Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre Treaty Lawlessness.

Hi my name is Joshua.
This movie is about the men and women roles which was to hunt.
If you like my movie please,please comment on my blog.
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by Joshua.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ravishing Extension For Term 1

Sadly it is almost the end of term 1. My memories rush back. My 3 best highlights this term... The first is the amazing sweet smell of "CAMP KINDNESS"!! Usually I haven't experienced going to camp, but since last year, I have loved going to camp. Thanks to Mr Burt and the staff (including all teachers) for making camp possible. My favourite highlight was going to the energetic hard working "Ten Pin Bowling, The ultimate "Skateland (My favourite) and the leg and arm pressure, Rock Climbing.

Term one was packed with a lot of fun things which made it hard for me to choose my second highlight. Well I guess it will have to be the guy who taught me about conquering my goals,D'Wayne Edwards. His story was sad but gave me a lot to think about. During his story I was full of passion to people who wanted to succeed but never believed in them selves. Nevertheless, we carried on and found out that we were going to have a competition that whoever draws the best shoe(NIKE), D'Wayne would actually design it. That is awesome!!!!!
Meeting D'Wayne, and listening to his story of success, encouraged me to believe in my self and to find a mentor and to always study and work hard. Sadly our time with him ended and we were so surprised of what D'Wayne went through when he was a teenager. Comparing my life to his was a big difference.

As we were in the middle of extension we were excited by hearing we were going to do a visual mihi. I was shocked by hearing this amazing news. To people who visit my blog, a mihi is some of the most important things in your life such as me ,My 4 things are Jesus Christ, my parents,New Zealand and my Mountain as well as my river (Maungarei and Tamaki). So far I have done 2 visual mihi's. You can see mine on flickr.

A big hand for Mrs Tele'a for teaching the extension group. She has taught us some things such as making visual mihi's and e-learning things and also a big hand for Carol Anne for giving us an opportunity to talk to the head designer of Nike D'Wayne Edwards. Well that is almost the end of term 1. My goals for next term is to be a good role model and to work hard.
I can't wait for what our theme for next term.............

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindess


Shockingly,I have just come back from surviving a physical pain as well as a bruised leg from thumping on the ground heavily.It all brewed during our amazing "Camp Kindness".!!! for Year 5/6/ and 7.

Ten Pin Bowling:
One of my best highlights was going to Ten Pin Bowling.I was so surprised as I saw my opponents lined up,ready to bowl.My name was first on the list.I was so nervous and at the same time excited.

As I got my bowling ball, ( It looked like a coconut because it was round and had three holes in it ) took one look at the bowling pins and aimed for the arrows on the lane.I bowled my ball and shouted"YAY"!!! When I saw only one pin left.I had patience for my ball to come back.I looked at the last bowling pin again,and rolled my ball.I crossed my heart good luck and prayed to God. The ball hit the corners for times. The pressure was on and the big question was"Will I knock down the last pin"!!!.'BANG" I hit the last pin and punched the air like a champion(I was a champion)because I was really proud because if I get a only a little bit of points, my points will double with the score I had .(Pretty neat don't you think)

Skateland :Up ahead of the hills,We were in a surprise.Skateland was our next activity!!!.
As we arrived to skateland,I feared that I wasn't going to be as good as others.I ignored that thought and I had just a little bit of faith that I could do it.

"Size 7 please" I said as I was going to get my skates. After minutes of waiting,We had an inspection to just see if we put our skates on the right way. "Yes,yes,yes hault" the officer said to me. I realized then I hadn't put my skates on.I was a little bit embarrassed because the year 5 people could do it and I could it. Well anyway, the officer put my skates on properly and then he released me.

As I could finally hear the loud music and could see people having fun,I thought this was going to be great. With a little bit of faith ,I skated as well as the others.It was a miracle!!! "Wow"!! I said as I saw Lewis, Oshania and Tui zooming past me.I wish I could be like them I said. Despite all my Jealousness, I soon got the hang os skating with just a little bit of patience and practice.

About 30 minutes later, It was time for the Ultimate 2010 "Girls race. All the girls including women ,lined up.On your marks, Set, Bang!!! The race was going and all the girls speeded ahead of each other like cars. They were all bunched up but as the second lap was coming,Oshania was in the lead with just Serena and Mary at the back of her tail. They were almost finished with only some girls skating because some slipped and some crashed in to each other.Finish"The race was over.Oshania won the race by beating Serena by 2 or 3 seconds.When the race was over,Some girls were badly hurt.

After about skating for about 1 and a half hours it was sadly time to pack up.I had a splendid time and thank the officer for his kindness as I returned my skates,and that was the end of our skating time.

As Camp Kindness was about to end I said farewell to every body.The best thing about to camp was going to skateland but the thing I hated was going back home.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pr-treaty lawlessness.

Hi my name is Joshua and I am in year six at pt England school.
This is a short movie about back when the Europeans first came to
New Zealand(Aotearoa-in Maori languague) and decided to move
into New Zealand which they thought was not owned by anyone and had
a lot of free places for whalers,sealers,traders and merchants.What will happen next.......I hope to be hearing your comments. By Joshua

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pukeko grazing diets

The pukekoes Diet
The pukeko grazes at grass. You wouldn't believe how much they could eat!!! As omnivores, Pukekos can munch up to 240gs a day at frogs,worms,insects,and eggs. These iridescent blue birds tear at roots and pluck out young plants to eat. They are very unique creatures.Watching pukekoes eat could probably make you hungry especially me(Just Joking)!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

D'Wayne Edward conference.

On a rainy dull day on Friday,we had a video conference with one of the world's famous Nike shoe maker"D'Wayne Edwards!!"It was like a privilege to actually meet a famous guy who makes shoes.I was really nervous because every time I meet people who I don't know,I feel like I'm going to have butter flies and I get on the nerves.As the Webinar was set,the conference was on.D'Wayne told us his life and how he got to be a shoe designer.D'Wayne entered a competition and the prize was that someone would be able to get a scholarship and to help to design shoes.His initial passion was the pencil.His 20 cent pencil helped him draw properly and he even said it was his best pencil!!!!D'Wayne won the competition but as his fame spread out, the people who made up the competition was so surprised as they heard that D'Wayne by the age of 17,was to young to be able to design shoes.He was so happy he won........until he heard he was too young.He was so sad as well as I was sad too.I mean ,D'Wayne won fair in square but rules are rules"!!! The competition winner,thought he was unattainable but his mother or mentor,encouraged him a lot. 7 years before his mother died,she wrote him a card which touched his heart.Even today,he still struggles to read because he still has emotions in his heart. Well as his mother continued to encourage him,his dream finally came true!!!He had persevered and ignored people who said he wouldn't be able to be a shoe designer. There was more than one way to just be a shoe designer.First he had to study,sketch and to beleive.He finally had his dream and made his only school called Pensole which is for teaching people how to design a shoe.He is a really cool guy.Even his garage is full of all the shoes he designs!!That is one lucky man.He encouraged us that everyone has a dream and a gift they can strive to actually make it come true.

D'Wayne is famous for his shoes.He designed the 2ND air Jordan's!!!!! I wish I were like him.He makes High heel shoes too.Man ,this guy is creative.I really like him.D'Wayne has taught me a lot how I can compare his life to my life.1st- Believe in yourself- and then find a mentor and finally work hard..He has designed many shoes for Michael Jordan and he made al a lot of shoes for athletes.He has made shoes that made some sport people win such as the Hyper Dunk Jordan.He has made a horse shoe that he hasn't worn before.To me it is a waste a time for him but the good thing about the shoe is that horse races could get an opportunity to wear it. Pretty lucky don't you think(Just Joking)!! In some stage of the conference,I was getting just a little bit bored just watching him talk.It reminded me of watching television but watching Sponge Bob Square Pants,Bakugan Brawlers,Spectacular Spider man and Phineas and Ferb(One of my favourite movies to watch).After Minutes of waiting,it was finally time to pack up.It was 4:30 and we said good afternoon to Mrs Tele'a and suddenly the E-learning room was left empty.Well that's all from me.Remember to believe in your self,Find a mentor and Work hard!!!!!!!!. By Joshua

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pukeko,By Joshua


The pukeko have enemies that are vicious.A stoat that has sharp pointy teeth,could kill a pukekoe in seconds with just one bite.Stoats are one of their harshest enemies.They have razor sharp teeth sort of what a school of piranhas have.
These native birds are endangered, and mostly hunted by people in seasons such as Winter and Autumn.They are not captured during their own season,summer.If frightened,they will use their strong stringy legs and power ahead to the other side of the pond. Luckily, they are good at listening,so if they are near danger they lift up their greenish glossy tail and soar through the air clumsily. They sometimes dive in the water and swim to the bottom of the river to get away from danger.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treaty Historical Event 2


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hurricaines is my #1 super 14 team.

Hurricanes is my best super 14 team because they have a well talented team.I was sad when I heard that Jason Eaton was not going to play because he had and injured knee.The doctors said that he wouldn't be playing for almost a year,and David Smith has a sore thumb.I hope that they will be back on track and play like they did before.So far the hurricanes have won all their games but still second on the ladder with the blues.The hurricanes are doing so well this year!!!.I hope they will win the super 14 cup this year.So far the bulls team are on top of the ladder.I am sure that the hurricanes can win all their games.Sadly,they have lost to the cheetahs and the Bulls. Hurricanes desperately needs to start winning their games.They need their fans to cheer for them alot!!!!Anyway they have managed to win some of their games."YOU CAN DO IT"!!!

I will support them in every game.They are very strong and courageous.I reckoned that they could win if they have faith.Well anyway they are a very good team and they have a gift from God.Thanks. By Joshua.