Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Freaky Hydroslide Poem

Huge like a tunnel where a train goes through.
Yes a very dark slide like you have been lost in the night.
Dreadful slide smashing me on the walls.
Ruining your body  from being bumped.
On the slide screaming like it is dark.
Slippery like a slimy slug.
Less good feelings more screaming.
Ill because it was a scary ride.
Dying for the slide to stop because the ride is to freaky.
Erene being chased by the ultamite Monster.
By Joshua.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

learning section about Food,Local places and R.O.W.

zThis year at extension group We are focusing on healthy food.
There are three levels in the survey we had.
The bottom level was the stage of healthy food.
The middle level is a level of food that are food that are sort of healthy.
But the last stage was the fatty and bad food.
We discovered that the extension group liked the fatty.
It is not good for the extension because it will cause them diabetes. 

Then Mrs Tele'a told us different food so that we could search it on google.
We had to search were the restaurant is,The address,The country,The capital city,The main store and who was the first to discover which restaurant you are looking for.
Most people found out all the information they were suppose to.
We had to go on Google Earth because we had to search the country where the restaurant was from.
Me and my partner Cruz searched Who first discovered Dominos Pizza(mmmmmm!!)
We found out an interesting thing.
It was found 1958 by the two friends Frank and  Dan Carney.

Finally we move on to Garage Band the musical King.
We had to record a sound track of drums and it only had to be 15 seconds.
I recoroded nothing because I didn't know which sound track to choose.
Then It was time to stop and we had to choose the best sound track and the best one was (drum rolls please)The winner is Moses!!now we can put it on the R.O.W mihi's 

Mrs tele'a gave us homework which was to draw the 4 inportant things to us well it was a Mihi homework sheet.
The 4 things that I drew was N R L,a car so that when I grow up I can drive,an Aotearoa  pattern and the most important thin in my life God.
We had to draw those important things well not my important things.
It had to be drawn on pixel mator.
After we drew our mihi we put it on  comic life.Then if it was finished we had to add on flikr.
The final thing we had to do was to add a text boxes to write about why did you draw you 4 things.
And it was so cool and I enjoyed it