Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrilling Win! (First Half)

As the All Blacks jogged out of the tunnel, the crowd went wild. As usual, the All Blacks would sing their national anthem and perform their fierce haka. They had tried to steal the attention by performing the haka, but the noise of the fans was thunderous.

Well as the referee blew his whistle, the game was on live. The spring boks were really getting in this game when they had almost got away with a try. The All Blacks had to fight back so that the Competitors wouldn't ground more meters. The All blacks had a crack with the ball, but the Spring bok defence was stopping the All Blacks from grounding meters.

Well a penalty was given to the All blacks. They were satisfied with this because they could get some points on the board.A well conversion was struck by a very good kicker, Daniel Carter. That wasn't the end of the game so they had to keep fighting.

Sadly a penalty was given to the Boks. Another kick from a legend fly half was struck and had flew in the middle of the posts. The score was tied up at 3 all. As the game went on, the possession on the Boks side was starting to get lower every time the All Blacks had a well play made. Errors were being made during the 18th minute.

All blacks had another shot at goal and got it in. But again the All Blacks had made an error during the ruck. The kick was converted and the score was once again tied up at 6 all. But the boks fought back with Schalk Burger charging through the All blacks defence. Morne steyn had once again converted the goal which led them up to 13-6.

There was only 2 minutes left in the first half. The all blacks had the advantage of the ball. when the ball was given to Ma'a Nonu he passed until it got to Tony Woodcock on the wing! That was funny because he was on the wing side and scored the opening try for the All Blacks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton is one of my favourite Christian Singers. He encourages people to love God and his special way of spreading the word of God is through his music that I listen to Daily. I really respect hi songs because many song writers have taken a very long time to write a song! His songs has a strong touch because of the Holy Spirit that guides him in every concert. He is a very good singer and his songs has made people change their ways. He is a great man of God. One of the songs that he sings is "Just Wanna Say and Friend of God. I hope he writes more songs so that more people will come to Jesus.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cross Country 2010

X Country

The day before Cross country, I had a real nightmare. I mean I had almost got eaten by Jake burglar. Okay, I only stretched the truth just a little bit. But honestly I am not going to sleep until morning so then I can sleep in . Yeah!, no one will stop me now.

I pretended like I was sleeping. My great plan is working “ Oh no, I cried, I must of shouted so loud, my mother must of heard every single word I said. I’m toast. I quickly tucked my self in bed and acted as if I was sick. Jake” Wake up, you’re going to be late for your school cross country. “I’m sick! Jake don’t try and lie to me. I heard your evil deed. Oh oh. I reluctantly got of bed, dressed up and walked to school. As I wondered off I heard Mr Burt saying” Cross Country was on”.

As I stared at my fellow competitors my heart pounded fast. I knew that I was going to come last . Looking at some of my rivals, The all stars which were Drew, Drake dagger, and Kane, made me want to give up as the feeling of fear shot through me because no one could match their speed. As I shivered in the cold weather, I started having butterflies. Apprehension had entered me in a very unpleasant way.

I tried playing dead as we stepped up to the start line. I knew I was going to suffer in this disastrous race. I really wanted to give up because I knew everything would turn out bad. ( Well for me only). Bang! went the clappers. I whizzed in front but it wasn’t enough because I still had a long way to go.

A tense feeling had got over me. It had distracted me until “BANG”. I had hit a rock. The all stars had caught up to me and I started to lag behind.

My legs couldn’t stop for I knew I needed to keep on going. Hope was the only thing I needed at this rate. I dished out all of the pain, and got rid of my fear.Every step I took meant I really wanted to win. Even though my legs were going to strain to death,and even though the pain got worse every time, I never gave up until I won. I had learned my lesson of not being negative. So I put my head up and paced my self faster. My legs were pumped and I sprinted past 6 people, like a cheetah.

A feeling of relief came over me because I knew I was going to make it in the top 3 because I persevered hard. An opportunity had awaited me for 2 long years to be in the top 3. And this was the time to take it. When the finish line was sighted from a distance, Vince Dagger( One of my friends that are competing in my age group) had only just took the advantage of winning by a little.

This meant I needed to get over being sluggish and push my legs even faster. As I took a final breath, I had sped past him. My rivals drew nearer and nearer every time I slowed down. Drake had just got behind me of me until I leaped over the finish line feeling glad. I had survived and accomplished another race and came 2nd.

Conclusion- Theme.

As people congratulated me, I had felt proud of my self.( But really in the inside I was about to fall asleep like snow white!) My legs hurt but I acted as if I was alright. I felt lethargic and I almost fainted! Well at least a hopless situation had turned out pretty well. I didn’t need to have fear, but I needed to persevere .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vaka Voyages.

Hi my name is Joshua.
This movie is about how the first polynesian came to New Zealand. It was hard work to come to NZ. Some were able to survive the stormy seas but some were washed away. Any way, I hope you enjoy my movie. Please leave me a comment.