Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebration Movie

What type of celebration have you been to?
Well I have a movie to show of one celebration I have been to!!
I look forward to reading your comments.
By Joshua.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Fun picnic.

We lined up to get ready for our Yr5 picnic. Not long later we were already walking to the reserve,I saw lot's of gear on the field and I knew that it was for our round of games we were going to play."Hands up if you would like to play touch"Miss King said in a loud voice.I was thinking in my mind"Hmmm"I thought,I couldn't decide if I was going to play Touch. Then Erene said "Are you playing touch"I replied yes.Then miss King said "Hands up if you want to play soccer". Erene was begging me to play soccer but I was getting confused because I wanted to play touch at the same time of playing soccer""Well okay"I muttered.He was happier than ever.It was like his brain was getting psycho just because I was playing soccer with him."Wow" I said in amazement. Soccer wasn't a very popular game".It was mostly girls playing soccer and only 5 boys playing!!! Well on the other side people were playing midnight,touch and softball or t-ball. Our soccer game started and I kicked the ball softly like Vinnie who hardly could kick the ball.Ray got the ball and power kicked the ball ahead and it went under the girls legs which made it harder for them to get the ball. Later on in the game I had already scored 3 goals and Ala scored one try Erene had the ball and did tricks around people's legs with the ball and then when he saw a gap he power kicked the ball."Will Erene make it or not"The ball was going straight and everyone was watching the ball going ahead of them. The big question of the game was "Will the ball go in the goal".Erene was on his knees praying for the goal to go in and the all of a sudden it went in."Yeah!!!!!"Erene shouted with excitement.He pulled the tip of his t-shirt and put it over his head. Then with excitement he was going crazy and was running round.It was like a miracle from God that happened out of nowhere. Erene was so amazed of how he got the goal.

2nd Game.
After 10 minutes we had already finished our 1st round of games. Again Miss King said "Hands up if you want to play soccer"This time lot's of people went to play soccer and I was thinking maybe they didn't want to play soccer in the first round because they wanted to save the cool game for last. Soccer was a very popular game this time!. Again Miss King said" hands up if you want to play touch"This time I begged Erene if we could play touch.Erene said"well okay. We had to get ready to play. First of all our captain Hillary picked her team which had to be ten people in each team. Sh chose Me,Erene,Toreka,Michael (Pain),Cruz,Hillary,Naomi,Cecelia,.We tapped the ball because the other team was offside."Boom'We already getting a run away.There were too much people on the field that they were blocking the way of me passing the ball.All of a sudden I heard something shouting.I knew a bug couldn't shout that loud so I thought again.So if it wasn't a bug it was a person.There on the side of the field I saw Michael was calling to pass the ball.He was so far that I couldn't pass it to him.My heart was beating faster and faster I didn't have enough time so I passed it.The ball went zooming past people.Dada,dada,my heart was beating more faster because I thought Michael was going to miss the catch.But he didn't,he caught the ball and he was off and he was like Sitiveni Sivivatu stepping all the players and then using his speed to make a lot of metres.We were on the fifth touch and I had to kick it.There was a big gap so I kicked it there.But out of nowhere Dominique intercepted the ball and he was off.With a burst of speed he was able to accomplish his mission which was to get a try. His team was so happy.We tapped and Lot's of people weren't sharing the ball around. Teams were getting greedy with the ball and there was too much people were on the field.So we had to only have five people on each team!!.This time it was more easier to get a try because five people were one off each team like subs for the team."Ring ring"Our game is already finished!!"I said. It was like our game was only two minutes.
"Well rules are rules and I can't stop that" I said.We quickly lined up so that we could get ready to have our "SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL LUNCH"!!.

Eating time.
Wow!!I said in amazement. That is a lot of food at one time. There were Afghans,Cookies,Pop corn,Jephte's Homemade Sandwiches, Aidan's muffin brownies,Casey's Homemade cookies and muffins and finally pizza bread with an extra drink."Slurp"I was licking my mouth.I was so hungry I could eat up the whole food. First I looked at the cookies and grabbed it quickly before anyone could.I took just a bite."Hallelujah"It was so scrumptious. "Oh Oh"temptation was coming up in my head and I tried not to take another cookie. The smell of the cookie was so tempting nice and the cookie told me to eat him,Well okay "Munch"Oh that is so beautiful.No one had noticed because they all outside.I pretended that I didn't eat it.It was time to eat.I was half way full but I was just getting tempted all the time I looked at something.I looked at Jephte's scrumptious sandwiches.I was still not satisfied so I took another cookie.Well may be I'll take another and another or maybe I will eat the whole packet,just joking"But I did eat 15 cookies. I looked at the pizza bread and I took a big bite and it was just good.It was like Me in heaven having a feast with my God and Saviour,Jesus Christ.It was sure a "SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL LUNCH OR SHOULD I SAY PICNIC".!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Matt Giteau

Matt Giteau is a good kicker.
He was able to make lot's of goals in
his season so far.
It was a big disappointment when the All Blacks
beat Australia 5 tims in a row.
Matt Giteau almost missed the closest kick
but luckily the ball hit the post and it went in.
he is a good runner
because he is fast and he is a star at playing rugby
and he has what it takes to play.
By Joshua.

Sonny Bill.

One of my favourite players is Sonny Bill williams.
Everyone is disappointed of him for
leaving the bull dogs .
I like him and he is the same culture as me,Samoan.
His big hit on people is called "The Sonny Bill".
He is known from around the world.
He moved on to rugby league to boxing.
He won his first boxing match by a big
punch called a "hammer".
He played for the Bull Dogs and the Kiwis then he moved on to boxing.
By Joshua

Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson is a extreme
He is the one of the best kickers aswell!!!
He is a well known player and everyone likes him.
He plays for England.
He has got all his goals over the post but he just
missed once kick.
Jonny Wilkinson is a very talented player too and he
is a very good kicker.
In fact he is better than some other kickers in other teams.
By Joshua.

Bryan Habana.

I like Bryan habana because he is talented
and is a "Speed Machine"Like Jeff Wilson.
He is a very well known player and people respects him.
Bryan Habana is a Christian like me and that's why I like
His style is amazing and
he has intercepted lot's of passes and he can step lot's
of people.
He always acknoledged God when he scored
a try because God helped to score a try and God gave him the ability to score a try.
By Joshua.

Jeff Wilson.

Jefff Wilson is a "Speed Machine".
He was a good winger and he admired himself and
soon later he was a Legend.
He played for the All Blacks In 1993 because he was selected first to be in the All Blacks team.
He was good player and was also a key player to the All Blacks
because no one was faster than him in the All Blacks Team.
He caught and talked lot's of people.
He is my one of my favourite legend players and he was
skillful at playing.
By Joshua.

Hosea Gear.

Hosea Gear is one of my favourite players
in Rugby.The reason why I like Hosea Gear is that
he is a talented and young player.
His brother is Rico Gear who is a very known player.
He showed that he was worthy to play rugby
and he is a well known young player.
He has had a good season this year and has played very well too!!
He has played for the Wellington Lions,the Wellington Hurricanes and the All Blacks.
Well that's it for another story.
By Joshua.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joe Rokocoko.

I like Joe Rokocoko because I like how he plays
and he is good at stepping people.
He has played for Auckland,the Blues and also the All Blacks.
He has scored lot's of tries this season and he was able to make run aways .
The key of him is his speed because without speed you couldn't be a winger.
The second key of him is practice.
He practices alot which encourages him to strive.
So yeah.
By joshua.

Daniel Carter.

Daniel Carter is one of my favourite players.
He is known as the magic player because when they
challenged the Babarians Daniel Carter was outstanding.
He is also a good kicker,may be one day I want
to be as good as Daniel carter.
He has the skills to play for the All Blacks and he is a succecful All Black.
He is a well known player aswell.
Tino pai Daniel Carter!!
Well i am a Samoan not a Moari.
So yeah.
Good luck Daniel Carter on your next game too!!.
I wish you all the best and all the All Blacks players and
I will be praying for you too!!!.