Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly.

As we came from our holiday I was surprised to see the staff dressed up funky! I reckoned that Mr Barks(Rm 18 teacher) dressed up the best. My guess is that he was "Eric The Red" viking. Each team in the school had worked very hard doing movies and items.

This terms theme is called "MIGHTY MARINERS" which means "people who trvel on boats such as "Christopher Colombus and Captain Cook". Their travels were sometimes dangerous and risky but one thing know, is that they were both brave and heroes.

Well I hope I am going to learn alot this term because it is packed with lot's of fun things.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesians come to New Zealand.

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

By Joshua and Joe.