Thursday, February 24, 2011

The First Day At Tech

After waiting for a quite a few minutes in the sun’s heat, we gradually sighed in relief as we were heading to our Tech Classes. Yes, I said when I remembered that we were doing Wood Work with Mr Grundy. We were chattering excitedly while we were waiting in the Tamaki grounds for Mr Grundy.

My mate Kayde and I, had already been experience in Wood work, so that meant that we an advantage in our class. Well Kayde’s Dad is a builder so that’s where he was taught and my next door neighbour was a builder too, so that where I was taught.

Our first thing we had to do in wood work, was to plan and sketch, what we were going to make with a piece of timber. Jephte, for example thought of making a boat, which was a complicated thing to make!

Mr Grundy helped us a lot to figure out what we were going to do.(His art skills were brilliant as Well) Finally after plotting for about an hour I got an idea that I would make a TRACTOR. It wasn’t a common thing to make, so it was a unique idea.

Anyway after a lot of time had passed it was time to pack up and go.
My first day at Tech was alright, but I think that next week it will become more exciting!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Devastating Earthquake

An unexpected earthquake, impacted the 2nd largest city in New Zealand at exactly 12:51. This devastating event occurred in a time where it caught people by surprise.

marks, the Pine Called, was completely demolished and was taken down which cost the lives of people who were still in the building.The people of this city were terrified and were shocked to see their city in ruin.

To the people of Christ church, Remember to stay strong. I know that your city completely destroyed and some of your loved ones have passed away, but remember that the Father above cares for his children. Keep the faith. We will be praying for you. Thanks, By Joshua.

Champions Never Give Up.

Hi My name is Joshua and I have finished a movie called" CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP. The purpose of this movie being made, was to show a new pupil who joined our school CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP at our school even at the death door. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holiday Highlight.

A Perfect Time At The Beach.
On one ordinary and sun burning afternoon up in Wellington, We were watching Ong Bak 3. All of a sudden
the phone was ringing. “ MMM, now who could be calling us in this weather condition? I said to my self. I decided to pick up the phone and realised it was my aunty calling me. She asked us if we would like to go down to Titahi Bay near the Centre.

When we got down to our destination, jumped out of the car and cautiously walked down the sand making sure I wouldn't stand on any glass.I froze like an ice cube after jumping to early in the water.BRRRRR! I am as cold as a whale in the Antarctic sea. I wasn’t aware that my brother Shalom was listening to every single word I said. He laughed his head off and this was the point where I felt like throwing a rock at his head, but that would make matters worse.
Since the water was so cold like the Arctic, we decided to play a game of touch a game that is played a lot more in the summer) It was quite obvious who would open up the score board. Yep it was my brother Abraham who did. We were behind by 4 tries, but in a flash we struck back and scored at least 5 tries.

In the afternoon at 2:30, we decided to head on down to the water. This time the sun’s heat made the water warm. We splashed around in the sea and had a water fight. Big rushing waves were formed too!.It was AWESOME.

As the sun’s light began to disappear we headed home. On our way back, we ate JUICES ,YUM. That was the finishing touch for A PERFECT TIME AT THE BEACH.

Friday, February 11, 2011


As we arrived to school, we were in for a surprise. We didn't know what it was, until finally it had arrived. It was our Net books.MAMA MIA, was the first word I said when we got them. I was eager to use it straight a way, but the thing was that we had to set it up before we could use them.

After unpacking ans setting our Net Books, my wish finally came true. We went on our Net Books. Hmmm, I wonder what this little creation can. Well let's find out" I said eagerly. After using our Net Books, it was time to stop and pack them away. "Well at least we had fun on the"I said.