Thursday, May 27, 2010

Most Delicious Delicate Hokey Pokey.

Have you ever thought that hokey pokey was like lava?Well your question will be answered.

Mr Hunia added two ingredients.Trying to dissolve the sugar with golden syrup ,he stirred it constantly as though it were a race against time.Finally after dissolving the sugar and mixing constantly, there was a change of colour to darker gold and it turned to liquid.This reminded me of molten rock(magma). It expands due to the pressure. The hokey pokey increased in size when we put 6 teaspoons of Baking soda which caused a chemical reaction, creating air bubbles/pockets.

When Hokey Pokey is scolding hot,It is goey and free flowing.It becomes cold,it turns into a brittle substance and it is very fragile.(Broken Easily).It looked like broken up pieces of rock.

After waiting for a few moments,the hokey pokey started to cool down and turn brittle.This reminded me of lava being cooled down and hardenening.Mr hunia quickly scraped out the hokey pokey from the pot and transferring it to a baking tray covered with butter.I saw shattered bits resembling.

Speaking of hokey pokey,thinking of it makes me dream of scoria rock being thrown in the sky and out of the volcano's vent.

By Joshua and Matthew T.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samoa- Irb Sevens.

Samoa had a good start to the sevens but in the final they had just lost by 1 try. Lolo Lui wasn't permitted to play for 2 weeks. Samoa had a very good possession in the Sevens but it wasn't good enough to beat Fiji. Disappointingly, Samoa was in a space of shame and sadness. Despite their loss, they still thanked the lord for letting them in the finals.

Now that's what you call good sportsmanship. It was a very good game but the referee disallowed 2 tried which could of made Samoa Win!!! Well even the loss to Samoa, they still had a good heart.I reckon the star player of Samoa was "MIKAELE PESAMINO", and the star player of Figi is WILLIAM RHYDER

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Over the Limit.

Over the limit is a week away and some of my most spectacular wrestlers are in it. As everybody knows, John Cena is challenging Batista for the WWE champion.Wrestlers have showed great courage in their matches but some lose but some win and that is life and you have to live like that.

Anyway, as I was saying, Over the limit is a week away and I am excited about it. Some matches are being challenged for belts and some are for pride. By now I would have chosen my favourite match which is John Cena Vs Batista and Rey Mysterio Vs CM punk. It will be a good match because these wrestlers have been trained and are very good professionals a wrestling especially John Cena,Batista and Rey Mysterio. Well good luck to the wrestlers.

Justin Bieber.

As the world knows, Justin Beiber is famous now.I like his albums and I also like how he creates his songs. I especially like his song,"BABY". As he arrived in Auckland, Everyone was going crazy and the girls were screaming because they liked him. Some of them almost fainted.I was amazed of how a big star Justin Beiber is. I am his #1 fan. The first song that I heard that Justin Beiber wrote would have to be "One Time".

I really admire him for his singing but I also admire him for his attitude but I think that he could do better.I really like him as a singer. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

" My Sister's a Burp" - a podcast

My Sister's a Burp" by Gretel Killeen is a podcast I did for KPEwith Matthew who is also fromRoom 17.

Active Earth.

I have finished doing a animation that shows how volcanoes form.
If you like it, could you please give me a comment.
Thanks, By Joshua.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hurrricanes VS Reds.( First Half)

"BRRRRRRR" went the whistle and the super 14 match was on live!!! The Hurricanes and the Reds looked confident. This was a tough match because both teams were shockingly good with their team work especially the ultimate "HOSEA GEAR" and "QUADE COOPER"!!!(They are one of my favourite players). The kick was off and the game was on.

Both teams possessions were pretty good on the first half. The canes struck the reds and the red struck back!!! How would both teams get a try!!! Well in a flash the canes were off and sprinting for the try line and they had finally made.The crowd went wild and me too!!!!
"BANG"!!!! The kick was off from Quade cooper (star rugby player).

The hurricanes were on the loose but then they knocked it on . This was a good opportunity to for the Reds to get some points on the board. The ball was passed on until to the centre which was Guinea, he stepped 1 hurricane player until he stepped another and he was off like a fast car racing for the finish line.He was caught by Ma'a Nonu but then passed it to his mate and he was off and finally scored for the reds. Quade Cooper converted the try and the score was now 8-7. The Hurricanes were in the lead by one point.

In a flash the reds were running up with Quade Cooper holding the ball.He passed and the other player passed until it got to Rob Davies and he sprinted off.He really knows how to run" I thought. His legs were like wheels of a car. Again Quade Cooper converted the try. The points were now 14-8.
The kick was off and Quade Cooper did a beautiful take(catch) which he almost knocked on the ball.Quade Cooper ran and put a trip for Wil Chambers. Now the race was on against Wil chambers,Ma'a Nonu and Zac Cruden. Wil chambers won the race and dived for the try.

Quade Cooper converted the try. the score was now 21-8.It was almost half time with the reds with the ball."BRRRRRR" went the whistle. The crowd went wild. The Hurricanes were now getting the opportunity to get a try. The ball went to Andrew Hore then to Cory Jane then to Hosea Gear and he stepped one Reds player and then passed kit to Cory Jane and Jane is off with a good quality of metres and the reds players fell for the trick that Cory Jane did and He passed to Hosea gear and he scored for the Hurricanes!!! What a try!!!! Piri Weepu missed the conversion and it was half time with the reds leading by 6 points.

Thanks to these websites for letting me use their picture.