Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apple bus tour visitors

I feel confident that visitors are here because They want to know things and what is going on of what we are doing.
They ask questions about what do we do on computers and they ask who we are and we answer back to them.
Visitors are really kind to us

Jeff Wilson

He is one of the fastest man in the world.
He was a legend All Black wing and i think he is the man that has all the run away tries because he trains alot and he has skills when he plays and well done you made us proud.
I hope you have a good future.

By Joshua

Jeff Wilson

Manu Vatufei

The beast is and amazing player also and an amazing winger for the Warriors.
He is my favourite player in the Warriors.
And I hope he suceeds and have a good future.
Icky smelly shoe that was new but ugly.
Nasty fur that is discusting.
Out on the streets there are shabby old things.
Rotten now usless.
Great memories of things that you have spent in the past.
An old rusty fur coat with webs.
Never new always dirty.
Iron things that are cracked open.

Really freaky teeth and so discusting and the rubbish truck is an
Ugly monster crashing and crunching.
Because he is hungry for his stinky garbage.
Bashing in peoples garbage.
It is so yuck and stinky.
So much rubbish eaten by the predator.
He never loses temper of destroying and attacking.

Delighted that the predator is gone.
A predators work finished.
Yes!! another day of garbage

Monday, March 16, 2009

Library in glen innes

Me and Aidan are in the akazone at Glen Innes Library.
we are from Pt england Schoo.l.
It is just near our beach .
i always come at the Glen innes library Monday to thursday.
It is pretty fun at thee library and do you know what Shane's mum works here

Great victory for the kiwis

What a ig win for the New zealand Kiwis.
Well done to all the kiwis players for working together as a team kiwis you made us proud.
great run away tries by Benchy marshalor should I say benchy boy.
You are our New zealand kiwis champions


Wow!! warriors back on track .
Keep working hard boys and work as a team.
REmember listen to the coach alright.
Do what you have to do and always work as a team

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This year at ptengland school we are learning to use the language of success which means to
comunacate in proper english to help you succed.
If you are talking to a predident you have to speak formal language because it is rude to say informal language.
you only use informal language if you are talking to your friends.
Make sure you 0talk in the language of success okay!!!!!

By J0shua

Friday, March 13, 2009

This year in extension I am so glad because I love extension.
Extension because is the best things i like to go to.
I like extension because we do more fun things than just playing.
Like cooking,making movies and all kinds of stuff.
i am glad Iam in extension

By Joshua.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When i first came to room15 i was pretty shy because i did not know anyone in my class but whenI saw Erene , Matthew and all of my mates i didn't feel shy anymore.
I was so happy when I saw my mates.
They were so kind to me and they wanted me to play with them.

By Joshua.
This year our theme is the pt england way and also the language of success.
It is really cool learning about th theme this year .
I like it because we get to do fun stukk this year.
I hope you are using the language of success?
remember the korero's this year Stop ,Look and Listen,If you find it hand it in ,the language of success and also use your W.I.T.S.

By Joshua

google earth

latest news!!!!!!!!!!We just finish looking at the amazing that I haven't used for along time.
Did you know that you can go on any country that you want to go.
it is so cool that I want tol go on it again.
It was really fun .
Thanks Mrs Tele'a and Mr Burt for letting us use google and I hope you have a good future and god bless you.
By joshua.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

food pyramid

In year 5 /6 extension  we had to go around the whole extension group and tell them what them what their favourite  food was.Me and Cruz investigated who liked fatty and sugary food. We found out that  most people loved Burger King may be because they love whoppers and the fatty.I reckoned they chose Burger king  because they want to get fat like a monster.Everyone  in the extension  seems to not like fruit.Well  let me tell you some news if you eat too!! I'll give you some news your going to get diabetes which is not good for you.Diabetes  is little germ bugs which tries to make you not healthy and you will have to cut your legs because it destroys all the healthy stuff so don't lose your leg because of it!!!.One more word I'm going to say remember eat healthy food to make you strong.