Saturday, June 27, 2009

Manu Vatuvei.

Manu Vatuvei.

A good and neat rugby league player.

Never giving up hope.

Unusual to other sports.

Very good at getting run away tries
And is also known as the "BEAST"
Triumph and a succesful player and is always
Unknown to his fans.
Variety is very clean and has a lovely family.
Eels team is good but the Warriors fans will cheer for Manu Vatuvei and support
In his tough times and matches.

Written by the poet called Joshua Vaela'a.


A Duck-billed plant-eater.
No teeth so Anatotitan can scoop up lot's of mouthfuls of plants.
Alert from predators so Anatotitan uses it senses.
Tumbling slowly with it's heavy legs.
Over the past few years he was extinct because some scientists
Thinks that the Meteorite hit the earth and
In the place called "THE GULL OF MEXICO".
The dinosaurs could hardly breath but the mamoths survived because they could shut their bodies for
A long time.
No more dinosaurs are alive now but only their fossils are left behind.

Monday, June 22, 2009


yranosaurus-rex's name meant :Tryant King Lizard".
Yes a terrible monster indeed.
Roaring out loud.
A Meat-eating diosaur and is
always ready to snap a victim to eat.
Nose that helps him
sniff Meat.
Over the world
he was out hunting for meat.
Snapping mouth helped him
to snap a victim easily.
A Terrible Lizard that you should never
go near it.
Used like a machine for eating.
Running slow but
good at hunting.
Unice to people.
Slashing other dinosaurs body.
Running through tree's bushes to hide.
Exellent dinosaur
that will never stop eating.
X-tinct now and is now a fossil.

My favourite rugby league player.

My favourite rugby league player would be Manu Vatuvei, also known as the beast.
I like him because he is talented and always there to catch the ball when the Warriors kick on the fifth tackle.
Here he has the same beard as the Ruben Wiki
- should I call them brothers?
Manu plays Wing for the Warriors and the Kiwis as well.
He is married and has one child.
He likes to train and likes to muck around with his friends .
His culture is Tongan, malo aupito!
I think he loves the the way he is already.
I think that Manu Vatuvei is a good sportsman when playing rugby league when playing for the Warriors.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Rock

The Rock is a legend wrestler.He used to always be Kennedy Vince MC man.

He was a WWF champion and intercontinental champion.
He is a sensible and does not wrestle fake.
He is a Samoan and is always smiling when he wrestles.
He is talented and Hulk Hogan always comes over his way and always asks for a match at wrestle mania or Backlash or Jugdment day or SUMMER SLAM.
HE never backs down a match and is always ready to go for it.
He gives it a go if he is in a terrible match and he is like a champion who never gives up
Written By Joshua.
I can't remember how many belts he won.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Extreme wrestler Jeff Hardy.

Jeff hardy is a risk taker high fligher and he will
never give up in any matches.
He is talented and is my favourite superstar.
When he is locked up in any moves that the rivals do I always cheer for him.
He is just amazing and I've got to say he's Extreme in every match
and I think that he is going to be a legendary wrestler.
He is always ready to take on someone and he always tries to interest his fans that came to see him wrestle.
Man I have got nothing to say about him because he is just Extreme and everything he does he is always ready. He started wrestling when he was only a teenager. And once he grew up he was a total good wrestler.
He was a a brother to Matt Hardy and now he betrayed his own brother just because every one likes Jeff Hardy better than Matt Hardy.
Jeff Hardy's finisher is the swanton bomb and his signature move is called the Whisper In The Wind.
He is talented and always strong and he always builds up momentum.
I just want to ask you one more question - do you think he is?
Well have a wonderful week.
Oh is Jeff Hardy your favourite superstar? Well he is mine.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week on Friday we had a special day called "DINO-DAY".
We got put in groups.
I was in the S Alphabetical letter group.
The first activity was with Mrs Katu.
We made masks.
She asked the boys if we wanted to do our own masks.
the boys replied 'yes Mrs Katu.
We had to do that activity until it was morning tea.
We got given Paper with dinosaur drawings.
we had instructions.
1.Draw a mask.
2Trace over with felt.
3.Decide where to put holes for the string.
4Put a hole with the hole puncher.
5Measure the size of your head.
6.Put string over your mask and don't forget to tie it up.
7Put it on.
8Your Finished!!!!!!
Our 2 activity was cooking dinosaur claws with Mrs Wild.
First of all which you all know wash your hands.
I was so excited that I wanted to cook already.
We used pastry, licorice, blood(jam)and Cinnamon.
We started off with cutting the pastry in to quarters pieces).(4 pieces)
The next thing that we did was to put just one blob of blood(Jam).
Then this was the hard part
because we only had to sprinkle it on the pastry
and some on the Jam.
After that we had to cut another piece of pastry and put it over the pastry as the lid.
We had to press down hard on the side so when the claws get cooked the jam wouldn't spill over.
Now it was time to cook it.
We had to gently put it on the tray and name our claws.
Finally it was ready to be cooked.
We had to cook it for 10 minutes.
We watched as it was rising.
One of our Jam was spilling over.
Then it was time to eat it. Kalim and the other Yr6 boys were getting jealous because they wanted to eat another one.
We ate Dinosaur claws for Lunch time.
Jordan Schwenke and Ilalio Pou wanted some of mine so I shared it with him.
Then our last activity was with Mrs Slade. We made dinosaur mobiles.
It was cool because finally I could finally colour in .
We didn't have that much time to do it because we left at 1:40.
I was the only Yr 5 that finished, but even I didn't quite finish.
The only thing I had left to do was to put it on the cardboard.
Finally I finished.

I really enjoyed Dino-day because we didn't do any school work.
By Joshua.

my top WWE superstars.

My Top WWE super stars
would be:
1John Cena(WWE Champ)His signature move was the
Five knuckle shuffle and the
2Rey Mysterio(underdog higher fligher)
This best prank er Rey Mysterio's Finisher
Is the 619 and the Highfligher.
3shawn Michaels.His finisher is called
the sweet'n'music.
4Triple His signature move is the Pedigree and the
spine buster and also known as the KING OF KINGS.
5D-X D-x is Shawn Michaels and Triple H and in 2008 they were the new year's Revolution.
6Hardy Boys.The hardy boys are
Jeff hardy with his betrayed brother
Matt hardy.
7Ric Flair.He was an amazing wrestler
back in the 50's and he
still is and he used his Career or wrestling time
properly and the whole world will remeber him forever.he is a 16-world heavy weight champion and a 8 time intercontinental champion and his last match was against Shawn Michaels at WRESTLE MANIA vix.
8Jeff Hardy.He was a risk taker high fligher and
he is also known as the Rainbowed hair boy.
9Matt Hardy.Matt hardy betrayed his brother Jeff hardy.
10Batista.This is the Animal and he
can destroy a lot of people i tell you.
11Bobby lashley.Sadly he is missing out alot of wrestlig because
MR Kennedy broke his arm.
12Undertaker-Every one calls him the phenon and
R.I.P(Rest In Peace)is his saying.
His finishers are the Choke slam,the Last Ride and the tombstone pile driver.
13Kane.Kane has never beaten Triple H in his Whole wrestling Career.
And his signature move is the Chokeslam and the tomb stone piledriver only
when he is with his brother the Undertaaker.
14The rock's signaature move is the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow.
15MR Kennedy.
He is so sneeky in MONEY IN THE BANK MATCHES.
He use to be bad but now he turned good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chiefs Vs Bulls.

On Sunday I watched the replay of the Super 14 final.
This game was the moment truth of who was going to win out of the Waikato Chiefs from
New Zealand versing the South African Bulls.
It started out pretty well with the chiefs but the bulls possession was too strong for the chiefs
and the chiefs were getting weak .
Bulls first try was from the brilliant, speedy Bryan habana.

Bulls were building up Lot's of territory.
On the first half bulls had 47 points -7.
Then out come a good pass from the chiefs but the brilliant Bryan habana tried to intercept
it but he didn't have enough skills to catch the ball.

On the second half of the match the chiefs started to
add more points on the score board by the captain Mils Muliaina.
Then on with the match there was a penalty by the bulls.
The 1'st5/8 or the fly half Stephen Donald kicked the penalty goal and he added
more points to the score board.
Now the score was 17-47.
Never mind of that now, let's get on with the game
Here we go with a brilliant kick from the bulls,that are chasing the chiefs down
to the try line and just as a bull player which I forgot the name tried to tackle Sione Lauaki he did a powerful run and bumped the bulls off.
powerful run and bumped the bulls off.

And just as the Chiefs passed the ball there was a beautiful intercept By the brilliant Bryan Habana.
The score was now 54-17.
Can you imagine that !!!!!
But it was a pity because th brilliant Bryan
Habana seems like he is injured oh no!!!
Then a kick off from the chiefs they were chgasing down the ball.

But then zoom off the bulls winger had a run away try.
But he just got caught from Richard Kahui.
The were close to the try line.
But it was a scrum to the bulls.
Then the sneeky captain scored a try by getting the ball
and climbing over the top of the bulls and put it down.
Then the bulls kicked it out.
And the bulls reserved jumped out of their chairs with joy.
And now the new 2009 super 14 champions the BULLS!!!!

By Joshua.