Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Straight after the second bell
rang we had to come to extension.Since Mrs Tele'a was away, Mrs Burt was our
reliever for extension.

Mrs Burt taught us how
to use Wordle and what
it does.

As you can see on the top of my post
there are words that are wacky and
confusing to read.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goku's Super Saiyin's.

Goku has alot of super saiyin

He is the strongest super saiyin.

Although he can sometimes be defeated
he never gives up which reminds me of a Korero

which is "Champions never give up".
His super Siayin powers is Super saiyin
1,2,3,4,14 and all the other ones.
I like him the best because
he is on good the good side.
His worst enemies is the androids

which reminds me of a story.
The Endless Wave
which has alot of androids.
He helps lot's of people.
He saves the world which is why
people like him.
Spirit Bombs are dangerous which
people like Goku uses in defence
and to defeat strong people such as
Broly,Devil Vegeta,Android 16,18 and17.
But he still believes that he can win.
He was killed but luckilyhis honest and good friends had
been collecting dragon Ballsever since he was on adventures.

The purpose of dragon balls is that if you collect
them and you get all of them you
can call the dragon and wish for what ever you want.

Goku's friends wished
for Goku back
and then there appeared Gokuwho was clean and had no scars

Goku is lucky that he has reliable friends
But it has come to an
end to another amazing story.
Good bye.

By Joshua.