Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Day!

It was another night for preparing(which I wasn’t very good at) for our fun year 7 fun day. Rumor had it that it was going to be water activities. With thoughts in my mind just trying to figure out what activities, my eyes slowly closed and found myself drifting like a nice breeze at night to sleep. “BEEP BEEP”, as the irritating noise of our car horn sounded, I suddenly rushed into the car and we roamed down the road to our destination.

The playtime bell went, and our year 7/8 side of the school, approached closer to the bottom field where our Fun day was going to take place. It was Tuesday, and was a beautiful day too! Our 4 teachers set up some fun games. There were only 3 dry activities and 1 wet activity. This was quite out of the blue, because these activities weren’t played every week.

“SPLASH” the sound of the water being squeezed into a bucket were as if the sight of rushing waves falling down a waterfall. Our first round of activity was with Mrs Nua. We were playing a co-operation water game. In this game you had to get a sponge and get as much water in it as possible and pass it down the line. COME ON YOU SLUGGISH PEOPLE” cried my group as we were slowly getting the sopping sponge down to the last person. As the sponge was being passed, I felt the water heavily running down my hands and slowly my shirt was SOAKING WET! Ronald(the last person of the line and a student in my class) dashed down and roughly squished the water in the bucket. 10..9...8...7...6......4..3..2..1 and STOP. As I heard the voices of people cheering and screaming, our group won!!!! YAY!!!! I punched the air as if I won Gold in the Olympics.

Tag Your Out” Shouted Mrs Lagitupu(one of our year 7/8 teachers) . High apprehension were sensed as this competitive game called “BALL TIGGY” was underway. The aim of this game was to pass the ball and tag people with out running with the ball. Many teams were successful with tagging people, but some weren’t really into the game. My skills with the ball were a bit shaky but I soon improved on it. Our team qualified in the finals as we tagged the last person that was quick like a cheetah and swayed it’s body like a flower slowly falling from side to side. The other team had vigour,speed, and ball skills so we had to put a sharp eagle eye on them. The game started and slowly our team watched them tag our team with ease. It was like they read the whole game and where we moved. We were determined to win but they were just impossible to stop. At the end the results were low for us but high for them.

Our next activity was one of my favourites. We had to sling a ball from a sling shot, in to one of the hoops to earn 50 points. Mrs Tito(Our most creative teacher in our Year 7/8 block) set this game up. As I slung the ball it was going and going until it stopped just in front of the hoop. It was slightly unexpected because I had no experience in this game. Person after person, luck was obviously not on our side because we came close but yet too far. How could anyone possibly pass this game. Ms Tito gave us a hint. “Aim High, pull back softly”. What this meant was we had to aim the pall high, but carefully and cautiously pull back so that our aim was pin perfect.. As people began to act participant, our skills were improving and improving. Sadly our time was up. I was a bit disappointed in my self because I should of done better.

Anyway our last activity was with Mr Harris. This game out of all activities was the most trickiest. This game wasn’t about who is the fastest or who is the slowest, it was about balance and strategy. We had to strap around 2 people’s legs with a white string and try and balance the ball on a spoon. Me an Tuipulotu(My friend and my Partner) carefully moved towards the cone. We had a rhythm to keep to make it easier for us to walk. “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT,RIGHT. We managed to get past the cone and came back with no doubt that we were going to drop the ball. “Come on you can do it” cried a classmate. “Just a few more steps......” I sad as we approached to the finish line” YAY!!!!!! In the end Ieremus,Marven and Damien(classmates) won.

As our fun came to an end, many were exhausted and sluggishly got up. A definite highlight for me was the ball tiggy game. There were some amazing stunts in that game. I wanted the round of activities to be an annual day for the year 7/8 because I had “AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED”!!!!!

About My Brother!

My older brother Abraham has straight hair and tan skin. He has hazel eyes and is very tall. His birth place was in Auckland but he is mainly a Samoan. He is 14 years old.

My brother is always helping and is always sharing. He is generous and is considered as a loving brother. His favourite sport is rugby. Many describe him as the “STEPPING MACHINE” because his skills at at stepping in rugby is just unbelievable.

Because my brother is so tall, his special ability is playing basketball. His skills are good and is useful when he is playing. Rugby league is what he likes to watch and supports THE VODAFONE WARRIORS. He likes to watch grueling action movies like “THE PUNISHER” which is a movie about a boy who’s family died and he is taking vengeance upon the agents who killed his family.

Although he may be a nuisance, we enjoy doing things together like playing touch(1 on 1), goal kicking and the most we are good at, playing computer games and reading the bible. That is why I think that my brother is AWESOME!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Warriors Into The Grand-Final!

As the tensions of the semi-finals arose, the Warriors entered Melbourne Storm's home ground with an unexpected number of fans supporting them.
BRRRRRRR! went the whistle and the team to face the Manly Sea-Eagles was going to be decided in aproximately 80 minutes. As the ball went flying down town, the fearless warriors muscled up in defence but made an early error which cost them a try and which lead Sika Manu running through a hole created by Gareth Widdop . With the conversion made by Hooker Cameron Smith and gave the Storm the lead...........FOR NOW!

The crowd went to their feet as Shaun Johnson's well placed kicked was pounced on professionally by Krisnan Inu(the king at jumping for the ball) and knocked it back for Bill Tupou who grabbed the ball and scored and the visitors who were trailing by 6 were soon going to be leveled up in points.

As the game was going on, the tides turn as the Melbourne Storm were making too many mistakes which was a sign of fear. The storm were punished and again the Warriors were 10 meters in Storm Territory. The Storm defended but wasn't enough to hold up James Maloney presented with a beautiful short ball from Michael Luck cross over to take the lead for the Warriors. And for the first time in this match, the warriors were leading 12-6.

Beau Champion(Storm centre) found a gap made by Billy Slater and cleverly ran off to score for the storm. Cameron Smith converted the try and the points were leveled once again.
The game carried on and the Warriors James Maloney converted a penalty kick just on half time to put the into the lead 14-12. The warriors dominated first in the 2nd half as Kevin Locke almost crossed over.

35 mintues past and the chances of getting a try were slim for the Storm. Well finally in the 79th minute, the Warriors lewis Brown crossed over for a historic try to take the warriors into the grand-final. With the best kick of the season from James Maloney, the warriors were definitely in the finals as the Warriors were taken up to a 20-12 victory over a good performance from the Storm but it wasn't enough to win.

And now my team, the WARRIORS will be taking on a Manly Sea Eagles side..........in saying that GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Te Reo Maori-Mihi

In our class, we had a task to record a mihi or write a mihi in our Ter 3 tasks. There is a short recorded mihi below that you can listen too. Hope you enjoy! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Presentation For RWC!!

Here is a movie that was made by Matthew R,Kayde,Cruz and I(friends). First we were given a task to do. Our task was to make a presentation for when the RWC teams come, they can visit a lot of cool things!! I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

South African Flag

The South African Flag means the New Democoracy. In the flag, there is a bit of yellow and it stands for generosity. The blue bit means Villigance,truth and loyalty. The green colour was used because it stands for hope,joy and love. Another intersting thing about the flag is that the black means Determination and the black population. Red means-Hardiness,Bravery,strength and valour for bloodshed. As for the white bit in the flag it means peace and honesty and the European Origin.alour and for bloodshed

Maths Whizz!!

The picture on the left, shows you where I am at Maths Whizz. So far I attempted 17 exercises and a exercise mark of 90%! I think that maths whizz has DEFINITELY helped me improve my maths in a way that is easy to teach!
The first time I started on maths whizz, it was quite boring, but as I gained more and more in maths, my brain was eager to jump on maths whizz every day!

Here is link to maths whizz:http://www.whizz.com/

Update On The RWC So Far.

So last night 3 games came to an absolute disappointment after Samoa Thrashed Namibia 49-12 and Canada's SHOCKING win over Tonga 25-20 who were looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing performance on the opening game of the RWC against the All Blacks. On the other hand, Scotland overpowered the Georgians winning 15-6.

My prediction for the world cup will be NZ up against Samoa(my culture) in the Grand-Finals. I think this because both teams have shown power not only in defence but in attack especially Ma'a Nonu(All Blacks), Israel Dagg(All Blacks), Alesana Tuilagi(Samoa) and Paul Williams(Samoa).

Well this wraps up an update on the RWC games that were played last night!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samoa Down The Namibia Side!!!

After watching a magnificent game of Samoa vs Namibia, I would like to tell you some of the highlights of the game.

"BOOM" as the defence of the Namibian side split, a gap for Khan Fotualii opened for him to dive over the try line to join Alesana Tuilagi with 1 try each. Just in a blink of an eye, Tuilagi flew over the try line to secure Samoa's 3rd try!!!! As expected, the Samoa defence was as strong as a brick wall. Paul Williams(Samoan Fullback) was sadly sin binned for a high tackle shot. So the Samoan's left the field leading 25-0.

The referee blew his whistle and in just a click, Paul Williams added 3 points to Samoa's 25-0 lead into a 28-0 lead!! After miutes of attacking, Tuilagi dodged and stepped 2 defenders to go over for a hatrick(3 tries) for Samoa. The scoreboard extended to a 35-0 lead in favour of Manu Samoa!!!

But letting their guard down too early, Namibia crossed over for 5 points. Namibia added another 5 points through their Fly Half Thuens Kotze and converted his own try! Not long after, Paul Williams crossed over for Samoa's 5th try for a 42-12 lead. Then another Samoan crossed over to extend their lead to 49-12 which was the final points for the game.

In the end, the mighty Samoans had triumph over Namibia and now Samoa sits on top in Pool D!!! GO SAMOA!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Favourites Poem

I love the the scenery of mountains high as I roam down the path of the luge.
I love the feel of the wind rushing in my face, Dashing down, and when my brothers and I compete in a race, down a more phrases of my favourtie things.
I love watching the Feared and fierce Warrior games.
I like daffodils as they descend helicopter landing on the ground. I love the sound of the shouting comedians of “ SMASHED EM BRO”I like the fanta taste buds dancing on my tounge like a fruity burst!
Burgers and fries is as nice as chocolate and pies The colour green is like a sweet green goodie gundrop.
I love the time of the peaceful night indoors watching “MAN VS WILD”.It is like I am Bear Grills fighting pythons down in the Congo.
I love the sunset scene, it is big and beautififul.

Below is my movie of one of my favourties which is watching the VODAFONE WARRIORS games!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Extravaganza Holiday!!

My holiday extravaganza was going as planned, Kung FU Panda 2 was underway and rolling in the cinemas.“BOOM”! the wolves plundered through the door of the city gate, and entered the Dragon Warrior territory stumbling over things. The vicious and grueling acts that were under taken by the wolves ,were feared by the people of China.

There I was there sitting lazily with no movement made as I stared at the biggest screen in Australasia. I quickly slurped my drink in my mouth and boy did it taste good. During the movie I saw a sad part where Po’s mother surrendered her self to the wolves to save the life of her child. So far the movies was great, my drink was great so what couldn’t go wrong.

The most funny and coolest bit in the movie was when Po finally mastered the INNER PEACE movement. In the movie, with this, nothing could stop you. You will be invincible. All of the fire blazing balls aimed at Po and shot out like bullets being launched out of a gun, Po used the inner peace to defeat the evil forces and the fire balls. It was great and Fantastic!!!!

As the movie ended, we quickly evacuated out of the movie cinemas. My definite highlight of the movie was when Po defeated the evil forces and conquered his fears. Well this adds as a “PERFECT HOLIDAY”!!!

Thanks to this website for letting me use this picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/diavolo/5870374709/

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warriors up against Broncos(Quarter-Final)

As many know, the warriors made an effort of beating the cowboys at home last week, and the reward was that they were up against Darren Lockyer's Broncos and not challenging the Manly Sea Eagles team in a SUDDEN DEATH MATCH!!!

Anyway, my prediction will be the Warriors winning because first of all Josh Hoffman is out for the rest of season and Sam Thaiday is suspended. Unlike the warriors, the Broncos have only Justin Hodges to take Hofffman's Place.

Shaun Johnson and Maloney take on Darren Lockyer and Peter Wallace. When these 4 collide, the outcome will be Johnson and Maloney carving up the Broncos because the 2 have worked together for a while now.

So in Suncorp, the warriors have to win so that they can survive in the semis and hopefully win the NRL premiership Cup......in saying that..... GO THE WARRIORS.