Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A funky dino about"Gigantosaurus".

The reality of dinosaurs are actually real.

I will show you definition.

After many studies scientists realized that dinosaurs existed.

They studied real hard until when they found out clues

that Gigantosaurus that it seemed like their was

a situation about Gigantosaurus had a relation with the most vicious dinosaur


But after many studies learned that they didn't.

GIGANTOSAURUS was the largest meat eating dinosaur and it wasn't heavier or larger than the t-rex.

But i support that a gigantosaurus mighten of eaten or smashed up a T-rex

for his Dinner or lunch.

Who knows?.

Well At least I know some things about Gigantosaurus.

It ate meat and was also the largest meat eating dinosaurs of all time.

His name means"Giant Southern Lizard".

Scientists learned that they can

tell how dinosaurs are aged by

looking at thier fossils if

it is ancient or in other words old

or if it was modern which means new.

It lived in or near bushes Trees and forests.

Because after many stuidies

they learned that it was their ambush place where to

hunt down slower plant-eater dinosaurs

such as Ankylosaurus,Diplodocus,Apatosaurus

Stegosaurus,and also meat eating dinosaurs.

Well scientists belief is that a meteiorite from

space hit earth and made lot's of dust.

So that tells me if there is lot's of dust it would block the sun and if there is

no sun the plants wont get light

and the plant eaters have big apetites

and the meat eaters will

starve to death.

A special thanks to Joe Tuccanio for the picture.
Here is a website that I found a Gigantosaurus photo.