Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dan Carter Vs Quade Cooper-RWC 2011!

As many know, the top 2 goal kickers will be going head to head in the Investec Tri-nations and the Rugby World Cup!!!! Unlike other kickers, these experience players are the dominate forces that makes games irresistible to watch. Dan carter to start off, is good with the boot and is the right play maker for the AB's and the Crusaders. This year he was dearly missed after pulling his hamstring which left him stranded away from his game, Rugby. But after 4-6 weeks he recovered and boosted his way back up and is still in front of quade cooper in his kicking percentages.

Quade cooper on the other hand, has been phenomenal this year after bamboozling many players such as stepping and shockingly fended lachie munro which gave everyone shock. He as the ability to counter attack.

I reckon when these 2 athletes collide it will be like nothing before!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of Another Term

As part of our theme and topic bigger,better,faster and faster, our rotations in our intermediate side of the school has been my highlight for this term. In our rotations we have learnt, Discovery,imagination,Creativity,Practicality and last but not least, Innovation. These 5 have definitely helped us to become bigger,better,faster and stronger!!!!!! I hope that next term will be as fun as this term's theme