Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Just before 10:30, New Zealands Fight Of the century which was sponsered by Wood stock, was on. This was the moment of truth out of the Amazing Tuaminator or the Asian Pacific champion and The world Heavy Weight champion Shane Cameron
and also known as the mountain Warrior.
David Tua had to win or else "BOOM"!!!!! his boxing career would end.
But I never gave up hope that he would win.
As remembrance of his Auntie in Samoa who was killed in the tsunami
he was sad but he overcame it.

Presenting the fighters-

Presenting the Tuaminator who had won 49 matches -
3 lost to Lennox Lewis,Joe Fraiser and the christian man Chris Byrd.
And in the 49 matches David Tua made a outstanding effort which was that in 45 matches David Tua K.O people and was able to make 29 matches of timing that was under the
number of 20. He weighs 118 Kilos and lost 20 kilos before this fight which is amazing!!!!!
Shane Cameron made a effort of 23 wins and 1 lost.
But also Asian Pacific and 2 times world heavy weight champion with a weight of
107 kilos.


The fight began.
David Tua was just warming up with little punches.
But Shane Cameron was doing Cheap Shots which was playing dirty.
The purpose of cheap shots was to get points and you can sometimes win by points.
Shane Cameron was trying to hit the tuaminator but Tua was just too fast for
Shane Cameron to even reach his face.
Now on with the match.
David Tua captured the things that Shane Cameron did
to him on the internet.
Not really nice ha?
David Tua was blocking all the cheapshots Shane cameron was trying to do.
But then 'Boom" came out of Tua's hand it was
a massive knock out which should of knocked out the skull of Shane Cameron.
And they were only on the first round.
But the referee called the first round over.

(Round 2-The match continues)
The round started and
again the Tua man knocked Shane Cameron by
scoring a total of 13 punches.
I felt proud and it was a good match.
And that was the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!!