the base of the tent is flattened straight out. It is important.

3. Remember to hammer in the pegs on about a 45 degree because bad weather can pull out the pegs.And do the same with the other corners..

4. Finally set the poles across the base and Repeat the same thing on step 3 which is to Hammer the pegs on! Put it on the second Eyelitt.

5 Now hook all the hooks on to the poles across the base. After you tie up a knot like a shoe at the top.

Now cover the Poles with the fly. Make sure the door is facing the camp site.

Once again hammer the pegs on a 45 degree angle in to the guy ropes. Proceed with the other corners and sides again.

put the last pole through the tent door.

Now you are done!

You have now learnt how to pitch up a tent.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In Maths this year, we have been specifically learning about Statistics. It has been a challenge for me this year because we had to collect data through google docs spread sheet. After that we had to make a form. Everyone had different unique ideas but I chose WHO IS YOU FAVOURITE 7's Team". As you can see above on my pie graph, SAMOA(my Culture) is the most popular 7's team. The least popular is Russia, England, South Africa and Tonga.

In the end of my pie graph, I felt like doing another Pie Graph!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Pt England Way

Help each other.

Eat Healthy food

Purua to potae

Talk about it

Enjoy life

Never say you can't

Go around the outside

Lunch box heroes

Are you in the zone

Never give up

Do the right thing

Walk in line

Always respect the teacher

You have to treat other people the way you want to be treated

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The First Day At Tech

After waiting for a quite a few minutes in the sun’s heat, we gradually sighed in relief as we were heading to our Tech Classes. Yes, I said when I remembered that we were doing Wood Work with Mr Grundy. We were chattering excitedly while we were waiting in the Tamaki grounds for Mr Grundy.

My mate Kayde and I, had already been experience in Wood work, so that meant that we an advantage in our class. Well Kayde’s Dad is a builder so that’s where he was taught and my next door neighbour was a builder too, so that where I was taught.

Our first thing we had to do in wood work, was to plan and sketch, what we were going to make with a piece of timber. Jephte, for example thought of making a boat, which was a complicated thing to make!

Mr Grundy helped us a lot to figure out what we were going to do.(His art skills were brilliant as Well) Finally after plotting for about an hour I got an idea that I would make a TRACTOR. It wasn’t a common thing to make, so it was a unique idea.

Anyway after a lot of time had passed it was time to pack up and go.
My first day at Tech was alright, but I think that next week it will become more exciting!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Devastating Earthquake

An unexpected earthquake, impacted the 2nd largest city in New Zealand at exactly 12:51. This devastating event occurred in a time where it caught people by surprise.

marks, the Pine Called, was completely demolished and was taken down which cost the lives of people who were still in the building.The people of this city were terrified and were shocked to see their city in ruin.

To the people of Christ church, Remember to stay strong. I know that your city completely destroyed and some of your loved ones have passed away, but remember that the Father above cares for his children. Keep the faith. We will be praying for you. Thanks, By Joshua.

Champions Never Give Up.

Hi My name is Joshua and I have finished a movie called" CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP. The purpose of this movie being made, was to show a new pupil who joined our school CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP at our school even at the death door. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holiday Highlight.

A Perfect Time At The Beach.
On one ordinary and sun burning afternoon up in Wellington, We were watching Ong Bak 3. All of a sudden
the phone was ringing. “ MMM, now who could be calling us in this weather condition? I said to my self. I decided to pick up the phone and realised it was my aunty calling me. She asked us if we would like to go down to Titahi Bay near the Centre.

When we got down to our destination, jumped out of the car and cautiously walked down the sand making sure I wouldn't stand on any glass.I froze like an ice cube after jumping to early in the water.BRRRRR! I am as cold as a whale in the Antarctic sea. I wasn’t aware that my brother Shalom was listening to every single word I said. He laughed his head off and this was the point where I felt like throwing a rock at his head, but that would make matters worse.
Since the water was so cold like the Arctic, we decided to play a game of touch a game that is played a lot more in the summer) It was quite obvious who would open up the score board. Yep it was my brother Abraham who did. We were behind by 4 tries, but in a flash we struck back and scored at least 5 tries.

In the afternoon at 2:30, we decided to head on down to the water. This time the sun’s heat made the water warm. We splashed around in the sea and had a water fight. Big rushing waves were formed too!.It was AWESOME.

As the sun’s light began to disappear we headed home. On our way back, we ate JUICES ,YUM. That was the finishing touch for A PERFECT TIME AT THE BEACH.

Friday, February 11, 2011


As we arrived to school, we were in for a surprise. We didn't know what it was, until finally it had arrived. It was our Net books.MAMA MIA, was the first word I said when we got them. I was eager to use it straight a way, but the thing was that we had to set it up before we could use them.

After unpacking ans setting our Net Books, my wish finally came true. We went on our Net Books. Hmmm, I wonder what this little creation can. Well let's find out" I said eagerly. After using our Net Books, it was time to stop and pack them away. "Well at least we had fun on the"I said.