Friday, April 27, 2012

Crusaders Ultimate Come Back!!!!

Well if you don't know already, my favourite team in the super rugby 15 competition is the Crusaders. Sofar they have made great team work in creating tries and have been contesting at the ruck too. I reckon that the Crusaders are a force to be reckoned with. The skills and composure they have been putting in their team is incredible. I mean the Crusaders team has been rehabilitated to a new team. They have been winning games after early losses to the Highlanders and the Waikato Chiefs.

Well I reckon that the Crusaders have the competition in their hands because no team I have seen has  been able to revive  themselves from an early sloppy performance. In saying this............GO THE CRUSADERS.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eden Park, Here I Come!!!

On Friday the 13 of April, my family and I , approached the train station getting ready to go to Eden Park for the 8th round of the investic super rugby competition. To my surprise when we set foot on the train, it was crowded with people in it. " Move please" I said tying to cut through the que of people standing in the entrance. "Phew" I said relieved as I found a space where I could stand. " Next Stop Kingsland"

"Yay" I said as we finally got off the train! My legs were aching after standing up for 20 minutes and being squashed. Eden Park wasn't far away, so we walked there (Well everyone did). As we entered Eden Park, the game was about to start. The crowd roared as the Ryan Kankowski caught himself running down the sideline that started from an intercept. Luckily for the Blues, Gareth Anscombe was able to tackle him 5 metres from the line. The Blues regathered but were too late after a try was awarded. It was 5-0 and the Blues were trailing by 5. The Blues were down 15-0 but then hitback with an exceptionally well structured try and a penalty. By half-time the Blues were trailing by 5. 

Brrrrrrrr went the whistle. Straight away the Blues were the first to strike after bad  communication from the Sharks that turned into a try to the Blues. For the first time in the game, the Blues hit the lead with a 20-15 lead advantage.  But yet again the Sharks struck back again with a trick up their sleeve with a dummy pass from Ryan Kankowski. The Sharks roared back with another try (which was a knock on) and the crowd went "BOOOOOOO"! I said as well because the Sharks player knocked it on. The Blues had a penalty but were too late to win the game. 

Too many errors were made from the Blues which allowed them to slip away in this highly matched game. It was a great game and I definitely enjoyed it. Now you know what I did in the holidays. I hope you enjoyed reading this!