Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huge Challenge.

As I stood face to face with the huge monster (the abseiling wall), I fainted in fear. As I nervously rose from my seat, I said “ I have to be as big as king kong to climb this thing. Unexpectedly, I was taking on this huge giant second which made me super scared!!!

I was next but my teeth were chattering and my hands and feet well they were as stiff as dog hair! This was a big challenge for me, because I had done a much smaller one at Totara Springs!

As I slowly paced myself up the steel bars, a confidence feeling came over me. After reaching the top, I was congratulated. With a confident boost,I slowly gripped my feet to the wall and walked down. In a flash of light, I made it to the bottom and conquered my fear!

I punched the air and felt proud of my self and said “Maybe I’ll do it again?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favourtie leauge player-Benjy Marshall

Benjy Marshall is a magnificent player. He still tried to pick up something for the kiwis even at the death door of losing!He is my favourite league player. No one can flick pass like Benjy Marshall. He has great power of speed and most of all his skills just can't be explained. I mean he never gives in and his abilities and skills are just amazing!

Benjy has played 26 test matches for the kiwis and recently played for the Wests Tigers this year. In his season, he has been a star player and I reckon there will never be someone like Benjy Marshall!!!

So there you have it, my favourite league player in the world!!!! I hope that you will see my blog and comment on it Benjy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

James O Connor

James O connor is one of the youngest players playing rugby. He helped the Aussies breeze past Wales and triumph over them 25-16. He also scored the winning try (and converted his own try!)for Australia to have victory over the All blacks 26-24. His pace and speed is great and his talent is amazing.
Now he journeys through tough matches but he still doesn't give in.

He has an ability of setting up tries, and is a star at using the ball in his hands. He is sometimes unstoppable! I think that he will be a great player for the Aussies in the future.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Unlucky Kiwi's.

As many know, kiwi's were the overall champions after thrashing the Kangaroos in 2008. Their season was going well after being victorious over Toa Samoa(Where I come from) 50-6.

Things got even better when the kiwis were on a winning streak beating yet again their Rivals, England 24-12 and Papua New Guinea, 76-12!

Now I am going to talk about the Kangaroos side. The Aussies started their season a little bit shaky. But after having triumph over England, they started to pick up their game and they eventually accelerated through to a warm up match against the almighty kiwis.

Many have been talking about these 2 teams for a long time. They have shown many of their talents and have impressed some coaches.

As the warm up match was on, it was most probably to see who was going to win the final (which was one week away!).
The kiwis were unlucky when the Aussies scored first. Then another and another. One of the Australians tries were scored by a former Kiwi, Brent Tate.
The kiwis were lucky enough to score a try just after half time. The Aussies led 18-10 at half time.

As the kiwis started the second half by receiving, they ran hard at the Australians. But their skills weren't good enough to overcome the Australian defence. Australia doubled 18 to 34 and the kiwis were in big trouble.

Luckily Benjy Marshall used some of his magic tricks to put Jason Nightingale in line for a try to take the kiwis up to 14. But still boy from whakatane(Benjy Marshall) didn't give in. He set up a try for Shaun Kenny Dowall which took the kiwis up to 20.

Minutes were left in to the game and the Aussies were leading 34-20. Sadly the game was over and the Kiwis were disappointed. I think that the kiwi's are going to win the finals anyway!