Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My meat eating dinosaur Gigantosaurus.

Gigantosaurus meant giant southern lizard
Gigantosaurus looked common to the T-Rex
but they have no relationship.
Gigantosaurus was the largest meat-eater that ever lived.
You would probably find a Gigantosaurus in Bushes,trees and forest.
It's weight was so large that whenever he walked it left foot prints behind.
A Gigantosarus's jaw was ready to snap shut on a victim to eat.
It's mouth was so huge that it would only take one bite of it's prey and it would feel week.

The Gigantosaurus has puny arms just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
It had three fingers with sharp claws.
It probably used it claws to hold it and it would of used it's big jaw to clamp it's head off.
It used it's claw to slash other dinosaurs .

A Gigantosaurus's tail was an important part
of the body because the technique it uses it for is to
balance itself and to whack other dinosaur.

It had powerful legs.
Gigantosaurus used it to run and to
scratch other preys and to kick them if there are too many.

It propably hunted near forests and trees to
snap up other slower dinosaurs.

Some scientists believe that
a meteiorite from space hit
the earth in a place called THE GULL OF MEXICO>
When it hit earth it caused lot's of dust
and block the sun and when it
blocked the sun it couldn't give out light to the plants
and if the the plants can't grow the plant eaters have big apetites
and the meat eaters will starve to death.

Well that's all from Joshua.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

funky immersion assembly.

After the second bell rang we had to line up for immersion assembly.
"Man I said when I came inside the assembly hall.
I had a feeling we were learning about dinosaurs because when I looked around and I saw Mr. Jacobson (the eldest one) as a Pteradactyl and all the teachers- well, some were paleontologists.

Our topic for this term is called DINO MIGHT.
We started off with a greeting from Mrs Jarmen.
Then out jumped our principal - or should I call him cracker the cave man.
He was hungry for delicous hipsolophodon.
So he grabbed Feke and Tyler and started wacking them with his bommy knocker.
After we got over that we started with a movie from team 1.
Their movie was about teachers as old dinosaurs which weren't extinct.
Then out popped a letter which said 'WE'RE NOT EXTINCT YET!' (clap)
Next was a rapping movie from team 2.
I think they should call themselves the Three Amigos.
They were rapping about different dinosaurs that lived a long time ago.
They did a dance as well which was to add a little bit of funky.
Next up was team 3.
Their story was about them acting as Paleontologists trying to find fossils.